10 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone 2024


Sharing your funny photos is a new trend on social media and now is the time for you to get started. The app changes your face from the face of another person in the photo, and it leads to a funny result, but only if you do it right. For that, you need the best face changer apps available for your Android or iOS device.

So, here are 10 cool face-changer apps that will make your photos fun.

Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone and Android Devices 

1. Snapchat


Snapchat is a widely used application that allows users to exchange messages with friends using a simple filter. Since it’s not just a face changer app, using Snapchat will give you access to tons of other features, and even if you don’t want to delve into the intricacies of the platform, its face filters are really pretty good. This makes it one of the most versatile apps you can get right now.

This filter is one of several offered on the platform, but I can assure you that it is the best of all. Not only does it do its job well, but images that have the face swap filter on Snapchat can also be instantly sent to friends, which is great.

Download:  iOS ( Free ), Android ( Free )

2. Cupace


Cupace is a gorgeous and easy-to-use photo editing app that includes a handy feature called Face Paste that lets you easily take a face from anyone and paste it over anyone else’s face. This feature is made possible by the fact that Cupace is able to manually select faces from any image, which can come in handy even if you want to add a face to any inanimate object.

With Cupace, you can easily cut out a face from an image. Select the image where you want to insert a face, and then insert the face into that image. To make the process a little easier, the app allows you to enlarge the image. After the face is cropped, it is saved in the app and you can paste it over multiple images if you like.

Installation: Android ( Free )

3. Face Swap Live

Face swap live

Face Swap Live is undeniably the best app. It allows you to exchange faces with your friends in real-timeIt’s easy, all you have to do is point the camera at you and your friend and the app will swap your faces in real-time, unlike most apps that use static images. What’s more, the app even lets you record videos of altered faces. However, you and your friend need to fit perfectly into the frame.

Besides the face swap feature, it also lets you add cool photo filters to your selfies. For example, you can blend your face with any celebrity or child to create a very funny picture or video. Face Swap Live is currently only available for iPhone, but the developers have promised an Android version of the app soon.

Installation:   iOS (  Free Lite,   Paid   $ 0.99), Android (  Free  ) 

4. Face Swap Booth

Face swap booth

If you want to save faces that you can swap at any time, the Face Swap Booth app is the app for you. The face swap app allows you to add faces which you can manually add or let the app automatically detect it. You can use these different faces to exchange with different people and have fun. What’s more, you can even swap your face with pre-loaded celebrity faces in the app.

Apart from this, the app also contains advanced editing tools, funny face masks, and more. Face Swap Booth is available in the free version, but it’s pretty limited, so you’ll have to make an in-app purchase for $ 2.99 for the premium version of the app to save unlimited photos, and faces, remove ads and watermarks, and more.

Installation:  Android (  Free  with in-app purchases), iOS (  Free with in-app purchases)



We recently learned that MSQRD was acquired by Facebook, which is good news for all Facebook users because MSQRD is a great application. While MSQRD isn’t necessarily a face replacement app, it does have some fun masks.

If you’ve used Snapchat lenses, you’ll feel right at home with MSQRD. The app adds various animated masks to your selfies and videos, which will definitely make them a lot more fun. With the purchase of the Facebook app, we’re not sure if the app will continue to exist, so download it while you can.

Installation:  Android (  free  ), iOS (  free  )

6. Photo Face Swap

Photo Face Swap

Photo Face Swap is another app that lets you swap faces in images, and while it’s easy to use, the results depend on how well the images are lit and if your face is correctly aligned. We’ve had good results, but bad ones too, but we still recommend that you give it a try as the process of changing faces in the app is pretty simple. In addition, it includes the Face Bomb Effect, which imposes one face on all the people in the picture.

Install:  Android (  Free  ) 

7. MixBooth


MixBooth doesn’t change the faces in your photos, instead, it mixes two faces into one. It’s pretty fun too. The application allows you to add photos of people with whom you want to blend your face, automatically detect faces and blend them.

You can even blend your face with those of strangers or celebrities to see how you would look.

Installation:  Android (  free  ), iOS (  free  )

8. Reflect: realistic face replacement

Reflect is a highly acclaimed face changer app that allows you to use artificial intelligence to accurately swap faces. By automatically adjusting the colour and smoothness of the skin, it creates a more attractive look. Moreover, it also provides the ability to adjust the swap level.

This means you can go for a full modification or lower the swap level for a slightly realistic look. Another feature worth looking out for is the built-in meme maker, so you can create funny memes to share on social media.

Install:  Android (  free  ) and iOS (  free  )

9. Copy paste face

If you want to get a little creative with changing faces, Copy Paste Face might be the right film to make your images look outstanding. With this app, you get the flexibility you want to customize the entire look and feel. For example, you have the option to copy the entire face or only parts of the face such as eyes, lips, and nose, which is very handy especially when creating a unique-looking face. Plus, it also allows you to overlay multiple faces on top of each other, which can dramatically affect the look of your photo.

Install:  iOS (  Free  ).

10. Face Swap App

Face Swap App

For easy face swap, this offer from Brain Craft Ltd looks flawless. Probably the best part about it is the ability to automatically recognize faces, which makes the task pretty easy for you. Plus, you can also flip, rotate, and edit faces if you want more controls. Unlike many other face changer apps, it is a little easier to work with group photos with manual controls.

On top of that, it also offers the ability to fine-tune skin colour tones, which comes into play when adding charming touches to photos. What’s more, the app is fully integrated with Facebook, so you can easily share images of your or your friends and add them to your social media app right away.

Install: iOS  (Free).



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