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The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android & iPhone in 2023

Using the top picture editing app on your iOS or Android device can completely change the vibe of your Instagram feed and the impression you make on your friends and family. There are a lot of paid and free choices out there, and it can be challenging to know where to start. You’re looking for the top app, but you can’t possibly try them all out to find the one that works best for you. 

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Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you and reviewed the five best free picture editing apps for Android and iPhone, ending your search.

Keep reading to know about the best photo editing apps of 2022 for Android and iPhone. 

The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android & iPhone in 2022

1. Adobe Photoshop Camera – Best Photo Editor for Taking Pictures

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Key Features:
    • The app constantly updates with new lenses that can be customized in several ways 
    • Adobe Sensei automatically applies appropriate masks and filters based on the image content
    • The program’s straightforward, “point-and-click” interface is user-friendly even for novices 

Before or after taking a picture, you can utilize Photoshop Camera’s artificial intelligence feature, Adobe Sensei, to add masks and special effects and make minor adjustments to the image. The “lenses” that serve as the app’s filters provide a wide range of color palettes, lighting adjustments, and additional effects that can be applied to your shot with a single tap. 

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Some lenses even have moving smart objects or animated components like shooting stars. 

Adobe keeps updating the app with new lenses, each with multiple iterations that can produce highly styled photographs. However, the software is more suited for casual users than serious content creators due to its absence of critical editing tools and advanced functions like animation, sky replacement, and the Bokeh effect.

2. Pixlr – Best Photo Editor for Filters

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Key Features:
    • It’s user-friendly enough for folks who have never used editing software before. 
    • The free edition offers some essential editing tools, filters, and overlays 
    • The program comes with a variety of collage templates to make creating your collages quick and simple 

Pixlr excels at giving customers what they want, but not too much. You won’t ever feel like you have no choice. Nonetheless, you can use preset effects, overlays, and style filters to convert your photographs to black and white, film, or sepia tones with the help of some nifty intuitive brushes. 

Pixlr can download for free; however, the basic edition of the program does not provide you with all of the editing capabilities and displays advertisements. 

The simplicity of the Pixlr app may appeal to casual users, but power users who need access to comprehensive editing tools and effects may be disappointed. The Premium version of Pixlr, however, does have additional editing options.

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3. Snapseed – Best Photo Editor App for Casual Users

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Key Features:
    • Edit with a single tap using the built-in filters and presets 
    • More than 30 high-end editing tools 

Perhaps Snapseed isn’t the most excellent app to use if you’re looking for a lighthearted, easy-to-use picture editor to play around with on the side. Snapseed’s comprehensive capabilities make it well suited for experienced content makers and photographers searching for a mobile editing interface, including a line-up of professional-quality editing tools, options to modify colour and exposure, and selective editing tools to perfect every image. 

The editing interface is straightforward, but the wide variety of tools, including curves, image tweaking, selective brushes, and sophisticated lighting and colour scales, maybe too much for novice users who are just looking to make a few minor adjustments. 

If you are familiar with photo editing, however, you might appreciate the wide range of features available, including the ability to layer alterations and save “Looks” for reuse. Snapseed’s lens blur tool allows you to employ sophisticated editing methods such as Bokeh. Snapseed also has a portrait mode that may be used to get professional results by removing imperfections, enhancing eyes, and more. 

It has over 30 different editing tools, including many filters you can modify to your liking. The app also has no hidden costs or premium features. 

4. PhotoDirector – Best Free Photo Editor App

  • Rating: 10/10
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Key Features:
    • Built-in stock library
    • Filters and effects
    • AI technology
    • Sky replacement and light ray tools
    • Animation tools and animated overlays
    • Lighting and colour tools
    • Photo retouch, red-eye removal, and beauty retouch tools

Complete artistic freedom, an intuitive interface, and a royalty-free stock library from Shutterstock and iStock are all features of PhotoDirector. No matter where you are in your creative development, PhotoDirector’s professional-grade tools can help you turn a simple snapshot into a breathtaking image. 

You can try colour grading, creating custom collages, using object removal tools, or using the AI-powered sky replacement feature to bring realistic sunsets to your photos. 

The guided animation modules even allow you to animate photographs. Followers will be amazed when you use their motion lines and anchor points to create an animation or when you use premade animated stickers and decorations. 

PhotoDirector not only simplifies the use of animation but also of the most widely-used Instagram effects. PhotoDirector’s user-friendly interface and essential functions make it ideal for novices, whereas other products’ complex features may put them off. 

You can easily upload, modify, and create on the go with your phone, then switch to your Chromebook or tablet at home to continue working on your photos.

5. Canva – Best Photo Editor with Templates

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Key Features:
    • Photo filters
    • Variety of templates
    • Base-level photography effects
    • Text effects

The main point of Canva is its extensive collection of flexible, editable templates. Canva allows you to browse its library of design assets, select a template that best meets your needs, and then modify it to your liking. 

The software also offers images that may be used in Instagram posts. You are not limited to using the app’s premade tale templates if you don’t want to; instead, you can use Canva’s collection of materials to make your own unique story. 

Canva has some photo effects, but if you want to create anything genuinely professional, you’ll need a different program. You can only resize your photo, change its color, and add a filter to it on Canva.

Signing Off

Every photographer hopes their images turn out fabulous, but sometimes the opposite is true. You can save time by focusing on the photographs that are already appealing instead of those that are either too grainy, have a bad composition, or aren’t appealing. 

The photo’s setting strongly indicates its overall quality and appeal. Don’t fret if you take a great picture, but it gets ruined by a distracting background. Cropping an image or making one from scratch with an appealing backdrop are options for removing distracting elements from the background. 

Differences between the two stories make the building stand out more dramatically, as any astute observer will no doubt notice. 

Images that have been professionally manipulated never fail to put a grin on your face. When you look at the positive side of things, you’ll see that photography is a fantastic promotional tool for your company. Humans are naturally drawn to aesthetically pleasing things. If you want your photography business to thrive, you need to perfect your craft. Visitor numbers will rise steadily if the products shown in the images are high quality.

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