Best Telegram Groups and Channels to watch Football for free in 2024


If you like sports, you probably already know that you can watch football for free on Telegram, but are these groups and channels legal? Can you watch the Champions League? And the FC Barcelona – Real Madrid Classic?

As with applications to watch sports or live events, there is what we know as broadcast rights. Watching football streaming for free on Telegram outside of official channels does not have these rights, just like F1 live for free on Telegram.

Therefore, the answer is easy: using Telegram links, groups and channels to watch football is not legal (and we do not recommend it).

Telegram channels to watch football

As we have already said, the channels that broadcast online football matches are not legal. The alternative we offer you is to access news channels and groups so you don’t miss any of the current sports news.

In fact, all of those “best groups to watch football on Telegram” end up closed for infringing copyright, so you won’t find them available. Therefore, we leave you some tools within the app that are worth it if you are a fan of the beautiful sport:

  • FC Barcelona Socis i Sòcies: official account of FC Barcelona with service information, news and institutional news designed as a new communication channel between the club and its members.
  • Official LaLigaTV Bot: This is the official LaLigaTV contest bot.
  • LaLiga Bot: This bot allows you to obtain information about LaLiga, whether news, standings or results.
  • Women’s Soccer Latin America: meeting channel for PF, DT, Leaders, Medical Corps, and other complementary areas.
  • Real Madrid CF (Women): In this community, you can watch Real Madrid Women’s football for free. They also publish photos of the players and some curiosities about the team.
  • Women’s soccer: Channel in Spanish where you can find links to watch broadcasts or streaming matches online and for free.
  • I am a football: group from Spain where they share the latest news from the different teams. They also include photos, videos and curious facts about the Spanish league in general.
  • Onside TV- Live: Find live streaming links for the Premier League, Champions League, Laliga, and more on this channel for free.
onside tv telegram

Without a doubt, with this, you can be aware of any sporting event. With good applications for soccer results, you can crown yourself as an expert in this sport.

How to find groups and channels on Telegram to watch football for free

In addition to chatting with your friends, there are also groups and channels to watch free football on Telegram. Not only that but there are also movies, series and broadcasts of various events on TV that are shared in thematic groups.

As we have said, it is not advisable to access them, since they are not legal and some may have misleading advertising inside.

Among the Telegram tricks that currently exist is the ability to watch football for free from the app. There are groups and channels created exclusively to watch all kinds of matches, from the World Cup in Qatar to the Premier League. To find them, we recommend reading our post on how to search for groups and channels in Telegram 2024.

free football live stream telegram

In summary, it would be to go to the search engine and write what you want to search for or the community that interests you, for example, “Champions League” or “El clásico”:

Once you have obtained the list, click on the name of the group or channel that most attracts you and request to join it. Just keep in mind that, depending on the moderator, you may need to ask permission to be accepted into their community.

You can also drill down your search if you want to find something specific. For example, instead of typing “football” in the search bar, try typing “Premier League live stream” and you will see the available communities. That way, you can watch football on your mobile without any inconvenience.

Before joining a group or channel, we recommend previewing it so you can decide if you are interested or not.

Pages to find Telegram groups to watch football

Some websites function as a compilation of Telegram groups and channels by categories and themes. If you are looking for something specific, be it football results, rankings, news and more, you can go directly to one of these pages and find it.

To enter and be part of these groups and channels, pay attention to the descriptions of each one since some have certain restrictions to accept new members within their community.

These types of sites have a wide variety of links from different countries. If you’re from the US or Nigeria, for example, you can check the “Country Only” box to find groups exclusive to your region.

If anyone interests you, click on the name to see the description, check the “I accept the conditions” box and press the “Enter the group” button.

Now that you know how to watch football for free on Telegram, we hope you are enjoying the matches without problems legally (that is, through official platforms with broadcasting rights, such as Movistar+, Dazn or the Gol Mundial app ).

If you want to know more about football or topics related to the app, leave us your suggestions in the comments.


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