10 Best Soccer Games for Android and iOS 2024


Soccer, also known as football, is a beloved sport enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide. With its rich history and global appeal, soccer has become a symbol of passion, teamwork, and skill. Thanks to advancements in technology, soccer enthusiasts can now experience the thrill of the game right on their Android devices.

In this article, we will explore the best soccer games available for Android and iOS in 2024. Whether you’re looking for immersive gameplay, manager simulations, or retro-style arcade fun, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the exciting world of soccer gaming on Android and iOS.

Best Soccer Games for Android and iOS

1. FIFA 24 Companion

FIFA 24 Companion

A soccer video game that has stood out for allowing players to create their clubs. In FIFA 24 Companion you will be able to have your team participate in different championships and recruit several real-world players in the transfer market.

At the same time, it has a series of advanced customization functions so you can have your playing style. For example, modifying goal celebrations, and even changing the design of your FUT stadium.

2. FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile

This is a title that cannot be missing from your mobile phone if you are a true football fan. What makes this video game special is that it has excellent graphics and gameplay. In addition, it is one of the few free mobile soccer games that has 32 licensed teams.

It also includes different game modes and an intuitive interface with which you can quickly learn all the tricks to improve in FIFA Mobile. On the other hand, the developers keep the general aspects updated, such as player rosters, commentary, and passing mechanics.

3. Soccer Manager 2024

Soccer Manager 2024

If you think that your thing is to direct and train a team to lead it to victory in each of the matches, this mobile soccer manager game is for you. Thanks to the FIFPRO license, Soccer Manager has a catalog of more than 25,000 players and 900 different clubs.

As a manager, you will have the ability to analyze the team’s strategies, training and finances. At the same time, you can keep your club constantly evolving by discovering new superstars with a dynamic transfer system.

4. World League Live! – Soccer

World League Live! - Soccer

It is a good option to play with friends because it has interesting multiplayer gameplay. This title is practically a combination between Brawl Stars and conventional soccer, which makes it quite entertaining.

The game mode consists of forming a team of four players to enter a frenetic 90-second soccer match. In fact, there are no rules beyond scoring a goal without interruptions, and you can even make a video call with your opponent during the match.

5. Rocket League: Sideswipe

Rocket League: Sideswipe

In case you want to try something different, but that maintains the essence of soccer, you cannot miss the Rocket League modes. Although it is a well-known game on other platforms, its mobile version is different and special due to the gameplay adaptation it has.

Here players compete in singles, duos, and team matches in various game modes. It should be noted that as you progress, you can obtain rewards such as new cars and customization items.

6. Score! Hero

Score! Hero

It is an award-winning mobile soccer game that has earned the appreciation of many fans for its dynamics. Score! Hero allows you to create a character to start a career as a professional soccer player.

Throughout the games, you will control the character to dominate the ball and score goals from a vertical perspective. The interesting thing about the game is that it gives you various types of shooting and the opportunity to be part of officially licensed teams.

7. Football Strike: Online Soccer

Football Strike: Online Soccer

It is undoubtedly one of the most recommended multiplayer soccer video games due to its competitiveness. On the one hand, you can take on your teammates in quick matches, and on the other, you have the opportunity to start a career from scratch.

Whatever your choice, in both modes you can customize your forward and goalkeeper. Additionally, you have a range of well-known teams that can be represented by you, such as FC Barcelona, ​​Liverpool FC and more.

8. Dream League Soccer 2024

Dream League Soccer 2024

The internet connection can be a problem when you are away from home, but you have nothing to worry about if you have Dream League Soccer 2024. This video game provides an exceptional experience thanks to its advanced features and high-quality graphics.

The best of all is that you will be able to play games anywhere without the internet and thus achieve the goal of promoting through 8 different divisions. We recommend you take a look at the best Dream League Soccer 2024 tricks.

9. Mini Football

Mini Football

Don’t let your mobile requirements stop you! Mini Football is the perfect bobblehead football game for devices of any range. With its pop design of mini players and simple mechanics, you will have hours of fun without losing the classic touch of soccer.

In this title, you assemble your team of players, get new accessories, improve the team and participate in matches to become one of the best in the sport.

10. eFootball 2024

eFootball 2024

Last but not least, eFootball 2024 is considered one of the best soccer games for Android and iOS due to its realistic physics features. To be more specific, the movement and reaction of the players offer a satisfying experience in different matches.

Beyond being able to purchase players and build a team, there are also various game modes available, such as Multiplayer, Debut Missions, Challenge Events, and much more.

These would be all the soccer games that you should have on your mobile, although you can leave us a comment if you have any suggestions. On the other hand, don’t forget that most of them have multiplayer mode, so remember to share this post with other fans so you can earn more rewards together. As an alternative to this sport, we recommend checking out the best NFL games for Android. Don’t miss them!


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