12 Best Meme Maker apps for Android and iOS 2023

by George Philip
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Whether you want them or not, memes have gained huge popularity in our century. In fact, they have become one of our favourite forms of fun and entertainment replacing the traditional stand-ups and comedy shows.

It often turns out that an ordinary person may ironically reflect their experience in a more relevant way to others than professional artists. That is why meme makers were created, which give everyone the opportunity to cover funny situations of daily life with an ironic image. 

What’s more, seeing memes never takes a long time, that’s why so many people nowadays like and share them via meme makers.

The constant need for memes in this era has led to a drastic increase in memes generator online to help people create and post interesting memes in no time. The requirement is real as we constantly see an increase in traffic to our website. Many meme creators do follow our website and others to keep track of the new memes coming into the market. The generator provides all the necessary materials required to create astonishing memes. The online creator has no watermark on it so you can easily share them wherever you like. All of the above is free to use.

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What is a meme?

The ‘memes’ are in fashion. Memes are those images that are accompanied by some text that express humour, sarcasm, irony, and motivation … They say that ‘memes’ are a good expression of the feelings of our society. If you also want to make this type of image to share with your friends or on your social networks, we have listed the best meme makers. But firstly, let’s how the memes are made

How to make memes?

Making memes is easier than you think, you just need a funny image, a funny text and a little imagination. For this, there are many applications that will allow you to make your best memes. These will facilitate part of the work, with the most popular images with which to make your creations more fun. To do this, here we present you with the top best meme maker apps for your smartphone.

12 Best Meme Maker for Android and iOS

1. Meme Generator Free

Free Meme Generator

It is a free meme maker application for Android devices. It is very easy to use, you upload the image and you only have to place the text you want to use. Of course, only its version in English is available.

With this application, you will find the most interesting and funny memes and you can share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google+, E-mail, Dropbox, Drive, Snapchat, etc. 

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Here you will find different categories of memes, which include more than 700 examples, and tools that allow you to create new memes, use photos from your phone, and then save and share them with others. There is a huge set of stickers and colour and text settings for you to make a meme of any kind.

Add up to 10 signatures to your photo. What’s more, you can merge a series of memes into one later. To see all the images you have, you just have to scroll down and all of them will be displayed in your menu. You can also compile a list of your favourite memes and by the way, new memes are constantly being added.

2. Mematic – Make Memes – Your Meme Maker Creator

This is one of the most popular applications for creating memes on Earth. It has over 5 million downloads. The reason for this, of course, is its simplicity and convenience in use. 

Mematic gives you the opportunity to edit your photos and then share them with your friends. You will have access to all the classic meme styles and create amazing memes in no time. Do you remember your favourite characters? The single frog, the philosopher, the most interesting man in the world, they are all here.

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Now is the time to create your own fun and exciting stories using all the Mematic tools. At any time you can download and save the meme you have created. Show the latest news from a new angle, making it a fun and memorable image. Take your favourite print style and place the text on your image. And of course, look at the memes, created by other users of this application.

3. Meme Factory

Meme Factory

Exactly how it sounds – The Meme Factory is a perfect meme maker for you. Unleash your fantasy and creativity by making a number of funny and memorable memes! Join thousands of other users and share your experience with memes together. 

Also, here you will find countless images for memes that you have never seen before and that will give you fresh and pleasant ideas to create. You can rate a meme, browse it, and download it. 

To help you organize, you can sort the memes by name, date, or randomly. 

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In case you are looking for a certain meme, you can find it using a search bar. Edit and personalize your images in the special option. Later you can publish your work on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Remember that you must create an account to submit your own memes.

4. Meme Creator

Meme Creator

The name here speaks for itself. As you may have already guessed, this application includes an art studio that will allow you, with skills, to create incredible and unique memes. 

You have a ton of things to work with here, over 600 images. There is no chance of getting caught in the absence of diversity – you have more than 20 fonts to write your texts on the images. If you want, you can combine the saved memes and create different comics. After you’re done with another captivating meme, let the world see your creation and share it via social media or messengers. 

If you feel that your image looks chaotic and needs to be redesigned, use the appropriate tools and find the unique filter that you prefer. You can also change the six of an image. Finally, there is always something that we like and that we do not want to lose,

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5. Meme Producer – FREE Meme Maker

To make even more meaningful pictures of life, you can download this app. Any idea that comes to mind, you can turn it into life immediately with the help of a Meme Producer. It has more than 2 million downloads and it already represents something. 

