8 Best App Store Alternatives for iOS Users in 2023


Apple devices are known for their strict measures of cyber security measures. Their biggest rival, Android, might be safe but the device security with iOS goes far and beyond the usual. So much so that it can be almost impossible to download a third-party APK on your iOS device. Even if you use reliable internet like the Cox internet plans, you might not be able to download it. The only safe way is to find that app on the Apple App Store. 

But sometimes, you might want to download a third-party or paid app, games, or ROMS for free on your phone without jailbreak. The process isn’t foolproof and can expose your iPhone to ransomware or viruses. But with some third-party app stores, you can download tweaked apps on your phone. They are relatively safer and won’t affect your phone’s performance. Here are a few third-party app stores that you should try: 

Best App Store Alternatives for iOS Users

1: BuildStore 

This store has been around since 2013 and is one of the most-trusted third-party stores for iOS devices. The apps on here are all tested before they become available for download. So, you can rest assured that they are safe and won’t cause any damage to your phone. Moreover, the app gallery is full of options that update every few days. All the latest games, tweaked apps, and emulators are available on BuildStore and you can access them for free. 

2: AppValley 

AppValley might have been the top one on the list if it wasn’t for its user experience. While the graphics and flow of the screen might not hit the mark, it makes up for it in other ways. The third-party apps on this store are tested for any malfunction or malicious code. Moreover, they have a dedicated team of developers that are always ready to answer your questions. You can get in touch with them over various social media channels. The store offers tweaked versions of the most graphic games and high-quality emulators for your phone. 

3: Panda Helper VIP 

This store has a paid version as well that offers premium paid apps for free download. You can probably get those apps with the unpaid version as well, but they are only signed for a limited time. So, you can either pay once for the Panda Helper VIP or for all paid apps individually. The fantastic third-party app does not need a jailbreak and you can enjoy safe downloads every time.  

4: AltStore 

AltStore is another great option to download third-party apps on your phone. One of the significant differences is that it doesn’t rely on third-party developer certificates. This is great because these certificates are often revoked by Apple. You don’t need jailbreak to download games, other APKs, and paid apps on your phone. The store is slowly building up its gallery of apps and allows the user to download IPA files. You can use a free or paid developer account and forget worrying about Apple revoking your license.  

5: EonHub 

EonHub is one of the most used third-party stores for downloading unofficial apps on your phone. Many jailbreakers prefer EonHub because it has a variety of more than one thousand apps to choose from. You can also download additional features for games and unsigned apps. Tweaks and paid versions of apps might also be free with EonHub.  

The app gallery and content are regularly updated and you don’t need a jailbreak to use this store. Moreover, you don’t even have to download this store anywhere. Simply go to the website from your browser and start exploring apps. 

6: CokerNutX 

If you want to download apps without geographical restrictions, then CokerNutX is the best store for you. Moreover, it also has a massive list of unsigned apps, game settings, emulators, and so much more. It has one of the best user interfaces, and it is easier to find and download the apps that you are looking for. The third-party store is safe and all publicly available apps have been tested multiple times before they are ready for download.  

7: Xabsi  

Xabsi is one of the best third-party stores if you are looking for an Apple AppStore alternative. The store supports all versions of iOS including iOS 14 and 15. You can even find some additional exclusive apps on the store that aren’t available on Apple’s official store. You can install the apps on your device whether you are using a 32-bit or a 64-bit device. Premium features from apps, exclusive game deals, and so much more available on Xabsi make it a great choice for all iOS users.  

8: Sileo 

Sileo is a great option to download third-party apps but it requires Chimera or Odyssey jailbreak. You can download a bunch of different tweaked apps. You might even get your hands on free versions of some high-end phone apps. However, it is not a direct alternative to the Apple AppStore. Primarily because you won’t be able to do anything if you don’t jailbreak your phone. 


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