12 Best Games Similar to GTA for Android


Sandbox-style games are one of the favourite genres for thousands of users around the world, a genre that Rockstar’s great GTA made fashionable decades ago. Are you one of those who enjoy this type of action adventure? Well, here we leave you the best games similar in nature to GTA VI that you can enjoy on your Android mobile or tablet.

As for owners of Android devices, it is very difficult for Rockstar to launch its new production on these devices. But, fortunately, there are very good alternatives to GTA VI on Google Play, games that we leave you in this post.

1. GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

What better way to start this post than with a game from the same saga? And it’s not just anyone, but GTA: San Andreas, a game that is considered by many fans to be one of the best within Rockstar’s own series.

And, while we’re at it, you should know that in Android format you can find many other installments of this same series at quite reasonable prices, titles like GTA: Vice City, GTA: Chinatown Wars, GTA III or GTA: Liberty City Stories.

Download GTA: San Andreas

2. Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox

Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox

Leaving Rockstar’s own saga aside, one of the first games you should try is this wonder called Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox. A game that, just like that, offers a technical section that has little to envy of what is reflected in similar games developed for home consoles.

Furthermore, it is a very complete action adventure that offers exciting chases, shootouts, exploration and everything you could ask for in a title of this type. And its extensive mapping and the possibility of enjoying multiplayer modes also deserve to be highlighted.

Download Payback 2

3. Gangster Crime

Gangster Crime

In Gangster Crime we come face to face with a game that has a wide number of technical and playable qualities. A work that encourages us to become a mafia boss but starting from the most humble beginnings, is quite a challenge.

The highlight of this adventure is its attractive playable layout since it incorporates action, exploration and even role-playing touches to give life to an always surprising and varied game mechanic. A game that also has a good technical and sound level.

Download Gangster Crime

4. Los Angeles Crimes

Los Angeles Crimes

Los Angeles Crimes is a rather atypical game. But not in terms of its development itself, which follows the guidelines set by the GTA saga, but rather in terms of its content. And for what reason? Well, because it is possible to create maps and other elements and then share them with the user community.

This feature marks an important difference between this title and the rest of the GTA clones. But it is fair to mention that car racing, assaults and interaction with dozens of characters are also present in Los Angeles Crimes. A sensational game.

Download Los Angeles Crime

5. Cyberika


One of the strongest competitors that the GTA series has had to face in recent years is Cyberpunk, the sandbox designed by CD Projekt Red (the team responsible for The Witcher 3). A game that also has its replica on Android under the name Cyberika, a truly striking work.

As you might already guess from its name, Cyberika immerses players in a world of free exploration but with a futuristic cyberpunk atmosphere, very fashionable these days. But not only that, since this is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), an aspect that gives it a touch of distinction in relation to what most similar games offer.

Download Cyberika

6. Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

After a first part that managed to bring enjoyment to thousands of users, the Naxeex company continued its notable sandbox production with its sequel: Vegas Crime Simulator 2. A game that allows us to act crazy in a well-known American city.

One of its main hallmarks is the possibility of being able to navigate the stages, soaring through the skies thanks to the jet boots that the protagonist can equip. The sense of humour that the adventure gives off is also worth highlighting, as well as how varied the scenarios are despite taking place in a city like Las Vegas.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator 2

7. MadOut 2 Big City Online

MadOut 2 Big City Online

Another of the big names that can be seen in this list of GTA clones is MadOut 2: Big City Online. A very descriptive game that makes very clear the two best arguments that the game contains: a huge setting that we can explore freely and a very suggestive online aspect.

Up to 200 players can compete on the same server, giving life to an exceptional title that is almost unique in its category. The customization possibilities it offers to players are also fantastic and on top of that it is graphically impeccable. Yes, it’s as good as it looks.

Download MadOut 2 Big City Online

8. Guns and Spurs 2

Guns and Spurs 2

Another game somewhat different from the rest of the GTA-like games shown in this article is Guns and Spurs 2. A third-person action game that, as its main attraction, has a Wild West setting that pulls you back. In fact, it’s almost closer to Red Dead Redemption, another Rockstar classic.

It is striking how varied the tasks and missions that need to be carried out in Guns and Spurs 2 become. And the thing is that as soon as we are killing various criminals with a single bullet, we immediately have to act like real cowboys and take care of a flock of sheep. Total Wild West fun.

Download Guns and Spurs 2

9. Go to Street 3

Go to Street 3

It is very possible that, of all the games we present to you, Go to Street 3 is the least known of all (even though it is the third part of the trilogy). But this lack of recognition should not deprive you of enjoying everything that this highly entertaining action adventure can provide.

At first, what draws the most attention is its great visual section, which in addition to achieving tremendous quality, has been recreated through an aesthetic line halfway between cartoon and realism that gives it a lot of charm. And as for its development, it could not be more diverse, being able to experience shooting salads, participate in mini-games or pilot a multitude of vehicles.

Download Go to Street 3

10. The Grand Mafia

The Grand Mafia

If what you are looking for is an alternative that is somewhat different from the ones we have captured so far, you should take a good look at The Grand Mafia. And because? Well, because its game concept is something different.

Instead of focusing on pure action, other elements such as strategy and tactics come into play in The Grand Mafia. Our mission is to try to unify all the mafia families, and to do so it is necessary to make many decisions and be cold-blooded. A very entertaining title, but its pace is slower.

Download The Grand Mafia

11. Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans

If there is a saga of sandbox-style titles designed for mobile phones with a lot of tradition and a great reputation, it is Gangstar. A series that with Gangstar: New Orleans has reached its zenith (at least until the arrival of the next edition that will take place in New York).

The production values ‚Äč‚Äčachieved by this Gameloft work are outstanding, the control is very good, the gameplay is fresh and varied and the number of missions that we can tackle is more than generous. More than 10 million downloads support it.

Download Gangstar New Orleans

12. GTA V

And we end with the best of all, which is none other than GTA V. A game that is not available in the Google Play store, but that can be enjoyed without any problem by Android users.

And how? Well, very simple: using the Microsoft Cloud cloud service. Simply get it from the Xbox store and use Microsoft Cloud to play on your favourite Android device. And if you are a member of the paid Xbox Game Pass service, even better, since GTA V is currently included and you can download it for free from your console.

It is no doubt that it would be wonderful if Rockstar were encouraged to release GTA VI for Android systems at some point. But, realistically, this possibility is quite unlikely, so it is more practical to look for alternatives as interesting as the ones we have compiled in this post.


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