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How to edit videos on PlayStation 5

One of Sony’s goals with the PlayStation 5 is to make it a central creation and media sharing, something that started on PlayStation 4, but stepped up and facilitated on the PS5. Recording images and videos made by users are among the console’s key features to achieve this goal. Check out now how to edit videos on PlayStation 5.

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How to capture videos on PlayStation 5

Capturing videos on PlayStation 5 is a slightly simple task. During your matches, just hit the “Create” DualSense control button, that button that is above the directional and that was previously called “Share” in “DualShock 4”.

How to edit videos captured on PlayStation 5

  1. Press the “Create” button;
  2. Select “Save new video”. The video you create is in the lower left corner;
  3. Then select between “Short Clip” or “Full Video” — short clips can range between 15 and 30 seconds or even a few minutes depending on the total length of your video;
  4. On the next screen select the brush icon (edit);
  5. A timeline will open with the content of the video. Use the bookmark to set which snippet the video will start on;
  6. Press X to set the point;
  7. Check the “Start here” option and then repeat the process to set the end of the video and check “End here”.

*To check the beginning and end of the video, just use the “View” option and check if the points you have selected are correct.

Video save options on PlayStation 5

When you’re done cropping the video, you’ll need to save it. When you do this, the following options will appear:

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  • “Save as new”: In this option, the clipped video will be saved as a new file and the original video will remain unchanged;
  • “Replace original”: The edited video will replace the original video.

There is no better or worse option. It all depends on your goal. If you’ve captured great gameplay and want to use more material later, it’s worth saving the edited video file as a new video to maintain the integrity of the original video.

If the goal is just to share a specific instant, it’s best to use the “Replace original” option, so you save space on your storage drive.

How to set a cover image in a video

To produce a cover image for your video on PlayStation 5 is quite simple. During the editing process, simply select the icon next to the scissors (Select the cover image).

  • After the timeline is opened, simply select the best image;
  • Select “Set as cover image.”

How to share a video

In a video that has just been edited:
Just click the icon with an arrow. With this, you can share the video on your social networks (if they are linked to your PSN account), send it individually to a PSN friend or even share at a Party. All of these options are on the same menu.

In a video captured at another time:
Just go to the PS5 media gallery, open the video and perform the same procedure previously reported.

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