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10 Best Traffic Apps for Android & iOS in 2023

In a scenario of great traffic congestion and stress, traffic applications emerge as a solution to help save the time of those who live in busy cities. So people who need to face traffic everyday use apps as great allies.

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With constant traffic changes, traffic jams and a lack of parking spaces, it is common for drivers not to know the best route. In urban centres, there will always be problems that will hinder the flow of traffic, such as accidents, work and even excess vehicles. Although mobile phone use is not allowed behind the wheel, traffic apps have become great companions for the day-to-day life of drivers.

Moreover, nobody wants to be stuck in traffic so to avoid it, you will need a reliable traffic application. You can use your Android and iPhone device to locate your destination, rent a taxi, book train-bus tickets, etc. If you’re looking for the best traffic apps for Android and iOS, check out the content below.

10 Best Traffic Apps for Android & iOS

1. Waze


Waze is one of the most well-known traffic apps by drivers with over 40 million users. It is ideal for drivers who like to know the traffic situation and seek alternative routes to make travel faster.

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It works like a kind of GPS and allows the driver to see and choose the route they want to take before leaving. The app can be accessed offline and works if you place a destination that is already in your browsing history.

Waze’s great advantage is its extra traffic information. Data on accidents, traffic jams or hazards on the track are collected by users, which contribute to everyone making a safer trip.

In addition, the fact that Waze is one of the most widely used software in the world ensures that it has accurate and instant news.

The driver can also pick up the fuel station at the lowest price on his way. The program is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. No way it’s the drivers’ favourite traffic app, is it?

Download Availability: Android, iOS

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2. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is Google’s online map and also a navigation app that lets you trace routes and get route information. Available by browser, Android and iOS, the app is completely free.

In addition to the available maps, the tool offers very useful services, such as calculating the distance between two points and making photos of the places available. When you integrate Google Maps with Street View, just drag the map and zoom in so you get the impression that you’re walking the streets.

It is worth remembering that you do not need to have email from Google to use the software. However, if the driver has an account and is logged in to it while browsing, you can get additional data, such as weather conditions, mark your favorite places, and share notes with your family.

Download Availability: Android, iOS



Inrix is an amazing traffic app with many decent features. This app provides you with live traffic information, safety alerts for construction, hazards, accidents and time update that can slow down your travels. You can also report accidents that can help other drivers.

Download Availability: Android, iOS

4. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic


The well-known brand of car GPS and browsers also has its own mobile app. The main problem is that it is paid, and you have to subscribe to be able to use it all year round. If we only want to use the free version, it will serve as a browser only for 75 kilometers per month, so if we use the car minimally, it does not compensate. However, it provides detailed information on radar status, traffic situation, adverse weather.

Download Availability: Android, iOS

5. Uber


Uber is an on-demand transportation and travel app that allows the user to request a driver based on their location.

To use the app, the user must request a trip informing where they are, where they go and which car option they want. The race value is determined by the app and may vary depending on the demand for drivers at the time of requesting the service.

The app is available on Android and iOS versions, and in some places, the user can request the ride through the Uber website.

Download Availability: Android, iOS

6. Maps. me

The is not just another map app amid so many others available. In addition to the navigation service, it also works in offline mode.

Therefore, drivers who are without data packages or in areas where the operator does not have coverage will be able to locate and trace routes. Detailed details, the maps have several points of interest for the user, such as restaurants, tourist attractions, gas stations, among others.

To use offline browsing, simply download the map of interest to you when you are connected to the internet. You don’t need to be worried about the space used by the files, since they are compressed so as not to take up too much memory from the phone. Perfect for use during travel and not be surprised by roaming charges!

Download Availability: Android, iOS

7. Moovit


Moovit is a worldwide application that maps the public transport network. In it, the user of a given city can access the lines and routes of bus, subway and train. In addition, the app calculates the arrival time of public transport which makes life easier for the user when planning.

In the app, the person inserts the exit place and the point of arrival. After that, Moovit tells how long the trip will last, the best means of public transport and line to reach the destination and at what point the user should enter and descend. Moovit even warns the user when it’s time to get down. Sends an alert before the point.

The app is available on both Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS and the desktop version.

Download Availability: Android, iOS

8. ParkMobile


Park is a free app with versions for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It aims to help solve one of the biggest problems of drivers: finding parking spaces.

As if it were a GPS, Park searches for parking lots near the driver and his information. However, do not expect to find street vacancies, because the program only displays the registered establishments. If the service is enabled for your region, you can also view images of the location.

Another advantage is that it shows the flags of the company responsible for parking. So you can check which ones you have discount because of the insurer, for example. Excellent for drivers to save time and money!

Download Availability: Android, iOS

9. Sygic


Sygic is the most downloaded GPS navigation app in the world. The best feature that makes it number one is the offline navigation feature.

This app receives a regular update many times a year for free. It gives you dynamic lane orientation and intersection view while driving, allowing you to make safe lane changes.

It also shows points of interest, and you can navigate to an address, point of interest, or GPS coordinates, as well as display parking suggestions near your area.

Download Availability: Android, iOS

10. MapQuest


MapQuest is totally free to use, this spectacular traffic app makes use of your GPS to get information about maps, roads and traffic. It provides us with satellite images, maps, voice navigation, real-time traffic updates, and live traffic cameras to see the road conditions wherever we go.

Download Availability: Android, iOS

All the above apps are available in the Play Store and App store. You can download any of these best traffic apps for Android or iPhone and avoid being late all the time. Each of them has its own speciality, so you need to use them all wisely and get the most out of them. Now, from the next time you leave home, always use these apps to make your trip smooth and effective. You may be interested in some of the best android apps that are not on Google PlayStore.

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