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How to change Spotify email address

Learn how to change spotify's sign-up email and understand why you're not getting it by the support method

You can change Spotify’s email address by changing some streaming service profile settings. But if you’re unable to make the change, it could mean that your Spotify account was created using Facebook or that you no longer have access to the social network (deleted the profile) or, in the worst case, email.

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But don’t worry about it.

See below what to do in each situation and find guidance to try to regain access to your Spotify account while maintaining your track and playlist history.

How to change Spotify sign-up email

  1. Log in to Spotify by browser (accounts.spotify.com/en-US/login);
  2. Click “Edit profile”;
  3. In the “Email” field, enter your new email address;
  4. Confirm your password and click “Save profile”;
  5. You will receive a confirmation email at the new and old addresses.

Login with Facebook

If you tried to do this process and failed to possibly your Spotify account was created with Facebook login, then you don’t need to change your email to log in. Just select “Sign in with Facebook” on the login page above.

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If you can’t sign in with Facebook

There is a password reset request form:

  1. Go to the password reset form (spotify.com/en/password-reset);
  2. Enter the email address you registered to your Facebook account;
  3. Follow the steps to create a password for your Spotify account;

You can now log in with the email address registered on your Facebook account and with the newly created password, no longer with the “Sign in with Facebook” button.

More than one Spotify account

One thing that not everyone takes into consideration is that in the past you may have used your email address on another account, lost your password and made some confusion. In such cases, Spotify also recommends the password reset form.

But if you think the problem is bigger, that has someone else using your email address, there is another form. See below how to place the order.

  1. Go to the contact form (support.spotify.com/en/contact-Spotify-anonymous/)
  2. Select first “Subscription” and then “Others”;
  3. Click the “I still need help” button;
  4. Enter your email address and name;
  5. Describe the problem and send the request through chat.

I no longer have access to my email

If you’ve lost access to the email address you used to create your Spotify account, you won’t be able to change it unless you’re already signed in to your account page in your browser (i.e. you haven’t logged out). In this case, there are options.

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  • Ask your email provider for help in regaining access to your email;
  • Start from scratch and create a Spotify account;
  • You won’t be able to cancel any Premium subscriptions you have.

Or try to contact us through the help form, informed in the walkthrough.

Source: Spotify.

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