How to add or change date of birth on Instagram

by George Philip
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change birthday on instagram

Having a decent Instagram growth is possibly the prime thought of every user. However, there are other matters too, like if you want to add or update your date of birth on Instagram, know that there are two ways you can make the change: through Facebook, which automatically updates your Instagram profile, or by entering the social network itself, step by step. which I will show you below. So, here‘s how to add or change the birth date on Instagram.

The process to add the date of birth can be done through Instagram, following these steps:

Total Time: 3 minutes

Click on “edit profile”

On the button below the bio, click on “Edit profile” ;

Click on “Personal Information Settings”

In the last option that appears, in blue, click on “Personal Information Settings” ;

Click on “Date of birth”

In the last option, click on “Date of birth”. In the next window, select your date of birth and click on the blue “check” button in the upper right corner.

Ready! Simple and fast.

And how to just change the date of birth?

The path is practically the same, with the exception of the end, since the change cannot be made through the Instagram app, but only through Facebook :

Can I do it on the computer?

You can change the date through Facebook on your computer, but Instagram doesn’t offer this option on your desktop.

Can I delete my birthdate from Instagram?

No. Once you add your birth date, it can no longer be removed, but it is also not shared with others on Instagram.

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