17 Best Interior Design and Decoration Apps 2024

Best Interior Design and Decoration Apps

Do you need to make a 3D project on your mobile? Design your future home? Or decorate all the rooms? Your wishes have been heard. Without a doubt, you need an interior design app, and today we bring you the best ones.

It doesn’t matter if you are dedicated to architecture, or interior design or simply want to give a different touch to your room. These applications are for you. For this reason, we have prepared a review of the best applications for interior design and decoration. Don’t miss it!

Best interior design applications: decorate your house with your mobile

In the Google Play Store and the App Store, you will find a wide variety of interior design apps. To choose the best among all the available options, it is important that you know how to identify the one that best suits your needs. To help you, here we bring you our analysis.

1. 5D Planner

This interior design application allows you to make everything from the initial plans in 2D or 3D to the final finishes. With more than 3,000 elements that are continually renewed, you can drag appliances, doors or flowers to the place you prefer. It even works in offline mode.

With Planner 5D you can design your house for free on Android and iOS. However, the main drawback is that to have all the elements you have to pay for the premium version.

2. Houzz: the decoration app for your home

Houzz is an app for interior design recommended by and for professionals in the sector. Media such as “The New York Times”, and “The Washington Post” give very positive ratings and opinions about this application for designing houses.

This tool offers you ideas, a list of professionals to contact, products and advice on interior design. You will have more than 20 million high-resolution photos and a magazine in the palm of your hand. In addition, you can count on the help of 2.5 million specialists in the different fields of interior design and decoration.

3. Home Design 3D: design your home in 3D

With this app to design your house, you can make plans, furnish and decorate everything to your liking. All of this in a very simple and intuitive way, with thousands of elements available and without the need for an internet connection.

This interior design app is receiving very good reviews, among other things, for its ease of use. Of course, the free version only allows you to carry out preloaded projects. To make your own projects from scratch, you will need to get the Premium version.

4. Swedish: 3D house design

Sueco is an app for designing houses that allows you to carry out all the projects you need in a completely realistic shape and finish. You can recreate all the plans you want, furnish the space to your liking, and even choose between different textures and finishes.

Its use is very simple and follows the “drag and drop” scheme.

It is a free interior decoration app, but to unlock certain elements you have to pay or watch ad videos. This is the only aspect to improve, although it is not something that bothers you too much.

It is only available on Android.

Download APK

5. Coolors: choose the perfect colour

Discover, create, customize and adjust your favourite colour palettes to then use them in your home decoration. Many professional designers use this application. Therefore, you can also choose one of the palettes created by them, if you like them more.

In addition, it includes the extension to use Coolors in Photoshop and Illustrator. Give all your works that personal touch with the range of colours that you have created exclusively for you!


6. roOomy: the best application to decorate rooms

roOomy is the number 1 interior design app in the world when it comes to finding new styles for decoration and design. It includes elements from many stores around the world, such as Ikea, Amazon or those from the Houzz application, among others.

In this way, it allows you to try each element before buying it, thanks to the free decoration simulator included. It is also in 3D, so you will define even the smallest detail. roOomy is only available for iOS.

7. Pinterest: source of inspiration for interior decoration

Pinterest is the app par excellence when we need inspiration for anything that comes to mind. And the interior design is no less.

The application allows you to save the designs that you like the most and create your own boards. This way you can start with the conception and decoration of your house with thousands of ideas.

This social network is completely free and you can download it for Android and iOS.

8. Homestyler: interior design and decoration ideas

Homestyler is an interior design app that will allow you to create and remodel architectural projects in 3D. You will be able to take a photo of the room, scale three-dimensional furniture and check the adaptation to the setting. It has a database with furniture from the most popular stores, such as Pier and IKEA.

This app not only works for designing rooms but also has a section on trends, tips and ideas.

Homestyler includes augmented reality technology that allows you to visualize changes in the room. In addition, it also works for 2D house or room projects.

