21 Best Apps to Watch Anime for Free in 2024

Apps to Watch Anime

Finding the perfect app to watch your favourite movies and series is essential for anime fans. If you are looking for the best apps to watch anime on Android and iOS, a world of options awaits you, offering everything from classics to the latest releases, with image quality and access to extensive catalogues.

From applications with extensive libraries to those specialized in specific genres, here I present a selection of the best options to enjoy anime on your device.

Best Apps to Watch Free Anime for Android and iOS

If you are a fan of this Japanese animation genre, you will surely want a tool that allows you to watch anime series and movies without paying. Well, I’m not going to make you wait any longer. I have prepared an extensive selection of apps for you to watch anime for free.

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll, the leader in anime streaming, offers more than 1,300 series, including simultaneous premieres in Japan. With dubbing and subtitle options, its free service with ads and plans starting at $7.99 monthly provides access to an extensive catalog.

Titles such as SPY x FAMILY, Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen stand out. Compatible with devices like Chromecast and Android TV, Crunchyroll incorporates content from Funimation and VRV, expanding its library. Plans allow for ad-free viewing, fast-track episodes, and viewing on multiple devices. We also tell you here how to watch Crunchyroll Premium for free.

2. Anime FLV Max

Anime FLV Max

AnimeFLV is a streaming app that stands out for its extensive catalog and ease of use. It allows you to watch anime in high definition and you can also download movies and series to watch them offline. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to search and select series.

It stands out for its absence of annoying ads, offering an uninterrupted and free viewing experience. Compatible with multiple devices, AnimeFLV is accessible and encourages interaction between users through comments. You can download this app for free for Android.

3. JK Anime Plus

JKanime Plus

This is an excellent option if you are looking for an app to watch anime for free on Android. It gives you the ability to browse thousands of episodes from popular titles like One Piece, Death Note, and The Promised Neverland. Plus, it’s updated daily, ensuring you always have access to the latest.

The app includes functionality to create a favourites list, facilitating quick access to your favourite episodes and shows. It also stands out for offering several servers and a download option on your Android device completely free and offline.

4. AnimeBox


AnimeBox, owned by Selecta Visión and available in Spain and Andorra, is emerging as a prominent option within the top 10 best apps for streaming anime. It offers a varied catalog with notable titles such as Naruto, Attack on Titan and Haikyu!!, as well as acclaimed films such as Your Name and A Silent Voice.

Available on the web and mobile, it stands out for its diverse content including interviews, making of and musical sessions. Although it faces limitations such as geographic restrictions and application stability, its plans range from free to paid subscriptions and include Simulcast, thus covering various viewing preferences.

5. Pluto TV

pluto tv

Pluto TV has established itself as a leading option for streaming anime and watching free live TV. This platform is completely free and offers a wide variety of content, including popular series such as Detective Conan and Inazuma Eleven.

I invite you to take a look at the wide selection it offers, available in both its web version and Google Play and the App Store. Its ease of use and free access make it an excellent choice today.



POPS is presented as a comprehensive digital entertainment platform, ideal if you want to watch varied content, as it offers an extensive library. The application gives free access to a vast collection of entertainment content, which also includes music, comics, movies, video games and eSports series.

In addition, it allows users to enjoy thousands of hours of Japanese anime series and movies from renowned studios, complete and uncut, along with simultaneous broadcasts from Japan in HD. POPS is available on different platforms such as smartphones, smart TVs and tablets, offering a personalized and easy-to-use experience.



HIDIVE stands out as a platform for anime enthusiasts, offering a free and legal way to enjoy a wide selection of content. With HIDIVE, you can stay informed about new and upcoming episodes, making it easy to always stay up to date with the latest releases and live streams.

In addition, it provides a detailed search by genre, release year, duration and rating, allowing you to easily find the perfect content for you or receive recommendations based on your previous preferences. Although in exchange for these features, it has subscription plans that start at $3.99 per month, it also offers a 7-day free trial to explore its premium version.

