20 Best iOS Emulators to run iOS apps on PC 2024

Using the iOS emulators discussed in this article, you can run any iOS apps on your PC without spending a single extra dollar.

Best iOS Emulators to run iOS apps on PC

In this article, we’ll find out what the iOS emulator is, and how you can use any of the iOS emulators described below, with a convenient and fast user interface!

What is an iOS emulator?

The emulator is a program to run applications created for other operating systems. It replicates the behaviour of the original OS (iOS platform) and allows the device to behave the same as the Apple device.

The difference between emulators and iOS simulators

Although emulators and simulators allow you to run any software in the same environment, say Windows, but they work differently.

The simulator creates an environment similar to the operating system of the original device but does not try to imitate its hardware (CPU, RAM). Because of this, some applications may not work as intended.

The emulator replicates all aspects of the original device’s hardware and software without any modification. This allows you to run any app on emulators and not notice any difference. But at the same time, emulators are slower.

What can I do with the iOS emulator?

If you’re a developer, you can use emulators to test your app. Because of this, you don’t have to buy a separate device. And some emulators presented in this article are completely free.

20 best iOS emulators for Windows and Mac

If you need to test an iOS app on your PC that runs a Windows or Mac operating system, you don’t have to spend money buying expensive devices. Here are the Best iOS emulators for PC to run iPhone Apps and Games on Windows and Mac.

1. MobiOne Studios

One of the most popular iOS emulators for Windows. Officially, its support by the developer (Genuitec, LLC) has been terminated. But it still works.

With MobiOne, you can create your own iOS apps, as well as use any device. The emulator will be useful to developers who want to create cross-platform applications for smartphones.

You can also use MobiOne to create status notifications that appear on your desktop (as in iOS). As well as sharing links to apps and web pages via email, customizing the iPhone and iPad app, branding apps with custom icons, browsing the app’s status in AppCenter Progress, and more. It can also be downloaded for free and installed on your PC.

2. iPadian

Apple’s iPad-enabled iPad simulator. This tool supports many useful features such as Smooth GUI, application compatibility, and indicators.

iPadian only works in full-screen mode but provides quick access to the desktop with a separate button. It appears at the bottom right of the screen. The response time is impressive, and apps load very quickly. The emulator comes with a variety of apps (including iMessages, Siri, and the App Store). It also allows you to watch Watch OS and TvOS.

The tool is available in both the free and paid versions. The premium version costs about $10. It gives you access to all apps.

3. SmartFace

iPhone emulator to run iOS apps on PCs for professionals. Smartface works similarly to the iPadian. It is widely used by developers to create and test iOS applications.

Smartface Emulator’s main features are:

  • Support for plug-ins to expand apps;
  • JavaScript Library;
  • Editor of WYSIWYG Design;
  • A single JavaScript code base;
  • Testing and debugging apps
  • Plug-ins and services for businesses.

The price of the paid version of Smartface Emulator starts at $99. It provides some additional features that will be useful for iOS developers. But there is also a free version. This tool is good if you have to test cross-platform apps for iOS.

4. App.io

The best thing about this emulator is that it’s completely free. Its interface is easy to use.
Sync your iOS package with App.io, and you’ll then be able to stream apps through App.io from any of your emulating devices. The program is built on cloud technology.

App.io emulates the look of an Apple device, keyboard, menu and more. Therefore, this tool will be more useful for beginners. The emulator is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, and you can download it for free.

5. Xamarian Testflight

Xamarian Testflight is owned by Apple. It allows you to get full access to all apps from the Apple Store and run them on Windows PCs.

This emulator allows you to test iOS apps. But it’s worth noting that TestFlight test apps only work with iOS version 8.0 and above.

The cost of the paid version of Xamarian Testflight starts at $25 per month. The tool is compatible with Windows, MAC, iPad and iPhone.

6. Appetize.io

Appetize.io helps develop games and apps for iOS and Android emulated in the browser. It provides a free iOS demo that can be accessed from a variety of devices.

To use the emulator, you need to visit the official website of Appetize.io and download the application file for iOS or Android, entering the email address. You’ll then get a link to run the app.

This tool can be used for free for 100 minutes per month. Once you have exceeded the limit, you will be charged $0.05 per minute. The cost of premium fares, which include advanced features, starts at $40 per month for the Basic tariff.

7. AIR iPhone Emulator

The iPhone is a popular testing emulator that supports the latest versions of Windows (8.1 and above). It lets you run multiple iOS apps at once.

Its main advantage is a completely free iOS simulator. The tool is a great alternative to the iPadian emulator. Most professional developers use The Air iPhone to test different applications.

The emulator supports the Adobe AIR framework, which allows the iPhone’s GUI to run smoothly. To be successful, the iPhone on Windows will first download Adobe AIR and install the tool.

It’s compatible with Windows-running MAC devices.

8. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is implemented as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. You can use it to get an iPad screen on your computer’s desktop. It allows you to directly drag iOS apps from your PC to your iPad. You can even send messages using Siri or iMessage.

iPad Simulator provides a variety of features: Siri, creating an unlimited number of app pages, animated HD wallpaper, browser search apps, and more. Images or videos you store in the emulator will be stored safely in Cloud Storage.

