Best Tricks to Win in Dream League Soccer 2024


For soccer fans, knowing the best Dream League Soccer 2024 tricks is essential to get a high-quality team. This popular game offers a unique and exciting experience for sports lovers, but it also has its complications.

Practically, you have to make your way in the world of football little by little, forming and improving your club. Of course, this requires effort and knowledge, since many things have to be taken into account to be successful in the game.

Luckily, we have compiled a series of tips that will be very helpful for you to advance quickly and become a Dream League Soccer expert.

Best Tricks for Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is one of the best soccer games for Android. If you are looking for a way to succeed in the game, we have some useful tricks and recommendations to make your team increasingly stronger and win the matches.

How to play Dream League Soccer: basic game tricks

If you don’t know how to be the best at Dream League Soccer, you don’t have to worry, it’s all a matter of practice and effort. However, at first, it may be somewhat difficult to adapt to all the activities and missions that can be done in Dream League Soccer.

Despite that, some tips can help you considerably improve your way of playing so that you can continue progressing. For this reason, we leave you all the main recommendations that you should consider to stop being a beginner. Then we’ll see more hacks for games.

How to do training in Dream League Soccer

To keep your team competitive, you must constantly practice both the fundamentals of soccer and the individual skills of your players. You can do this by accessing the “My Club” section where you will find the “Training” option.

Here you will be able to practice each of the techniques that must be executed during the matches. It is extremely important that you pass these tutorials to improve both the defense and the collective attack of the players.

Prepare effective strategies

Learning how to protect your playing area is vital to prevent the other team from entering your territory and scoring goals. To achieve this, you have to establish a strategy to know what moves to make in various situations and consider what the consequences will be before making them.

The most effective way to devise tactics is through formations and finding your own playing style. This means that you must know how you play with your team, whether you are offensive, defensive, balanced or a change of pace.

Pass the ball intelligently

Smart passing is essential to winning games in Dream League Soccer. You should always try to pass the ball to the right players at the right times, whether a well-made short or long pass can be one of the steps to obtain victory.

Build a strong team at the beginning

Defeating opposing teams gives you a lot of points and valuable rewards that you can use to make your team better and better. Once you have built a stable and acceptable club in terms of rating, opponents will no longer be a problem in most cases.

How to have a lot of money in Dream League Soccer

After mastering the basics, it’s time to take the next step in your soccer career. The resource you will need the most is money since with that you can improve your team and the aesthetics of the club’s stadium.

There are many free ways to learn how to get coins in Dream League Soccer. Below, we leave you all the methods so that it never makes your money is missing in the game.

Watch ads to get coins in Dream League Soccer

Like other similar games, Dream League Soccer also has optional advertising that you can watch to get rewards. In this case, watching a daily ad will give you up to 30 free coins per day.

Take advantage of your daily rewards

Daily rewards can be earned simply by logging in to the app every day. Remember to set your device to receive notifications when they are available. If you are consistent and complete 20 days in a row you will get a lot of coins.

How to get bonus coins in Dream League Soccer

There is a tactic that many beginners overlook and that they should apply to get off to a good start in Dream League Soccer. It consists of investing the 75 gems that the game gives you at the beginning in the Shopping Center to obtain additional income in coins. You have to follow these steps to achieve it:

  • Go to “My Club”.
  • Click on “Stadium and Facilities”.
  • Enter “Commercial Building”.
  • Increase the level by tapping the buy button for 75 gems.

Obviously, the other facilities are equally important, but it is recommended that this be the first thing you improve because gives Extra Winnings in Matches. That is, you will receive additional coins after each match, which will help you collect much faster.

Complete daily events and challenges to earn coins in Dream League Soccer

One of the main sources of income is the Daily Challenges. Everyday tasks will be updated for you to complete and claim rewards, which are mostly coins. The good thing about this is that they are not that complicated, so if you put in the time for the challenges, you will get a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you already have an advanced level or want to try something a little more difficult, you can access the events. Every month the Monthly Trophy takes place, a type of tournament where you compete with several players for incredible rewards.

