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11 Best video editor apps on Android and iOS 2023

Whether on Android or iPhone, having video editing apps close at hand makes life easier; know some of the best applications for this work

Do you remember that trip of yours that yielded a bunch of photos and videos? It is possible to edit and transform all those content into top-quality videos, with transition effects, slide shows and soundtrack not with a computer, but with your smartphone; you just need to use the right video editor apps on Android or iPhone.

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If your phone also replaces your computer for everyday tasks, you should certainly consider editing a video using an application on your smartphone before referring to the computer.

Here we list eleven of the best user-rated video editing apps for making videos available for iOS (iPhone) and Android and all with a number of powerful editing features, but which are simple to use. You can make videos on your phone.

Best video editor apps on Android and iOS

1. Quik Video Maker

Quik Video Maker

Available for iOS and Android, Quik is an editing application developed by GoPro, but not limited to productions created by its cameras. With it, you can join videos, transform photos into presentations, apply transitions, insert music and texts, all in a very simple way. The controls are very intuitive and even an inexperienced user will be able to create quality videos using only the smartphone.

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The app is completely free and does not appeal to any use restrictions.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip video maker

The Premiere Clip is a tool that has all the experience of Adobe but does not complicate the lives of owners of iPhones or Android. The interface is very simplified, and with it, the user can easily select and edit photos and videos. It has automated features, such as creating a presentation based on the music and rhythm chosen by the user. Of course, it is possible to make free modifications.

The app is free and offers 2 GB of free storage in the cloud, through the Creative Cloud account; for more space, you need to sign a package.

3. iMovie

imovie video editor and maker

Exclusive to Apple devices, iMovie is a practically mandatory tool for any video editor that has a Mac, but it also doesn’t look bad on the iPad or even the iPhone.

With iMovie, you can add videos and photos, change colour filters, insert soundtracks and messages, create trailers with logos similar to those of movie studios, with the right to licensed soundtracks, add and effects, etc. The advantage of the application is its integration with macOS and iOS, so you have easy access to your library and iCloud content, in addition to being able to share your creations with all the apple devices that the user has.

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IMovie became a free app in 2017, and due to its integration with Apple services, it is a great option for those who use the iPhone.

4. YouCut – Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark

YouCut - Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark

Exclusive to Android, YouCut Video editor is one of the best-rated apps on this list, mainly for simplifying commands and great results, and also for not inserting any type of watermark in users’ productions.

It is possible to cut, join, and insert soundtrack, frames, effects and transitions in your presentations, in addition to allowing the sharing of videos created directly on social networks. It even has a video compressor, specifically aimed at sharing works in instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, mainly to avoid consuming the data franchise unnecessarily.

YouCut is free, but it displays ads.

5. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor

The Filmora is already a well-known video-making software for desktops and received a powerful version also for iOS and Android. The FilmoraGo follows the same template versions for Windows and macOS and allows editing of videos and presentations using even posts on social networks, such as photos and videos from Facebook and Instagram.

The editor is powerful and brings a series of specialized tools and diverse filters, but the controls are quite simple and allow the user to create presentations with few clicks, thanks to automation options and suggestions. And it can format files in both a widescreen and square aspect ratio, in 1: 1 for Instagram.

FilmoraGo is free but offers in-app purchases of additional filters.

6. VidLab – Video Editor & Movies

VidLab video making software

Last but not the least, VidLab is very similar to most apps on the list but it is exclusive to iOS, it has simplified controls and allows the inclusion of different effects, such as animated texts and predefined templates. Other than that, it allows you to freely paste, separate and edit photos and videos present on the device, in addition to facilitating sharing on social networks.

The app is free but features in-app purchases that include, among other things, removing the watermark. Unlike the others, VidLab will insert brands in the videos in the free modality.

7. WeVideo

WeVideo video maker and editor

WeVideo is a free video editor that brings a vertical timeline, to favour editing with the cell phone standing, unlike how other editors bring the timeline.

All the basic tools are on WeVideo, from importing media from the phone to adding songs, audio recordings and texts and titles.

WeVideo is available for Android and iOS.

8. Magisto – Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker

Magisto - Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker

Magisto is a video editor for Vimeo, the platform that tries to match YouTube. A difference is that this app uses artificial intelligence to select the best sections, apply filters, stabilize, detect objects to create videos with less work.

Free, available for Android and iOS.

9. KineMaster

kinemaster video editor

KineMaster brings a visual similar to what is already found in traditional publishers, for computers. Its features are also not lacking: video layers, blending modes, voiceovers, chroma key, speed control, transitions, subtitles, and special effects.

Free for Android and iOS, however, with the addition of a watermark (which can be removed when purchasing the full version).

CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is one of the most complete video editing apps on Android. It has several extra tools and works with a layered timeline. It also supports 4K videos, to export to any other platform.

The free version of CyberLink PowerDirector adds a watermark to the video, but there is always a promotion to purchase the professional version.

11. VideoShow


VideoShow brings a series of effects, filters and themes to use in the video, with a library of basic editing and export resources predefined for the main social networks in use.

It also does not apply the watermark in the free version. Download for Android or iOS.

So with that concludes the best video editor apps for making videos on Android and iOS. Please do well to share and feel free to ask any questions too.

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