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What happens when I reach level 50 pokémon GO?

The Beyond Go update, released in November 2020, added several new features to Pokémon Go,including 10 new levels beyond the old 40 limit. But what happens when you reach level 50 pokémon GO? Find out what the requirements are and what rewards you’ll receive when you reach the maximum level of the game.

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Pokémon GO level 50 requirements

Probably only the most dedicated and skilled trainers will reach level 50 of Pokémon GO. The new “top” of the game requires that, in addition to reaching the amount of 30 million experience points, the player completes a list of tasks to be able to progress. They are:

  • Make 999 excellent plays;
  • Capture at least one legendary Pokémon in your next 5 encounters with legendary Pokémon;
  • Defeat a TEAM GO Rocket Leader 3 times using only pokémon of a maximum of 2500 PC;
  • Reach level 10 in the GO Battle League.

The rewards for reaching level 50, however, are the highest pokémon go offers to then:

  • 50 Ultra Balls;
  • 50 Maximum Potions;
  • 1 MT elite attack loaded;
  • 2 Rare GG candies;
  • 5 Incense;
  • 5 Lucky Eggs;
  • 5 Superincubators;
  • 5 Attract Modules.

However, even reaching the current limit of game progress, there is still one more mission for the elite Pokémon GO trainers to fulfill: the Level 50 Challenge.

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This challenge is a special type of research divided into four steps, with three tasks each. Check out the table below which missions and prizes you receive when completing them.

TaskRewardBonus for completing
1 / 4
Make 500 great moves with curveball5000 Stardust5000 StardustRandom encounter with Unown5000 Stardust
Visit 5 Poképaradas for 15 days in a row10 Pieces of Star
Make 5 great moves in a row5000 Stardust
2 / 4
Hatch 50 eggs5000 Stardust5000 Stardust10 Premium Battle Passes5000 Stardust
Win 15 battles in the GO Battle League10 Rare Candies
Catch 5000 pokémon5000 Stardust
3 / 4
Earn 50 candy by walking with your fellow Pokémon5000 Stardust5000 Stardust10 Superincubators5000 Stardust
Evolve 50 pokémon10incense
Win 50 reides5000 Stardust
4 / 4
Get Reward50000 Poeira Estelar10 Rare GG SweetsMeeting with Mewtwo6 poses for the character
Get RewardMeeting with Noibat
Get Reward50000 Poeira Estelar

It is worth remembering that there are also special challenges for levels 43, 45 and 48. After reaching level 50 in Pokémon GO and completing all the challenges and tasks, there’s not much else to do but keep playing, participating in events, and brag about your achievements to the trainers friends (and rivals). 

Source: Serebii.net

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