How to get unlimited money on Need for Speed Heat

by George Philip
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It’s been over two years since the need for Speed Heat was initially released on October 27, 2019. And the insane Money Glitch was discovered after a YouTuber uploaded a video showing you guys just one of the methods of pulling this glitch off.

Now, some of the comments were saying, Hey, man, this is amazing. It works and others were saying, Hey, this doesn’t work. It’s patched. Well, today I will not only prove that the Need For Speed Heat Money Glitch still works, but I’m also going to show you guys an even faster way of pulling the Money Glitch off. It’s going to have you earn some serious bank in no time. Let’s get it.

How to get unlimited money on Need for Speed Heat

All right, here we go. The first thing you need to do is enter a solo game. Once you make it to your garage, press the touchpad or the Map button, then go and fast-travel to the dealership.

Once you’re at the dealership, go ahead and go inside. And what you’re going to do here, you’re going to buy the most expensive car that you can afford. If you can afford it, the price will be listed in yellow. If you can’t, it’s going to be listed in pink. So go ahead and buy the most expensive car you can.

When you purchase the car, make sure to send it to the garage. Once you’re back out of the dealership, press your Options button, press R1, tap right on your DPAD and then hit X to go to the garage. Once you get back to your garage, press L1 to go to your showcase. If you’re looking at your cruise garage, press Square to talk to your own garage.

Once you land on one of your cars, press X and then go over to Swap Car, and then find the car that you just purchased.

Once you find that car selected, what you need to do now is press your PS4 button, navigate to your settings, go to Network, and then disconnect from the Internet. Double tap your PS4 button to jump right back into the game and you should get an error message that says Connection Lost. Hit X and then sell the car. Once that’s done, press R1 to go back to my ride. Double tap your PS4 button and then turn your Internet back on.

Double tap to get back into the game. And now what you want to do is press your Options button and navigate over to where it says Go online offline just below it. Now, this is a tricky part of the glitch. What you need to do here is close the game on two blue loading bars. So follow along closely with me right here.

Press X on Go Online, press and hold your PS4 button, navigate up to Close Application, and then the second you see two blue loading bars, you’re going to quickly close the game.

That should do it. Once the game is closed, go right back in. Upon trying to load back into the game, you should receive an error message about the synchronization if you did it correctly. What you want to do now is double tap your PS4 button and turn off your Internet.

Double tap your PS4 button again to go back into the game. And you should be on a new screen. Now this, my friends, is where the magic happens. Navigate over to where it says Go Online, double tap your PS4 button, turn your Internet back on, and double tap it again. When you go back in, you’re going to go ahead and press X on the Go Online section right here, and it’s going to try to resync your data.

Once the syncing is complete, the money that you sold your car for is what you will receive as an addition to what you currently have in the game. That number will jump in just a moment.

This is where you rinse and repeat this process. So what you want to do now is double tap your PS4 button again, turn your Internet off, wait for a little bit, turn it back on, and then double tap your PS4 button to go back into the game. Now all you have to do is press Go Online again and you will receive another addition to your balance.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want to. Turn it back on, double tap your PS4 button to go back into the game, and then press Go Online again. Now, sometimes when you try to do it too quickly, you’ll get an error message.

Not to worry, just press X when it goes off that screen. Go ahead and press to try to go back in again, and it will go ahead and resync and give you another increase on your balance.

Now, the first money gift that I showed you guys was a way to get a lot of free cars and a lot of money. This method is much faster and you get a lot of money much quicker doing it this way. Now all you have to do is go back into a solo game, let everything load back up, and then once you’re back into your garage, you want to go ahead and close the game, and that will save the money that you’ve earned from the money glitch.

If it was helpful, Share it with your friends so they can go ahead and do this much faster method.

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