If you manage to be one of the first, you will have many coins. However, we recommend that you try if you have at least 4 stars in your division to have a better chance of winning.

Claim DLS Season Pass Coins

The Season Pass is another thing that can give you money in the game. You do not need to purchase the Season Pass, as there are free rewards every time you level up the pass.

Almost all the prizes obtained from this section are coins, you just have to invest time and dedication to get the necessary points. It should be noted that if you activate the pass, you will be much better off because this way the coin rewards increase considerably.

How to get free gems in Dream League Soccer

Gems are the most difficult resource to obtain in Dream League Soccer. Despite this, it is something that you have to try to achieve because it is practically required to improve all of the club’s facilities.

Luckily, here we are going to explain the free ways to earn many gems in DLS so that you can continue advancing in the game.

Complete all Daily Challenges

Although each of the Daily Challenges gives you a certain amount of coins, by completing all the tasks, you will unlock a new reward that will give you gems. Normally, the prize varies between 8 and 10 gems in Daily Challenges.

Exceed Career Goals

Career Goals can give you many gems, even this one could give you better results than Daily Challenges. However, it is more difficult to overcome, since it is about reaching new levels with your division and winning specific amounts of matches.

Get gems with the Season Pass

If you have the possibility to activate the Season Pass, it is good that you consider it. Here you can get up to 170 gems if you reach all the levels of a season, while the free version of the Season Pass only gives a few coins.

How to buy players in Dream League Soccer

You need to build a strong team to get a good result in the championships. Thanks to Dream League Soccer licenses, you can invest in quality players from FIFA to improve the club’s performance. To buy players in the game you have to do the following:

  • Go to “Transfers”.
  • Select one of the available players in the “Active Transfers” section to add him to your team.
  • Click on the buy button.

Making transfers will not only give you the advantage of improving your club, but it will also allow you to make the most of the game experience as a manager. Of course, you must know how to watch football for free so that you are aware of the players who can serve your team.

How to get Messi in Dream League Soccer

You have probably noticed that Active Transfers are placed randomly. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the changes to get the players you need for your team.

Lionel Messi, being a legendary player, is more difficult to obtain due to his rarity and value. Before trying to recruit him for your team, you must know that you can only acquire and use him if your club has a rating greater than 77 points.

One of the ways to find him in Dream League Soccer is to enter the “Market” of “Active Transfers”. If you’re lucky, you can find Messi and buy him for an approximate sum of 600 gems.

On the other hand, it can also rarely be obtained directly in the “Active Transfers” section for 2,920 coins. To have a better chance of finding it, you can choose to hire a Legendary Representative who can give you options for players with a rating of more than 80.

How to get Cristiano Ronaldo in Dream League Soccer

It is the same process that is done with Messi, to obtain Cristiano Ronaldo the requirement is to have a team with a rating greater than 77 points. In turn, its price in coins is approximately 2,755.

How to get more legendary players

Likewise, the previous method applies to other legendary Dream League Soccer players:

  • Kylian Mbappé: 2510 coins.
  • Robert Lewandoski: 2335 coins.
  • Neymar Jr: 2355 coins.
  • Kevin De Bruyne: 2180 coins.
  • Luka Modric: 2035 coins.
  • Jan Oblak: 1740 coins.
  • Thibaut Courtois: 1740 coins.

The best Dream League Soccer formations

Don’t forget to set up your formation correctly to maximize the team’s effectiveness during the game. There are numerous formations available to choose from and each offers different advantages depending on your style, whether focused on attack, defence or balance.

While they all have their potential when used correctly, some formations are recommended because they can adapt to any style of play. To change the formation you must go to “Team” and click on the button in the lower left corner. Some of the best formations are the following:

  • 4-4-2.
  • 4-3-3.
  • 4-3-1-2.
  • 3-5-2.