First, look for an image that represents a life (or imaginary) situation in which you have a creative idea. When you find one, change the captions and add all the necessary features and information about it. When you are happy with the result you can share it with your friends or with random people.

Have fun together! You always have the opportunity to add multiple images to your meme. If you can’t find an image you’ve been looking for in the app’s storage, you can upload it directly from your gadget. Here the captions can take more than one line. A decent bonus is also that this app has no add-ons and no watermarks.

6. Modern Meme Maker

Show your creativity with “Modern Meme Maker”. As soon as you have an idea of ​​how to make an awesome meme, you can immediately start making it and then share your photo using social media. 

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Here you can choose not only images but also videos for creating memes, both from the application library and from your phone. You will find more than 100 funny memes for you to subscribe to. Create your own funny or life stories, change the images, rotate them, collect them, and add texts! 

In case you don’t want your meme to be used by someone else, you can add a watermark to it. Choose the font you like and add a description to the image you are working on. Then you can divide your memes into categories and it will be easier for you to orient yourself in the large number of memes created by you and other users. You can also use video screenshots and add them to meme stories.

7. Make a Meme +

All the funny memes you know, from “forever alone” to “successful guy” are here. In other words, you won’t have time to get bored creating and viewing memes with this app. 

It is very easy to write on the images here, as you can change the font and text just by touching the screen. Add hats and faces to your memes and images like “Scum Hat” and “Troll Face.” When you finish with another meme you can send it to your friends on Facebook.

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Also, you can add your friends to your funny meme story and you will have something to laugh about. Tweet the memes you made. Send them through WhatsUp using special options for it. You can also attach a photo to one of your contacts for fun. 

There is also a feature called “Know Your Meme” that will help you discover new memes and the creative process. Download or delete any from your creations.

8. Meme Studio

This is also one of the most popular and recognizable meme maker apps. It gives you the opportunity to work with really impressive graphics to make your memes look really polished and eye-catching. Add lots of writing and descriptions to your funny story by choosing the font that you like the most. If you found a new and interesting meme, but are afraid of forgetting it, you can bookmark it and come back to it later. 

As always, when you finish making your meme you can share it through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The app also keeps track of the memes you see the most and provides quick access to them. 

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There is always room for creativity and stuff – in the library, you will find a bunch of different memes and make your own unique pencil case.

9. Meme Generator by MemeCrunch

Another application for those who share their passion for memes and want to create their own masterpieces in this craft. Here the developers give you every opportunity so that you can start taking funny photos too, use the meme maker and share them with the world around you. There are no watermarks, everything is easy and accessible. 

You will find it surprisingly easy to create memes with this interface. There will be no problem getting the materials for the new memes as there are many photos in the application. Or you can upload them from your device. Divide them into categories, see the memes made by your friends, and add texts to them! 

With the MemeCrunch Meme Maker, it won’t take you long and you will soon find yourself creating many images. You can also sort them by popularity, by name, or by creation date.

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10. Meme Generator (old design)

This is the best application connected with WhatsApp to create memes. Get ready to find collections of the most popular, funny and captivating memes on the Internet. 

The advantage of this application is that you can create your group on WhatsApp and there share the photos that you liked and have related conversations with your friends. Also, this application can work offline, so it is very easy to use.

For these reasons there are many opportunities for you to wear it everywhere – at school, college, work, on the road, at home and so on. Find a meme for every situation you find yourself in. Upload the images from your gadget or take them from the application, and use your camera. In other cases, you can see the memes created by others and have fun laughing.

11. Ololoide Meme Generator

This is a simple application to generate memes. Make demotivators, funny stories, or just hilarious pictures. Once again, the whole range of available images is up to you: you can use images from the Internet, from your phone or take a photo immediately. 

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Don’t forget to share your fantasies with your friends! The creative process is always easy because the application has a great interface for customizing memes. Also, if you are lucky with ideas for new photos, remember that you have access to over 900 examples from other people.

You don’t have to close the application when you want to find a suitable photo, you can do it directly through the application. Also, there are many tools to print and decorate the images. When you finish with a new image you can send it to social networks for everyone to see. And don’t think it’s going to get boring anytime soon – new tools are added regularly alongside the ones you already use.

12. Memes for WhatsApp

Yes, there are also applications to make ‘memes’ and share them on WhatsApp. With this free application available for Android devices, you will surprise your contacts.

We hope you liked this selection of free apps to make ‘memes’ and are encouraged to make and send us one.

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