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Samsung Galaxy M01 Core Specifications and Price in Nigeria

A Samsung official the Samsung Galaxy M01 Core. Presented to the Indian public on Monday (27), the new smartphone of the South Korean brand...
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How to remove the sides of the PS5 for cleaning

The PlayStation 5 is an electronic device, and like all of them, dust is your natural enemy. With that in mind, Sony built it...

The PlayStation History: from PS1 to PS5

For more than two decades the PlayStation has become synonymous with entertainment for millions of people worldwide. With more than half a billion units sold and countless...

25 Best Strategy Games for Android 2023

Strategy games have historically been one of the most popular genres on PC and Android. Gradually some appeared on the console, but with the...

How to edit videos on PlayStation 5

One of Sony’s goals with the PlayStation 5 is to make it a central creation and media sharing, something that started on PlayStation 4, but stepped up and facilitated on the PS5. Recording...

Marvel’s Spider-Man Trophy Guide: Miles Morales [PS4 / PS5]

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man, released in 2018. In this sequence we must help Miles protect the city, while still...
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