9. 3D room designer

It is an app for decorating home interiors. It has a base with more than 5,000 IKEA furniture. To get started, you can start from projects made by professionals or create your own. You will be able to change any feature, such as the colour of the walls or the location of the furniture.

This interior design app offers HD renderings and exports to 3DS Max. Also, take snapshots of your projects to analyze how they will look in reality. It contains different themes to decorate any room. And the best thing is that all functions can be used both online and offline.

10. Mobili Fiver: your furniture in augmented reality

Mobili Fiver is a very popular interior design program. It has augmented reality technology to decorate rooms. Includes a 360° viewing mode to position furniture. And you can change their colour and other characteristics.

It is not only an app to design your house, it also offers to analyze the technical specifications of the furniture and even buy it. Mobili Fiver is compatible with all iPads Pro, iPhone model 6S and iPads from the 5th generation onwards. In addition to working with all Android devices that can render in 1080p.

Download for Android

11. 3D Kitchen designer for IKEA

This is a kitchen design software. It will allow you to create your own projects or modify other people’s. You will find a wide variety of 3D furniture to use to your liking. You will be able to change the colour of the walls, as well as create realistic snapshots of your project.

This interior design app has two paid subscriptions. The basic plan allows you to calculate the size of the kitchen, use more than 1,000 IKEA furniture and create unlimited realistic images. The Pro plan also helps you calculate the approximate price of the project and export it to 3ds Max.

Westwing is an application for purchasing furniture and home accessories. It has a catalog of more than 5,000 products and a section on the latest trends in decoration. The app has high-resolution images of the products. This allows you to zoom in and analyze them better so as not to lose detail.

You can buy furniture using various payment methods and enjoy home deliveries. Westwing offers a section with tips and ideas for designing your home that you cannot miss. In addition, some of the products in the catalog have discounts of up to 70%. It only requires free registration to use it.

13. IKEA: buy your furniture and decoration from your mobile

IKEA is the app of the famous multinational furniture retailer . You can buy and check the existence of any product in its catalog. We include it in this post because you can also use it as an application to decorate your house, since it has a section of inspirations and ideas.

Like other secure shopping apps, IKEA does not store personal data. All products have a technical sheet with the characteristics and the nearest store where you can buy them. Without a doubt, very useful. Download it and discover more about this app:

14. Creative Ideas: learn crafts and the art of DIY

Creative Ideas DIY & Craft is an app that gives you home interior decoration ideas. It also has DIY tips, cooking recipes and life hacks . In addition, it allows you to send your ideas and share them with other users.

The app explains the ideas with videos, photos and text, making it accessible to anyone.

In their feed you will see the most popular ideas and tips. You can save them and follow other users. In it it is also possible to publish YouTube videos and upload images of any format.

15. Smart Tools: digital tools for your renovation

Smart Tools is a multifunctional application. It has 15 tools distributed in 6 groups, each one with a personalized interface. It can be used as an app to measure distances , but it serves as a compass for Android .

On the other hand, it includes a sound level meter and a vibrometer, as well as a flashlight, magnifying glass and mirror. This app can turn your phone into a metal detector and a digital ruler. How you read it.

If you are going to get to work with the decoration and design of your home, without a doubt this is one of the essentials:

16. Bruguer Visualizer: visualize colors on your wall

Bruguer Visualizer is an interior design application aimed at finding the perfect color for your room. It includes augmented reality technology to change the tone of the walls and uses the motion sensors integrated into the mobile.

You can view the changes with the camera’s video mode. Bruguer Visualizer allows you to save your color ideas and analyze other users’ ideas. In addition, it has a section of inspirational videos. On the other hand, this house design app has a section to buy the paintings you want.

17. Havenly: the interior design app for iPad

Havenly is an interior design app that allows you to chat with professionals in the field. It has an ideas section where you will find many creations by experts. It can also be used as a project planner and visualizer.

The application allows you to upload videos and photos of the room or house that the professional will use to make their proposal. As if that were not enough, this home design program has a very interesting catalog of home products.


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