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24 Best Free Offline Games to play without internet 2023

Without Internet? No problem! Check out a list of the best offline games for Android and iPhone.

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Your internet has gone down, your phone is offline and your games don’t work? This should not be a problem, there are a number of free offline games for Android and iOS (iPhone), all very good and that keep you posted while you are disconnected. And we’re not talking about the Google Chrome dinosaur, at least not this time.

We have listed here the best free offline games for iPhone and Android, to entertain you while you are offline.

1. Retro Shooting

retro shooting game for android offline

Available for iPhone and Android, Retro Shooting is a classic navigator game (or shoot’em up ), which follows the formula of Arcade classics, such as Xevious and Galaga. The retro look is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack, and the level of difficulty is quite high, like any game of its kind.

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Retro Shooting is free.

2. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

sonic 2 offline game

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, available for iPhone and Android is another title in style endless runner, like the successful free Subway Surfers, but that brings Sonic and his friends as protagonists. The goal here is to help the fastest hedgehog in the world collect as many rings as possible while dodging a series of enemies and obstacles.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is free.

3. Kung Fu Z

Kung Fu Z best offline android and ios game

Still, on the theme of free offline fighting games, Kung Fu Z (iPhone, Android) is a beat ’em up, in the style of classics like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. The theme is cliché (punch all the zombies that appear in front of you), but the game is very fun, and you can customize the protagonist with a series of moves and clothes from other games.

Kung Fu Z is free.

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4. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded offline free game

Another shoot’em up, but Sky Force Reloaded (iPhone, Android) has more modern graphics and fewer pixels. The high difficulty is accompanied by several options of ships and weapons, which allow the player to customize their equipment at will. The game’s presentation is above average for the genre, and it also works without internet.

Sky Force Reloaded is free.

5. Motosport Manager

The first Motorsport Manager (iPhone, Android) no longer receives updates, but it is the only free one of the three titles in the series, and it’s still fun. In this game, you manage a racing team and must hire drivers, assemble your car and invest heavily, to win the races and reach the end of the season as a champion.

Motorsport Manager is free.

6. 2048

2048 free offline android and iphone game

The best free offline puzzle game? This is for those who enjoy puzzle games. 2048 (iPhone, Android) is a puzzle that consists of moving the pieces of the board, in order to add those of equal value. The objective is to add them all up, reaching the number 2,048 of the title. The game also has an infinite mode, for those who find it not very challenging.

2048 is free.

7. Prizefighters

Prizefighters free ofline android game / iphone

Inspired by the Punch-Out !! series, Prizefighters (iPhone, Android) is a free fun boxing game on your mobile screen. You can play against another player when you are online, but the career mode does not depend on an internet connection, and is quite fun, allowing your fighter to be fully customized.

Prizefighters is free.

8. Stack

stack offline free android game and iphone

This is a game to challenge your patience. Stack’s goal (iPhone, Android) is to stack as many blocks as you can. It may seem simple at first, but the speed increases as you progress, and the area to place the blocks gets smaller and smaller.

Stack is free.

9. Hill Climb Racing 2

hill climb racing 2 free

In Hill Climb Racing 2 (iPhone, Android), compete in races against a series of crazy opponents, using cars, motorbikes and other vehicles that use real physics when going up and down hills, so there will be no lack of cloaks. There are a number of customization options to make your car as powerful and unstable as possible. If you are looking for the best free offline racing game then you should try Hill Climb Racing 2 out.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is free.

10. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey free

Do you remember the part where you surfed on the sand in Journey, with the sunset in the background? Alto’s Odyssey (iPhone, Android) is just one game that combines the sport of sandboarding with stunning scenery, one more incredible than the other. There are a number of goals to be accomplished, but all related to locations, which are the main attraction.

Alto’s Odyssey is free.

11. Micro RPG

It’s a turn-based RPG game that combines quick reflexes, strategy and luck. Launched in February of this year, Micro RPG has a cute look that, together with its simple mechanics, becomes a fun hobby. Just need to click on the screen at the right time, to hit as many enemies as possible.

Micro RPG is divided into phases, as you go up it becomes more difficult because you have a greater amount of monsters to defeat. Here, the player also needs to choose the weapon he will use in each round according to the range of his enemy, as it is important to know which enemies to eliminate in order to progress.

Download Micro RPG

12. Data Wing

Here you will travel through the stylish neon landscape in this 2D racing adventure. In the game’s story, you control a small arrow that looks like a spaceship, inside a computer system, following the orders of “Mother”.

The game has more than 40 levels, where the important thing is to be good at making turns. It also has certain peculiarities in its gameplay, such as having to scrape the back of the arrow on the wall when cornering to gain speed. In addition, it has an incredibly addictive soundtrack.

Download Data Wing here

13. 248: Numbers Game

It is a beautiful and extremely addictive puzzle, in which the player must connect numbers and dots. With the simple objective of being able to connect vertically and horizontally all the numbers to increase your score in the game.