You should keep in mind that formations are also unlockable items that you can earn as you progress in Dream League Soccer.

How to dribble or feint in Dream League Soccer

Although at first, it may seem like dribbling and feints are impossible, when you advance enough you can unlock these skills. The requirements you have to meet to be able to do tricks are to have legendary players with 100 speed and dribble.

These are the most important characteristics when doing feints or dribbles. Now, once you meet these qualities, you just have to keep the direction button to the side and slide with the finger of your right hand on the screen without touching the buttons.

When you make certain movements on the screen such as sliding, the player’s tricks will be activated while you control the ball.

How to do the bicycle kick in Dream League Soccer

The bicycle kick is one of the best-known tricks by fans and is one of the main ones in football video games. To do so in Dream League Soccer is as simple as going in a direction, braking quickly and sliding right on the screen with your right finger without touching the buttons.

How to fake a penalty

Penalties are one of the things that can make the difference between winning and losing. For this reason, you cannot afford to miss a single goal, so to have a better chance of winning it is advisable to fake the penalty to confuse the goalkeeper.

To learn this technique, you have to position the shot towards either of the upper or lower corners of the bow. Then you need to wait approximately 15 seconds before taking the penalty so that the player can feint before kicking.

How to run faster

In Dream League Soccer you cannot manipulate the amount of speed of the players. What you can do to go faster is to sign characters that have a high speed score. With this evolved characteristic, they will run faster when marking or handling the ball.

How to shoot in Dream League Soccer

Shooting or kicking can be a complicated action for many players because you have to have precision and control power to score a goal. In this case, it is important that you know that defining direction is much more important than strength.

If you want to make an effective shot on goal, your striker should head into the area and direct the trajectory of the ball carefully. At the same time, the ideal power range to score a goal is filling the bar to a maximum of 70%.

How to shoot outside the area

Obviously, scoring goals outside the area is more complicated than inside it because you stay at a very far distance from the goal. However, you can make this type of throw without a problem, as long as you have a legendary player who has a high Power score (POT) and Distance (DIS).

By applying good precision and 80% power you may get a goal outside the area. Likewise, the number of people positioned near the goal and the rating of the enemy goalkeeper also influence.

Dream League Soccer: FAQ

In this section, we are going to give you the answers to all your questions about this fun soccer game. Solve all your doubts by viewing the following information about Dream League Soccer.

How many leagues are there in Dream League Soccer?

Dream League Soccer licenses make it a very special game because you can obtain players from up to 5 real leagues:

  • The Spanish League (LaLiga Santander).
  • The Italian League (Serie A).
  • The Dutch League (Eredivisie).
  • The French League (Ligue 1).
  • The Portuguese League (Primeira Liga).

How to improve players in Dream League Soccer?

Just as happens in real life, players evolve. If you have seen a player that has caught your attention through the apps to see football results, you can try to improve it so that it remains stable on your team instead of signing another.

The most effective method to improve players is hiring coaches. Follow these steps to get a coach in Dream League Soccer:

– Click on Team.
– Enter the Coaches option.
– Hire the coach you prefer.

With this, you will significantly increase the rating of your players permanently. And if what you want is another perspective, check out these football manager games for Android.

How to sell a player in Dream League Soccer?

If you plan to sell one of your players, you must go to the Team section, select the player and click on Sell. It should be noted that to sell a player, you must have at least 16 players on your team to continue. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform the action.

How can I download uniforms in Dream League Soccer?

Today, it is no longer possible to download uniforms in Dream League Soccer. This functionality was in the 2019 version of the game.

We hope these tricks help you get the most out of Dream League Soccer! With patience and dedication, you will soon see the winnings pile up and your gaming skills grow exponentially.

Don’t forget to share this list of tips with your friends and leave a comment if you have any questions about Dream League Soccer.


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