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Best Telegram Bots in 2023

Leading messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger allow the integration and interaction with bots and yes, Telegram is not an exception. As a matter of fact, Telegram bot API is one of the pioneering messaging platforms for bots and it was launched way back in July 2015.

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The Telegram bot is a software application that is programmed to run automated tasks over the messaging platform. They are fantastically simple to use and interact with. They perform the task much faster than a human would.

As much as the Facebook Messenger bot has been integrated by several companies and brands in such a way that you can order pizza on the go or even get quick answers to some questions or enquiries you need to make about a brand, products, e.t.c. The Telegram bot is safer and trusted.

Anyway, our selection of bot services on Telegram allows you to solve a variety of problems and significantly expand the functionality of one of the most popular instant messengers in the world.

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List of 15 top best Telegram bots for all occasions

1. Bot Alyosha (@aleksobot): 

Aleksobot is a bot service for converting outgoing text messages to voice format. Implemented support for several speech synthesis engines and the ability to connect the bot to chat with current interlocutors.

2. Voicy (@voicybot) 

Voicybot is an inverse electronic assistant: translates all voice messages and audio files (.ogg, .flac, .wav, .mp3) that it receives into text. It can operate with a huge number of languages ​​and supports two speech recognition engines and Google Speech, which can be controlled in the bot settings.

3. Gmail Bot (@GmailBot) 

Gmail bot is a bot service developed by the Telegram team and allows you to use the messenger as a Gmail client for the efficient exchange of mail messages. The bot can work only after granting the appropriate access rights in the settings of your Google account. 

Gmail Bot reviews on the Internet are positive, but you should not forget about the possible risks when working with this product.

4. Bot accountant (@iloveipbot)

Bot accountant is an assistant for individual entrepreneurs. He is able to calculate insurance premiums, helps to reduce tax on the simplified tax system, and reminds us about upcoming payments and the delivery of reports. In the future, the development promises to implement the integration of the bot with banking systems, add the functions of downloading statements and sending payment orders, and preparing and submitting reports via the Internet.

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5. Reminder bot (@SkeddyBot)

A simple but effective bot for managing reminders at a given time. It is enough to send messages to the bot like “call the office in 20 minutes”, “take documents tomorrow at 8 am”, “check the pie is ready every 10 minutes”, and the service will inform the user about this with verified pharmaceutical accuracy.

6. YouTube Bot (@youtube)

The YouTube Bot is a service that allows you to subscribe to updates of your favourite YouTube channels and keep abreast of the events taking place in the Google media platform or should I say the world’s second-largest search engine.

7. Classical Music (@music)

Bot to listen to classical music. An excellent find for admirers of the works of Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss and other outstanding composers, representatives of the gold fund of world musical culture.

8. Bot for checking password leaks (@MailSearchBot) 

The MailSearchBot allows you to “punch” the email address, login and phone number for their presence in the database of compromised accounts. If it turns out that one of the passwords has appeared in the public domain, it is recommended to take appropriate measures to replace it.

9. The creator of bots (@BotFather)

The official Telegram service for creating bots and integrating them with various web services. With it, you can create a bot to process user commands, send notifications, manage your smart home and perform various actions.

10. Radio Archive Bot (@radiobot)

A bot that provides access to the archive of broadcasts of various radio stations, both Russian and foreign. Broadcast audio stream in AAC + format. This compression method saves traffic and allows you to listen to the radio in networks with a low transmission rate.

11. Bot for developers (@integram_bot)

It allows you to integrate Telegram with third-party services Trello, Gitlab, BitBucket, GitHub, Webhook, which are used by programmers around the world for hosting IT projects and their joint development.

12. Dictionary bot (@dictsbot)

A service that provides access to an impressive collection of explanatory and thematic dictionaries in Russian, Ukrainian, English and German. Interaction with Wikipedia is supported, as well as with Yandex and Google translation systems.

13. Track recognition bot (@yamelodybot)

A service that is paired with Yandex.Music allows you to identify unknown musical compositions. It is enough to send an audio message to the bot with a fragment of an unknown melody lasting from 5 to 10 seconds, and the system will automatically determine its name and artist, and also send a link to listen to the full version of the track.

14. Traffic fines (@youshtraf_bot)

A bot whose name speaks for itself. It allows you to check whether there are fines for the car and driver, to receive detailed information about these fines: date, time, place of violation, article of the offence, photos from fixation cameras, as well as pay for them. It supports work with databases of traffic police, MADI, AMPP and the Platon system. Automatic monitoring of fines is possible.

15. RSS4 YOU (@ rss4you_bot)

A bot that allows you to use Telegram as an RSS reader for working with news sources. It supports various data formats and the possibility of marking up news messages and also includes advanced filtering tools for downloading materials downloaded from the Web.

Got something to add? Write in the comments section.

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