16 Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

Whether on Android or iPhone, having video editing apps close at hand makes life easier; know some of the best applications for this work

11 Best video editor apps for making videos on Android and iOS

Do you remember that trip of yours that yielded a bunch of photos and videos? It is possible to edit and transform all that content into top-quality videos, with transition effects, slide shows and soundtrack not with a computer, but with your smartphone; you just need to use the right video editor apps on Android or iPhone.

If your phone also replaces your computer for everyday tasks, you should certainly consider editing a video using an application on your smartphone before referring to the computer.

Here we list eleven of the best user-rated video editing apps for making videos available for iOS (iPhone) and Android all with a number of powerful editing features, but which are simple to use. You can make videos on your phone.

Best video editor apps on Android and iOS

1. Capcut, the best video editor for Instagram and TikTok

CapCut - Video Editor

CapCut is presented as an all-in-one creative platform powered by artificial intelligence. This app is not only a video editor but also a graphic design tool.

Offers video editing in browsers, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. With advanced AI technology, CapCut makes video editing and image styling easy, offering features such as background removal, AI colour correction, old photo restoration, and much more.

2. Quik Video Maker


GoPro Quik, the official GoPro editor, excels at editing action camera videos. Available for PC, Android and iOS, this application stands out for its intuitive and fast interface, ideal for those looking for efficiency and simplicity in editing.

With capabilities like adding up to 75 photos, smart auto-cropping, face detection and focus, and over 20 editable styles, GoPro Quik transforms your footage into stunning visual stories with ease.

The app is completely free and does not appeal to any use restrictions.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

adobe premiere rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing app for both mobile and desktop devices, focused on creativity on the go. It allows you to record, edit and share high-quality videos.

Intuitive and fast, it is ideal for social networks. Plus, it offers easy tools for audio, motion graphics, and more, making it easy to create videos that connect with your audience from anywhere. It includes features such as customizable transitions, titles, colour correction, and speed control.

4. iMovie


Exclusive to Apple devices, iMovie is a practically mandatory tool for any video editor that has a Mac, but it also doesn’t look bad on the iPad or even the iPhone.

With iMovie, you can add videos and photos, change colour filters, insert soundtracks and messages, create trailers with logos similar to those of movie studios, with the right to licensed soundtracks, add and effects, etc. The advantage of the application is its integration with macOS and iOS, so you have easy access to your library and iCloud content, in addition to being able to share your creations with all the Apple devices that the user has.

IMovie became a free app in 2017, and due to its integration with Apple services, it is a great option for those who use the iPhone.

5. YouCut – Video Editor & Video Maker, No Watermark

YouCut - Video Editor & Maker

YouCut stands out for its simple and modern approach to mobile video editing, ideal if you are looking for a direct and hassle-free experience. This app makes it easy to quickly create videos for social networks or to share with friends.

With YouCut, you can perform tasks such as cropping, rotating videos, adding music, inserting filters and effects, as well as adjusting image colour. In addition, it has technology that reduces video size by up to 90% without losing quality, supporting up to 4K. The app is free, with ads that can be removed for payment.

6. Filmora: AI Video Editor, Maker

Filmora:AI Video Editor, Maker

The Filmora is already a well-known video-making software for desktops and received a powerful version also for iOS and Android. The FilmoraGo follows the same template versions for Windows and macOS and allows editing of videos and presentations using even posts on social networks, such as photos and videos from Facebook and Instagram.

The editor is powerful and brings a series of specialized tools and diverse filters, but the controls are quite simple and allow the user to create presentations with few clicks, thanks to automation options and suggestions. And it can format files in both a widescreen and square aspect ratio, in 1: 1 for Instagram.

FilmoraGo is free but offers in-app purchases of additional filters.

7. VidLab – Video Editor & Movies

VidLab video making software

Last but not least, VidLab is very similar to most apps on the list but it is exclusive to iOS, it has simplified controls and allows the inclusion of different effects, such as animated texts and predefined templates. Other than that, it allows you to freely paste, separate and edit photos and videos present on the device, in addition to facilitating sharing on social networks.

The app is free but features in-app purchases that include, among other things, removing the watermark. Unlike the others, VidLab will insert brands in the videos in the free modality.

8. WeVideo

WeVideo - Video Editor & Maker

WeVideo is a free video editor that brings a vertical timeline, to favour editing with the cell phone standing, unlike how other editors bring the timeline.

All the basic tools are on WeVideo, from importing media from the phone to adding songs, audio recordings and texts and titles.

WeVideo is available for Android and iOS.

9. Magisto – Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker


Magisto has revolutionized video editing on Android phones with its intuitive and artificial intelligence – based approach. This application allows you to transform ordinary recordings into captivating visual stories, using advanced tools such as visual effects, smooth transitions, and the integration of music and custom text.

The most impressive thing about Magisto is its ability to edit videos automatically, selecting the best moments and applying effects intelligently. This makes it an ideal option for creating professional quality content with minimal effort.

