7 Best Instagram alternatives app to share videos 2023

by George Philip
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7 Best Instagram alternatives to share videos

We bring you seven alternatives app to Instagram to share your photos, videos or stories. No, we’re going to try not to tease over-the-box apps that have nothing to do with it, but we’ll tell you those that really have related functions. Most are known, but you may not know one or two.

I’m already warning you from now on, that there’s not a great app that’s identical at all to Instagram but doesn’t belong to Facebook. However, there are many similar ones in some respects, although they are often more focused on a less casual audience, on stories, or on anonymity. And if there are any that you think to deserve to be known, don’t forget to mention them in the comments.

7 Best Instagram Alternatives app to Share Photos, Videos and Stories

1. TikTok


In the event that what attracts you most about Instagram is not its posts section, the main alternative app for your stories today is TikTok. It is a social network that allows you to create, edit and upload music videos for 15 seconds, being able to apply various effects and add a musical background to them, adding them to personal profiles that you can also follow from your account.

It also has some Artificial Intelligence features, and includes eye-catching special effects, filters, and augmented reality features. But its main advantage is the options of interaction between users, being able to take someone’s video and create another video reacting to it or making a duet.

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Link: TikTok.com.

2. Snapchat


Snapchat is another major alternative to Instagram stories, in fact, we could say that Facebook copied the concept of Snapchat and implemented it on all its social networks. This social network allows you to take photos and videos and upload them so that they are published ephemerally for a few hours.

Although Facebook has been very aggressive in “copying” many of its features, Snapchat survives and continues to innovate with new features such as pet filters. It also incorporates a system of ephemeral private messages and, it has the solidity of being already a veteran social network and with loyal users, not an experiment that can go to more or stay in nothing.

Link: Snapchat.com.

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VSCO is a two-in-one application. On the one hand, with it, you can take and edit photos and videos, with advanced editing options with which to retouch them and be able to publish them later wherever you want. And on the other hand, it is also a social network by offering you your own online space in which to upload your photos and follow the profiles of other people.

One of the aspects in which we can differentiate this platform from that of Instagram is that while Facebook is aimed at more casual users VSCO also seeks out professionals, with a community with professional photographers, more stylized profiles and frames and higher quality in the images. It also has a guides section to enhance your photos. It has a free and paid version with presets, and advanced editing options.

Link: VSCO.co.

4. Tumblr


The microblogging social network is also an interesting alternative app to Instagram, at least in case you are looking for one where to upload your photos and already has a large user base that it has been maintaining for years. Its content is not as focused on photography as it is on uploading all kinds of images or memes, but it can act as Instagram without much trouble in case you dedicate your profile to the photos.

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It allows you to make posts with images, videos and texts and can be indexed using hashtags like Instagram. Content is widely shared, but what it doesn’t have is stories feature. You can also create your own GIFs, and customize pretty much everything about your profile.

Link: Tumblr.com.

5. EyeEm


EyeEm is another platform that joins two functionalities into one. On the one hand, it is a catalog of professional photographs that anyone can purchase to buy the license to use the ones they like the most, and on the other, it is a platform on which creators can upload their photos creating a profile as if it were a social network.

The idea is that, as a professional or amateur photographer, you can upload your portfolio in the hope of paying them by adding them to the catalog of the platform. It also offers filters and editing tools as you would expect on a social photo network, which stands out for allowing you to make money selling your photos.

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Link: EyeEm.com.

6. Vero


Vero is one of those apps that emerged strongly as an interesting alternative app to Instagram, although it was later lost bellows and its popularity did not continue. Even so, it is still an interesting platform that proposes you share your content promising not to alter the chronological order of the feed or dedicate yourself to the sale of our data.

In Vero, you don’t have just followers like on Twitter or Instagram, but you can get your contacts into different types of groups, and then choose which ones you want to share your content with. In addition, you can not only post photos but also links, music, movies or series, books or places.

Link: Vero.co.

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7. WiSaw


And we ended up with a little-known and very minimalist alternative to Instagram. The most peculiar thing is that it’s like Instagram but totally anonymous since you don’t have to register or create any kind of account. You just take pictures and they go up completely anonymously so anyone can see them.

Its interface is minimal and simple, you only have the option to take photos and upload them. Then you will have an index where the photos closest to you appear, and another in which you will see the photos that you have been left looking at with your device. When you enter photos, you can like, share, or leave 140-character comments.

Link: Echowaves.com.

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