How to Hum a Tune to Find a Song

Learn how to find songs that are stuck in your head even without the lyrics by humming the tune

identify a song by humming

Music or melody is a great tool that people hum to relax, research has also shown that listening to music can help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, depression and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

There are times when you listen to a song that you have never heard before; the song sounds so well but you don’t know the song let alone the lyrics or artist.

Another case could be when you listen to a particular song and you try to sing the song after a while, you find yourself humming the tune, so how do you identify any song by humming the tune? Let’s find out.

Some years back, many people wouldn’t have thought it’d be possible to identify a song without the lyrics or by just humming the tune. Well, guess what!! Tech has made it possible. There are song recognition applications you can use to identify any song by simply humming the tune.

Applications that Can be Used to Find any music by Humming the Tune.



SoundHound makes it easy and simple to discover music playing around you. All you have to do is just hit the big orange button and SoundHound will show you the song playing.

The service can recognize not only the playing track but also the one that you hum. True, accuracy, in this case, may suffer. As a result, SoundHound returns a link to the desired track. Also, the application has the ability to follow the lyrics in real time if the recognition is successful.

Pro tip: For all the apps to recognize the songs, you should have a fast and stable internet connection. If you want to check your simply visit and run a free speed test.

The application is stylishly designed and user-friendly. True, the recognition process itself sometimes takes longer than when using Shazam.

Do you have a song stuck in your head that you don’t know or remember the lyrics to? Just hum the tune and let SoundHound identify the song for you.

DownloadGoogle PlayStore | App Store | Windows Store



Midomi is a powerful voice-search engine website that will let you sing or hum a tune to identify a song. It takes just about 10 seconds for Midomi to identify a song by humming the tune.

The good about Midomi is that its community is very large with new users registered every day and music lovers that constantly add to the website’s database. So virtually every song on this planet in any language can be identified.

You can also download the identified song from some of the best music torrent sites or check out Spotify etc.

AHA Music – Music Identifier (extension for Chrome)

Find song by humming

Another way to find a song by humming or singing is by installing the Chrome AHA Music – Music Identifier extension.

In addition, its use is easy and quite complete because it also allows us to identify songs from movies or series that we are watching at that moment.

If there is a background song playing, the application will listen to it and identify it. You can also click on the Spotify icon to open the song on Spotify.

To identify songs by humming the process is a bit longer because first, we will have to record ourselves humming or singing on a website like Online Voice Recorder. And then play the recorded record and activate the AHA Music Identifier extension.



Shazam is inarguably the best and most popular music recognition application. I mean it has been downloaded 10 million times in 150 countries across 350 mobile operators.

Shazam can identify virtually every song around the world in seconds but the bad thing about it is that it does not identify songs by humming the tune alone but it does show lyrics and every other information about the song that has been identified.

One good thing about Shazam is that without an internet connection, you can still shazam a song offline and shows the music when you go online.

Shazam also brings news from the world of music in real-time, in a very intuitive and pleasant-to-use interface. To make it even more interesting, the app recommends songs that you can like, as well as the possibility to follow your favourite artists! It also backs up your Shazams so you’ll never lose them. Find out how to see lyrics on Spotify.

DownloadGoogle Play | App Store | Windows Store | Mac


Musicpedia hum to find song

Musipedia is said to be the Music version of Wikipedia and you know what that means right? Wikipedia has got much information on it and since it has Musipedia as the musical version of it, you would barely search for a song or hum a tune and you won’t find it.

Musipedia is more oriented to those who have musical knowledge since it allows to identify songs through the melody (instead of humming).

Musipedia gives you the possibility to play a melody with several related searches:

  • A search on the keyboard: by notes.
  • contour search : general note patterns of a song.
  • rhythm search : you can search for a song by its speed and rhythm.

After finding a match, you will see a list of the songs in the search results. Each result includes the portion of the musical pattern that matched the melody you played.

It has different options that can be used to identify a song by humming the tune or by whistling the tune to your PC.

Musipedia is very similar to Midomi.


MusiXmatch is an old app known to show lyrics, the interface is beautiful and the application itself has library integration with Apple Music and Spotify. It is very easy to add the discovered music to your collection.

One of the coolest features of Musixmatch’s music recognition is that it shows the lyrics of the exact part you are listening to, that is, you can follow the music in real-time.

Apart from displaying lyrics, it can also be used to identify unknown songs by simply typing in some lyrics.

Download: Google Play | Windows Store | App Store

Other Applications that can be used to Identify any Song.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant on your Android phone is a good alternative for identifying the songs that are playing around you. Yes, Google Assistant can recognize the tracks – and you don’t even have to install any additional apps for those using an Android phone.

To identify a song using Google assistant, just say “Ok Google, Identify this song“. Or just call out Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google, what is the name of this song playing right now” leave your phone close to the place where the music is playing and that’s it: song discovered.

It will not only identify the song but also allow you to get additional information about the artist and the album.

The best feature of Google song recognition is that you can hum a tune to it and it will bring out a list of songs that match the tune so that you can identify the actual song you are looking for.


Apple’s virtual assistant is not really an alternative to Shazam, as it uses the app’s technology. However, as Shazam was purchased by Apple itself, it is expected that the feature will continue to work.

The operation is similar to that of Google, just say “Hey Siri, what’s this song” or Siri “What song is playing?” or just “Who sings?” and wait for the assistant to recognize the song. The Apple Music link is of course included.

Siri will identify any song playing in the background. However, this app doesn’t work when humming the tune to identify a song.



The application is not inferior to its older brothers in recognition accuracy. On the plus side, BeatFind is virtually devoid of ads and other annoying things. The identified track is accompanied by additional links to third-party services like Spotify, Deezer or YouTube.

The application also allows you to visualize the music that you “hear”. Synchronized animations appear on the device’s screen, and your phone’s camera can blink to the beat of the music as if you were holding a portable strobe. But it has a downside too which is you can’t hum to find a song in this recognition app.



Another little-known service with a minimum of advertising inside. It is more focused on a foreign audience, so it does not recognize Russian compositions well. The identified track is supplemented with links to Amazon. Of the pros – recommendations. All found tracks are stored in the search history, and for each song, similar tracks and links to videos from YouTube are displayed.

Telegram bot

Not the most obvious and convenient way to find out the composition you like, but it also takes place. Especially for those who “live in Telegram”. The functionality of such bots is the same – you need to add a bot and let it listen to the song in the chat window by holding the microphone in the message-sending line. Simply put, record an audio message.

The most popular and well-performing bot today is the Yandex.Music bot. The recognition accuracy and speed are excellent. Each track found is supplemented with a link to the Yandex music service of the same name.

So that’s all folks!! Using any of these applications listed above would identify any song playing around you without lyrics and by humming the tune.



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