Unfortunately, this emulator has now been removed from the Chrome Webstore.

9. Ripple Emulator

iPhone cloud emulator for the development and testing of HTML5 mobile applications. It’s a lot like an iPad simulator. The plug-in transforms the original iOS app with WebWorks and PhoneGap. It’s the best emulator to test iOS apps.

Ripple’s main goal is to reduce the platform fragmentation problems that developers face. It allows you to use tools to debug JavaScript, check HTML DOM, auto-test, and emulate multiple devices and screens in real-time. Ripple Emulator also supports both the latest BlackBerry 10 apps and previous versions of the platform.

This Chrome extension supports all iOS apps and allows you to run them on any computer.

10. RunThatApp

The new iOS emulator for Windows or Mac PCs. It’s an all-browser tool. With it, you can also test Android.

The demo version of the emulator is completely free. The paid version will cost $0.05 for 60 minutes. You can also log into the app store and use any app.

11. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

You can now play iOS games on your PC in a Nintendo 3DS emulator with a great game console. It was released on February 26, 2011. The emulator provides full access to all Nintendo 3D games without the original Nintendo game console.

You can download iOS apps remotely on Windows, Android and iPhone devices using a virtual desktop with CloudDesktopOnline. If you are a game lover, we recommend using this emulator.

12. Electric Mobile Studio

An emulator for testing and development. It is used mainly by professionals. The application is quite expensive, but it is of high quality. When you run, this emulator consumes at least 6GB of RAM.

It stimulates the process of browsing the web on an iPhone or iPad, allowing you to evaluate the performance and reliability of mobile applications.

This tool includes a unique “Group Control” feature. It can easily manage multiple instances of the app with unique configurations and update or activate them. You can use the emulator for free for 7 days, after which you will have to pay $39.99 per month.

13. Xamarin

One of the most popular iOS EMOs for PCs that run Windows, it is developed by Apple and available for free.

This tool is highly recommended to developers as it can work with Visual Studio. Xamarin lets you create your own apps and run iOS apps with C inside Visual Studio IDE for all compatible platforms like Windows, iOS, and Mac OS.

14. iPhone Simulator

The tool is similar to the AIR iPhone Emulator. This tool is only available to Microsoft Windows users.

The emulator interface has convenient navigation. You can also use iPhone features such as a notepad, watch and others.

The only downside to the iPhone Simulator is that you won’t be able to access the Apple App Store and multiple apps at the same time.

15. Remoted iOS Simulator

One of the most popular iOS emulators for Windows, developed by Xamarin.

It provides the best way to test and debug an iOS app from Visual Studio for Windows. It’s a great tool for developers. Its user interface is convenient and easy to use. At the same time, the emulator is completely free.

Most modern Windows computers have touch screens. Remote iOS Simulator lets you touch the simulator window to test the user’s sensory interactions in the iOS app. This way you can test on a variety of physical devices. We recommend downloading and using this emulator as it is completely free.

16. iDOS Emulator

A very old DOSbox-based emulator. You can use this emulator for free. Its interface is simple and clear even for beginners.

The tool has good functionality and works great on Windows. But, unfortunately, it is no longer updated. Therefore, we do not recommend using this software.

17. iFBA Emulator

a multi-system iOS emulator designed and developed by Yoyofr. It includes a huge array of tools. But some of them don’t work. However, you can use most of its funds.

The iFBA emulator also supports some additional features, such as adjusting the side ratio of the video, changing the screen mode, and the frequency of sound, and even disabling the ARM kernel if the device is slow. Some of the features available in the current version of the app may not work on iOS devices without jailbreak.

18. GearBoy

Premium iOS emulator for Windows users that provides an accurate virtual experience with the Apple iOS device. Gearboy can be used on all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.

It supports all versions of Apple devices, from iOS 5.1 and above. The emulator automatically saves data every time you make changes to games and when you close it.
GearBoy is free, and if you want to try this emulator, download it on the link above.

19. GBA4iOS

GBA4iOS is an alternative to Game Boy. It has become popular thanks to its wonderful features.

The emulator helps users play classic games on iOS devices, including some of The popular Super Nintendo games, Atari. GBA4iOS was launched in early 2013 with the help of Mac Build Server through an iOS developer certificate, but on July 17, 2013, it was shut down by Apple. Fortunately, this emulator survived with a loophole that allowed it to be installed by changing the date on the iOS device to the past.

You can download the original GBA4iOS 2.0, which requires devices running on iOS 7 and above.

20. Gearsystem

This is the Sega Master System, similar to the GameGear emulator for iOS, supporting iOS 5.1 and above. Gearsystem supports Mac, Windows, Linux OS and many others. This emulator has been tested by hundreds of people in iEmulators Beta. It is fairly promptly updated by the developer.


It was a list of the best iOS emulators. It includes free, if you think I missed some emulators worth attention to, tell us about it in the comments.


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