26 Best Mobile App Ideas In 2023 To Generate Revenue For Your Business

by George Philip
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A startup is based on an idea and, if the concept is excellent, the chances of reaching the peak of success increase in multiples. In this age of tech prints, getting your hands on a mobile app and digitizing its startup is a smart move.

This article will give you insights into startup app trend ideas that will help you filter out the best proposition for your business and add more value to it.

Mobile App Ideas for Startups | App ideas for iOS and Android

Let’s take a look at some of the unique mobile app ideas that can transform your business if successfully adopted:

1. Grocery Apps

Each of us has to go shopping at least once a month. Mostly, people tend to choose their stuff in the first ten days of the month. Therefore, an application that can help the user add products to their cart throughout the month and schedule it for a set date will be profitable and propitious. In addition, a supermarket app will help retailers overcome challenges with ease.

In the U.S. there are Apps of this niche market that are very commercial, such as: Filpp, Grocery Pal, BigOven

Several grocery apps have already hit the market and already offer many benefits to various users. To stand out, you need to add some USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and make your app stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what you can offer:

  • No minimum order
  • Cash back on every purchase
  • Zero cancellation fee
  • Price comparison between stores

2. Social Connect app

If you’re looking to reach the social media landscape, networking is the first thing you should focus on and may be your next innovative web application idea. From catering to the audience of Facebook and Instagram to taking care of commercial networks, such as LinkedIn covers.

Therefore, creating a single-point application that allows the user to connect on all kinds of platforms is a boon to any startup, especially when the company is more inclined towards customer interaction.

3. Medical Application

The medical field is another important sector that has witnessed a considerable jump in the number of applications. From searching local pharmacies to checking your medical bills, many mobile apps offer all the mobile services related to medications.

Some of the top medical apps available in the app store market include FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card, MedPlus Mart, Medical News & Journals, Hidoc Dr. and more.

And if you’re forced into the medical industry, you need to package your app with some extra features that are missing from other similar apps.

Here are some of the features you should include in your app:

  • List of nearby pharmacies.
  • List of the best doctors in the respective fields.
  • Client’s medical summary.
  • List of medical terms and their meanings.
  • Record of all possible diseases and their symptoms.

4. Student Assistance App

In a student assistance app, there can be many features that you can fill in. For example, an app that can help students write projects or essays will be of great help to students.

Here are some examples of the main application ideas:

  • School Project Mobile App: A school project app will allow students to search for group members to complete team projects and other academic projects that require students to collaborate.
  • Bookstore App: This type of app can help students find the nearest stationery and bookstore and even compare book prices before they go out. You will save time and money.
  • Mobile application for student management: an application where parents are aware of the attendances, grades, tasks and evaluations of their children. All this admisnitrado by the educational unit.

5. Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality has a wide reach and in the case of mobile applications and developers have already begun to make the most of it. AR (Augmented Reallity) superimposes computer-generated images over the view of reality, resulting in a composite view that augments the real world.

AR applications include virtual showrooms and interactive map overlays. If you look at the app stores, iOS has the ARKit and Amikasa apps, while Google users can make use of Google Photos, WallaMe, Holo, and much more.

Some of the best Virtual Reality applications are: Quiver, Google Sky Map, Pokemòn Go.

Here are the great app ideas you can implement in your next mobile app:

  • Virtual Interior Design Application
  • Mall navigation app
  • Apparel apparel
  • Makeup Test App

6. Application to schedule food delivery

With apps like Seamless, GrubHub, Doordash, UberEats, and Postmates already making big strides in the food delivery market, the likelihood of a similar thriving app is pretty low. So, you can switch to an app idea where an app allows the user to order the meal scheduled for later in the day. It will save the user time and provide enough time for the restaurant to prepare the food in advance and deliver it at the scheduled time.

Another simple idea of a food delivery mobile app is to allow the user to choose all the ingredients and inform the restaurant accordingly so that the user can taste the desired flavor.

7. Content identification app to make life easier

Music: We all know what Shazam does and, in fact, that it’s a useful app. With a single tap, you can know the name of the song playing in the background. Therefore, a similar app with additional features might also work for you.

