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How to Track your partner or child anywhere

A GPS tracking system on your mobile can be very useful. For example, you can always check whether your teenage daughter is hanging out with that annoying neighbour boy again. In the worst case, you can use GPS tracking pro to find out if your partner is that reliable.

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In the Google Play Store, you can download GPS tracking pro for free for your Android smartphone. You install the app and give yourself a name, with which you will be visible on the GPS map later in the app. You can now invite others, such as your child or a friend, to let them join the group account.

GPS tracking pro

Everyone who participates is visible if they have their GPS on their smartphone. You can create multiple groups, for example with friends with whom you go on holiday or with colleagues at work.

How to track children with GPS tracking pro

Society is feeling more and more unsafe. With GPS tracking pro you can therefore always and everywhere keep an eye on where your children are. You then install this free app on your children’s smartphone or tablet and switch on the GPS. You invite them to join you in the group and accept the invitation.

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How to track children with GPS tracking pro

After creating an account for your kids, you can always find them on the map shown in GPS tracking pro. They don’t even need to know that you can do this as a parent, but as a parent, it can give peace of mind when you see that your child has just arrived home safely after school.

Emergency call

Sending panic alert

The handy thing about GPS tracking pro is that your kids can make an emergency call if something is wrong. There is an emergency button in the app that sends a message to all affiliated members if a person presses it. If your child does not feel safe, he or she can press the button and as a parent, you will receive an emergency notification on your smartphone. You can then trace where your child is, call the police and quickly go to the relevant location.

How to Track Unreliable partner with GPS tracking pro

The app does not necessarily have to be used for politically correct purposes. If your relationship is not going well, your partner reacts strangely or has to work overtime very often, you can use GPS tracking pro to check whether your partner is honest in the relationship. For this, you have to install the app with yourself as well as with your partner, without that person noticing.

If you turn on GPS on his or her smartphone, you can keep an eye on whether your partner is indeed in the office and not in the local pub or in an unknown location. It is not without risk, but you can put an end to any doubts you have.

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