Free, available for Android and iOS.

10. KineMaster

KineMaster-Video Editor&Maker

KineMaster stands out in mobile video editing, offering an experience close to computer editing thanks to its interface and extensive customization options. Starting a project is simple: you just need to name it and upload your clips and audio tracks.

This application goes beyond the classic tools, allowing you to combine video layers, use chroma key, and add dubbing or voice-over recordings. Supports several formats, even exporting in 4K at 30 FPS. It has a premium option to access more content and remove the watermark, making it one of the best apps to make videos with photos and music for free.

Free for Android and iOS, however, with the addition of a watermark (which can be removed when purchasing the full version).

PowerDirector - Video Editor

CyberLink PowerDirector, with its “Editors’ Choice” award from Google Play, is an ideal app for editing videos on Android, offering a powerful and easy-to-use editor. Its intuitive interface includes a handy timeline for adding clips, music and text.

This app has over 30 effects and 60 transition styles, plus features like chroma key and reverse playback. Available for free, PowerDirector also offers a premium version for an ad-free experience with 1080p export.

The free version of CyberLink PowerDirector adds a watermark to the video, but there is always a promotion to purchase the professional version.

12. VideoShow


VideoShow is known in mobile video editing for its active community and strong focus on creativity. Offering everything from basic to advanced tools, it’s for you if you’re looking to express your creativity and participate in video contests.

Its versatility and wide range of features make it a good choice if you need a complete and dynamic editing experience, perfect for creating and sharing unique and engaging content.

It also does not apply the watermark in the free version. Download for Android or iOS.

13. InVideo

InVideo(Filmr) - Video Editor

InVideo, an excellent video editing app, is designed to take your creations to the next level on Android. With this app, you have a variety of tools at your fingertips to produce high-quality videos, being able to add visual effects, elegant transitions and custom filters with ease.

This application not only makes it easy to add personalized text and music to your videos, thus enriching the quality and message of your projects, but it also stands out for its ease of use. Likewise, InVideo offers the option to edit videos online through its official website.

14. Animoto VideoMaker

Animoto emerges as an exceptional video editing solution. Despite being one of the most recent programs on the market, it stands out for its maturity and sophistication. Its advanced features allow you to feel like an editing professional right from your smartphone.

Not only is this app one of the most entertaining and easy to use, but it also offers a wide range of filters and creative options that will surely fascinate you. Animoto already has millions of downloads and has received praise from important international media, including the NYTimes and CNN, establishing itself as a top-level video editing tool.

15. VivaVideo


With more than 100 million downloads, VivaVideo stands out for its ease of use, allowing anyone to add a professional touch to their videos. It offers sound and video effects, transitions, and customization with text, stickers, and music.

Especially useful is its 9:16 vertical format, perfect for social networks, which has made it a very good app for Instagram stories and a very good application for making reels. Available for free on iOS and Android, VivaVideo is ideal for capturing special moments.

16. InShot Video Editor

InShot Video Editor

Inshot allows you to edit videos in 9:16 format for free and without watermarks, perfect for your social media posts. The app stands out for its intuitive interface, facilitating quick and easy editing. You can add audio tracks, and text, split the video, or explore a wide range of filters and effects. Its stickers section is a plus to stand out on networks.

In addition, it is compatible with common formats such as mp4, mov, avi, and flv, and capable of exporting in high definition. InShot, with over 100 million installations, has earned recognition as one of the best free video editors for Android.

How I chose the best video editing apps for Android and iOS

In searching for the best video editors on Android, I have followed a meticulous and detailed process to ensure that the options selected are of high quality and meet different needs. Here are the key criteria I used to choose the best video editing apps for Android:

  • Ease of use: I have prioritized applications with intuitive and easy-to-navigate interfaces, ensuring that they are accessible to both beginners and people with more experience in the field.
  • Variety of editing tools: Select apps offer a wide range of editing tools, from basic cropping and filters to advanced features such as multi-layer editing, special effects and chroma key support.
  • Compatibility and performance: I have considered the compatibility of the applications with different Android devices and their overall performance, including fluidity and stability during editing.
  • Export quality: It is crucial that applications allow you to export videos in high resolution without losing quality, supporting popular formats and resolutions such as 4K where possible.
  • Unique features: I have given importance to apps that offer exclusive or innovative features that distinguish them from others on the market, such as artificial intelligence tools, automatic editing or special social media capabilities.
  • Updates: Apps that receive regular updates and have good customer support have been preferred, thus ensuring that they continue to evolve and maintain their relevance.

With these video editor options for Android and iOS, you have everything ready to take your audiovisual projects to the next level. If you have experience with any of these apps or additional tips, please share your comments. And if this article has been useful to you, do not hesitate to share it.

So with that concludes the best video editor apps for making videos on Android and iOS. Please do well to share and feel free to ask any questions too.


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