Video Streaming Shows: With Netflix and Amazon Prime in the spotlight, there are tons of amazing shows that are getting an appreciation for their tremendous work. But sometimes, it’s hard to remember a show that can be run in a hotel or mall. In such cases, an application that can identify video streaming programs will be useful for users.

Movie: Movies have their own charm and humans like movies from a variety of genres. Therefore, an application that can identify movies will also be useful for the user.

Some of the best content identification apps:

GatherContent, Hemingwayy Noisli.

8. Shopping app

Shopping is one thing that will never fade away. Ecommerce brands like MercadoLibre, Linio, Amazon, eBay, Newegg Mobile, Dosh, etc. are already making a lot of profits through their mobile shopping apps.

The following are some of the ideas for future applications you can consider:

Budget Shopping app: Most people are looking for discounts and deals to purchase your product, so working on a shopping app isn’t a bad idea.

Branded shopping app: It should also cater to those kinds of people who always shop at branded stores.

Pet Food App: A dedicated pet food app has a high potential to succeed.

Wholesale shopping app: In most cases, buying one product per unit is more expensive than buying in bulk. It also happens that many websites offer free delivery after exceeding a certain amount.

9. Maps and navigation app

Google Maps is one of the best apps for searching for navigation. Google Maps isn’t just limited to maps; It also shows nearby places like ATMs, fuel stations, restaurants and more, says PageTraffic, one of the top SEO agencies.

Some of the best maps and navigation applications are: Waze, MAPS. ME, Navmii

Some of the ideas that we can indicate for this sector are:

  • Speed Tracking App: In this app, you can put a limit to a particular speed digit, exceeding, which can turn off the power.
  • Commercial parking app idea: It’s a task to find parking in a crowded location, so an app that can fix this will be beneficial to users. In addition, indicating the distance and status of parking availability will add the desired value to your application.
  • Live Vehicle Report: Many of us face the problem of sudden hiccups while driving and this is due to prolonged monitoring of the vehicle’s condition. Therefore, an app that can track the health of the vehicle at regular intervals can prove to be a boon to all vehicle owners.

10. Voice-activated gestures app

In the age of Siri and Google Assistant, we’re increasingly inclined to get the job done through voice commands, which actually saves you time and effort. An app that works primarily with voice commands will be more useful for users, especially when the user drives or multitasks.

Just imagine that you are launching the app through your voice and navigating through various sections without touching your smartphone. Going further, you can also integrate the app with other apps and services, which will allow the user to decrease their direct interaction with the smartphone.

11. Restaurant reservation application for special nights

Going out and getting a table on the weekends is simply an arduous task in some cases. Some may want to go to dinner and others may opt for rock parties, and if an app allows the user to book the table well in advance, it will only be great.

Some of the best restaurant booking apps: yalp, UrbanSpoon, OpenTable

Currently, many of these apps offer similar services, so it would be wise for you to launch an app that does more than just book the table. For example, adding discounts and money back will benefit the user and add more value to the app. After all, mobile apps are an excellent means of promoting a restaurant.

12. Daily Planner App for Stress Relief

In this whirlwind world, it is difficult to remember all your daily tasks and manage them all at the preferred time. Sometimes, we also miss our meals and medications among all this juggling.

So, a productivity app that can plan your day will solve this whole mess and can save you time in organizing your daily activities from your first alarm to your last farewell message to your loved ones. In addition, sending reminders at regular intervals about the set activities will remove the additional burden from the user.

The following are some of the applications it may refer to:

  • Any.do: Task List: Calendar, Reminders, and Planner
  • Planner Pro: personal organizer
  • Microsoft Planner: Plan it

13. Mobile Banking App

The time for cash is gone, and plastic money and mobile wallets replace it. There are many benefits to giving online transactions an edge over handling cash. The ease of carrying unlimited amounts of access, accessibility, account tracking and more, all these benefits add up to encourage mobile banking.

Therefore, investing in such a good application idea will be fruitful and can give you success in no time. Many apps already allow you to transfer money on the go.

Some of the best mobile banking apps are: CapitalOne, Ally and Chase.