With a simple and minimalist design, in addition to relaxing music and fun sounds, 248: Numbers game is a good choice for anyone who likes games with brain challenges.

Download 248: Connect Dots Pops Numbers

14. Cover Fire

Cover Fire is a top-notch shooter with 12 new chapters and an exciting story mode. You will also be able to unlock unique army weapons and customize and upgrade your best skills to increase damage in the war zone.

The game has an option to play some online tournaments, but it has a good amount of offline content, as well as an interesting plot. In short, this game is perfect for those who want to improve their aim while shooting around.

Download Cover Fire

15. Duet

Duet is a simple game where you control two balls that orbit a central point, while you try to avoid them touching the platforms as they spin. With an exemplary soundtrack by Australian multi-instrumentalist composer Tim Shiel.

The game has good gameplay, in addition to having 8 chapters, bonus stages and daily challenges. With each level you pass, it gets more complicated, but it’s always pleasant to spend hours playing. Duet has a simple proposal, which holds you until the end.

Download Duet

16. Exiled Kingdoms RPG

Exiled Kingdoms is an isometric RPG, inspired by RPGs from the last decade. It is entirely in Portuguese, but it is not 100% free, but the main campaign is offline and you will only have the warrior and rogue available in the free-to-play mode.

With a dark theme, Exiled Kingdoms features challenging conflicts, dangerous dungeons, a diverse amount of items and an interesting character development system. Here the player will see that his choices influence the plot of the story.

Download Exiled Kingdoms RPG

17. Kingdom Rush

In this tower defence game, you will have to defend the kingdom and crush the forces of fantasy monsters in combat with an arsenal of towers and spells. Using strategy, you will build towers and place heroes in a certain area to prevent your enemies from passing.

Kingdom Rush is a very popular game where you’ll be able to battle in forests, mountains, and wastelands and of course, customise your defence and attack with different strategies. The game will increase the challenge level to defend your kingdom as you progress.

Download Kingdom Rush

18. Orbia: Touch and Relax

Orbia is a casual game designed as an easy pickup and plays a game that everyone can enjoy. Totally focused on precision challenges, which puts players in command of very strange creatures.

With simple mechanics, the game is a great hobby and can be played anywhere. The game also has several characters, special items and many stages, offering challenges for many hours.

Download Orbia

19. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a game that mixes high strategy and terribly realistic simulation. It ended up becoming a very popular game, where the objective is to create a disease and spread it around the world, in an attempt to eliminate humanity.

The game features a simple evolution system, as more people become infected and countries are eradicated, the player earns more money to develop the disease. With over 50 countries to contaminate, hundreds of features to evolve and thousands of world events to adapt to, Plague Inc. is a great and very educational game for the epidemiological area in biology.

Download Plague Inc

20. Moonshades RPG

In Moonshades you control a dungeon explorer, the game takes place in first person, set in a dark fantasy world and with a very immersive atmosphere. The story takes the player into an underground dungeon filled with monsters and other challenges.

Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, the game has a strong emphasis on “Role-Playing” and promotes a unique experience. With casual motion controls that make combat accessible to anyone. Moonshade has several weapons, a progression system and many other attractions that help the player find the way out of the dungeon.

Download Moonshade RPG

21. Swordigo

Swordigo is a 3D platform adventure game. Here you will explore a magical realm of dungeons, and cities, with monster treasures. Possessing strong RPG elements, where you control a warrior who will fight an evil sorcerer. In the course of the game, you will find powerful weapons to help you, items and spells to defeat your enemies.

Download Swordigo here

22. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a shooting game where your objective is to kill zombies throughout a city infested with undead. The game has four mission modes, ten different zombie categories and various weapons to help you in the task.

The controls are easy, with fluid gameplay, in addition to having very cool graphics, adjustable control according to the player’s taste, and a simple and very detailed interface.

Download Dead Trigger here

23. Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is a free and completely offline “GTA”. This game by Gameloft, turns the player into a gang leader in Las Vegas, facing mafia cartels, and fighting for the grand prize. Here, you’ll be able to play in different gangs, living adventures against the underworld of Las Vegas.

This game is about an RPG adventure of the mafia cartels waging gang wars. With open world encounters, racing challenges and other difficulties you will encounter along the way. Gangstar Vegas has amazing graphics and easy-to-adjust controls.

Download Gangstar Vegas

24. Angry Birds

It’s one of the oldest Android game series and it’s still worth playing. Mixing puzzles, Arcade games and adding some physics, it becomes a fun challenge and pleases all ages. With more than 500 levels, the game yields hours of fun!

Download Angry Birds.

25. Solitaire Bliss

For those who love card games, check out Solitaire Bliss (iOS, Android). The free download allows you to play thirty different card games from classic solitaire to FreeCall, Hearts, and Spades. If you decide you do want to play online, the mobile-friendly website, solitairebliss.com is also available with all the same capabilities.

So with that concludes the best free offline android and iPhone games to play even without the internet. Please share this post with your friends and family.

Download Solitaire Bliss


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