The following are some of the best examples of mobile banking apps you may refer to:

  • Ally Mobile Banking
  • Bank of America Mobile Banking
  • Capital One Mobile
  • Chase Mobile

Think of an idea for a mobile app that can act as a single POC (point of contact) for all transactions; whether for mobile bills, rent payment, deposit or any other type of transaction, everything can be done through this app.

14. Mall/Store navigation app

Collide with a new mall and don’t know where to go? We understand your annoyance. So with brands like Walmart, Dollar Tree, IKEA, and Target, you can’t remember all the sections and no one wants to waste their time.

From there, you can develop an app that provides navigation to users of multiple stores and if the product section can be added to the app, the user will appreciate it. In addition, listing the range of products in the app can be beneficial for the user.

15. Language Learning App

Many apps offer to teach new languages and even learn particular words from a language. But if you find an idea related to language learning difficult, you can come up with an app that interacts with the user in the language you want.

It will help the user with more freedom and confidence while speaking the new language and can also suggest the pronunciation of the word in a much clearer and better way.

The following are some of the best apps for learning new languages:

  • Duolingo
  • Memrise
  • Busuu

16. Travel app

Traveling is one thing that cannot die and we totally accept the same thing. The best travel apps include LoungeBuddy, AirHelp, Hostelworld, Airbnb, Skyscanner, and more. All those apps that cover some or more landscapes like Airbnb suggest the best single rooms, homestays, and local apartments in the area you want to visit.

Similarly, the Trail Wallet app is a travel expense tracker, which helps organize the expenses of a trip.

The following are some of the best innovative ideas you can think of developing an app:

  • Travel Destination Suggestion App
  • Travel Guide App
  • Application of travel tools

17. Taxis or Transport

Hiring or booking a taxi has become child’s play for us; all thanks to apps like Uber and Lyft. With the introduction of such apps, the life of daily commuters has become a breeze and they have helped save a lot of money.

You can take a taxi to go from home to the office and even for trips outside the station, you can get a taxi to travel.

Some of the best apps in this sector are; Uber, Lyft, Mytaxi

So, an app that can give you more than just renting a taxi can be quite productive. Features like price comparison and passenger safety features can earn points when developing an app.

We can also mention platforms where travelers offer positions inside their private vehicle and will move between cities charging a fee with which you can fill the fuel tank.

18. Kitchen Guide App

Many people have cooking as their favorite hobby and an app that can instruct the user with various recipes and ingredients can do wonders. Therefore, investing in such an application will be quite fruitful.

Be sure to add a USP to your application so that it can have its own reputation. Here are some of the best cooking apps:

  • Jamie Oliver’s Recipes
  • Food.com
  • Yummly

19. Food Management Application

At present, many apps deliver food to your door and even offer many discounts and benefits to attract customers. But an app that can notify its users about surplus food will further benefit people who can distribute it to those in need or won’t let it waste.

In addition, such an idea for an app will help restaurants reduce excess food waste and deliver it to charity homes and places like orphanages and nursing homes.

Another option is to receive ideas on recipes to prepare with the products available in your refrigerator!

20. Application of offers and discounts to help users save money

An app that notifies users of events like Black Friday or nearby deals on the smartphone can be really useful for them. They will receive a notification when something based on their interest offers special offers such as 50% off sheets and curtains, which, of course, will interest many.

Going further, the deal could be related to travel, fitness, food, clothing and more. It will save the user a lot of time and ultimately not have a cost in their pockets.

21. Meditation App

Make 2021 the year you find your inner peace! If we look at the statistics of recent years, there has been an increase in mental health-related issues, and this is where effective meditation apps come into play.

Meditation practices are known to reduce stress and calm people, making it one of the best ideas for a startup.

Here are some of the best meditation apps:

  • The Mindfulness App
  • Headspace
  • Calm

22. Subscription tracking app

From music app subscription to app store subscriptions, there are several platforms where a user subscribes. So, it’s about time an app hit the market, which can track all subscriptions and let the user know when the next subscription expires and how much should be deducted.

It will help the user in a way that they can decide in advance, either to proceed with the subscription or discontinue it.

23. Music app

Music is one of those fields where there can be many related applications. If you’re thinking about getting some of the other music apps, you can reflect on the top app ideas mentioned below:

We recommend you to study ideas such as:

  • Band Members App: An app that can help you find band members.
  • Playlist app: An app that can allow the user to create their own playlist and also suggest to the user the latest playlist of songs.
  • Music Share app: It would also be great if there can be a dedicated app that allows the user to share their favorite song on the go.

24. Disaster Alert Application: Security Applications (SOS)

Security applications can play an important role during some disaster and therefore it makes sense to develop a security application for people. Interestingly, security applications aren’t limited to just disasters; they can be used to track children, provide immediate assistance to women, security breach apps, and similar apps.

25. Health / Fitness App

With so much hustle and bustle, work and stress are bound to affect our health. It also leads to serious problems such as depression and anxiety. To check for these issues, a health and fitness mobile app can play a vital role.

In addition, an app that can track the user’s daily routine, along with meal intake, can offer users a better lifestyle and meal times.

26. Social Startup App

The idea of a social starter app is something relatively new on the market and has yet to be implemented by a ton of companies. For example, this app will help restaurants reduce excess food waste by donating food to charitable households.

Here, different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will play a vital role not only in spreading awareness, but also as a platform for budding entrepreneurs to develop and innovate new ideas.

How to come up with your own unique app ideas?

Below are some of the best ways to help you find new mobile app ideas to generate revenue for your business.

1. Try to find a solution

One of the simplest ways to conclude is to start by finding a solution for a specific query. Once you start the process of identifying the issues facing a particular set of users, that’s when ideas will start to follow.

So what are you going to do? First, find the problems, then start your research and find mobile apps aimed at solving this problem or something similar.

Now, install those apps and try them out and see if they really provide a solution to those problems or not. If not, then you know what to start with. This is a common approach that top-tier mobile app development companies use to create new apps.

2. Gain more experience

“The more you work, the more experience you get” is one of the oldest school quotes claimed by experts in different domains. It basically means that the more capacity you gain, the easier it will be to create new ideas, as you will be able to connect the dots of your various past experiences.

In a popular 2005 speech, Steve Jobs captured the spirit of innovation in these sentences:

You can’t connect the dots by looking forward; you can only connect them by looking back. Therefore, you must trust that the dots will connect in some way in your future. You have to trust something: your instinct, destiny, life, karma, you whatever. This approach has never disappointed me, and it has made a difference in my life.

In some of our future articles, we will pay close attention specifically to the importance of following trends, in case you have to check them out yet, there is a fully focused one on the top mobile app development trends.

These trends will help you predict the next state of your respective industries. A great example of this is the innovative mobile applications developed by innovators, who decided not to stick to traditional technologies.

4. Launch a free version of a famous app

Making a free or comparatively affordable version of a mobile app that already exists on the market is another effective way that app developers can try. You may have already noticed some free alternative mobile apps for some of the most popular apps that are paid.

Such similar apps target the same set of app users by offering features that are similar to the paid version of the app. The goal here is to provide the public with similar app functionalities at an affordable price.

5. Opt for a sector that lacks innovation

The next thing to remember is that while thinking about new app ideas, try looking for domains that are quite popular, but lack the innovation factor. A great example of this is the role of augmented reality (AR) in real estate.

6. Conduct thorough market research

Conducting market research will not only help you explore the depths of the market, but it will also help you gather leads. With its Research and Development, you can also find various mobile app development ideas based on the different needs of users.

You can simply start by interviewing or starting a survey among your potential users. Here are some questions you can get started with:

  • What kind of apps do you use to solve your basic problems?
  • What do you like and don’t like about the app?
  • Is anything missing from the app?
  • What kind of queries do you use that app for?

How to approach the idea of your application?

Once you’ve localized your amazing app idea, the next thing is to hire a professional accelerator that will help you analyze your idea, see if it’s profitable, and developer your mobile app. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to marketing. If you don’t work on app marketing, your brilliant app will only be lost in the sea of 6000 apps that are released every day!

Instead of doing it on your own, you’re better off hiring an app marketing company.

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