8. AnimeX: Anime on Titan

AnimeX: Anime on Titan

AnimeX is a perfect application to enjoy anime for free. This app provides an easy and accessible way to watch content, including a library of series in Latin Spanish, Castilian, and their original language.

In addition to being a free application, AnimeX stands out for its well-curated list of the best anime and mangas, making it easy to choose the right content for each user. With detailed information on each title and notifications of new releases, this app becomes a convenient option for anime fans.

9. CONtv +

CONtv +

As an anime fan, I suggest you try CONtv+ to access its content. This application to enjoy a variety of series and comics is completely free. In addition to offering streaming, it allows you to download content to play it offline.

CONtv+, in partnership with Wizard World, features thousands of hours of programming spanning genres such as horror, sci-fi, martial arts and cult classics, plus exclusive originals. Available on devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and more, it gives you a complete experience to bring out your inner geek.

10. iQIYI


iQIYI is an interesting option to watch anime on your Android or iOS device for free, offering content in Spanish and other languages. This platform makes it easy to download episodes with multilingual subtitles, without the need for a subscription. It stands out for its fluid playback in HD quality and optimized sound, guaranteeing a superior visual and auditory experience.

It is simple and allows fast and efficient navigation, ideal for finding varied content. iQIYI, renowned for its Chinese animation production, promises diversity with new titles, including both 3D and traditional 2D animation, in a wide range of genres such as science fiction and romance.

11. kitsu


Kitsu is not just a platform for streaming; It is also a social space for anime fans, where you can share and comment on your favourite series. Although video viewing is limited to the United States, with a VPN you can access content from other countries.

Kitsu stands out for its simplicity, making it easy to navigate and discover a large number of titles. In addition, it allows communication with other users and offers links to other streaming services. Ideal if you want an interactive experience and explore their extensive anime library.

12. Anime Center

Anime Center

This is an Android application that stands out among the apps to watch free anime in Latin and Spanish Spanish. It offers the possibility of watching content without paying to see it, with a catalog that includes series, movies and OVAs. The app allows you to organize chapters according to their viewing status and provides the option to comment and communicate with other users about what you have seen.

Additionally, all content is offered in high-quality streaming with subtitles, making it an attractive option for anime fans. Its catalog includes such powerful titles as Boku No Hero Academia, Captain Tsubasa – the legendary Champions: Oliver and Benji -, Diamond no Ace and Cinderella Girls Gikejou.



One of the best apps to watch anime for free is UKIKU, an APK for Android that offers a very interesting 2×1 to experience this Japanese genre intensely: online viewing and offline downloading. It has more than 3000 animes to watch and download.

You can find series like Pokemon Sun & Moon, Himote House, Goblin Slayer and Anima Yell, among many others. The app is very clean, without ads and with all sections perfectly visible so you can navigate through it easily.

14. Funimation


So far we have seen some applications to watch any anime streaming in many languages. But what would you say if you knew that you could also enjoy the genre in English? This is precisely what Funimation offers, an app where you can easily watch dubbed anime.

You will be able to get all the content in high definition and without ads, have chapters in Spanish and subtitled two weeks after their broadcast in Japan and download the series and movies to play them without an internet connection. The service has a 14-day free trial period.

15. Pokémon TV

pokemon tv

Are you a Pokémon fan? Then this app cannot be missing from your mobile. Pokémon TV has the ability to watch everything that exists in the Pokémon universe thanks to its system of varied channels that constantly transmit the content of the franchise. It also has new features, such as being able to resume the episode you left off or view what the next titles are. Definitely the anime content we were waiting for.

Pokémon TV app will be discontinued in March 2024.

16. Anime Box

Anime Box

Anime-Box emerged as a platform dedicated exclusively to the genre. Based in Spain, this innovative proposal collaborates with prominent Japanese and international distributors to present you with a wide repertoire of series and films.

Here, you will have access to the most recent hits and timeless classics, all of them dubbed into Spanish. In addition, you can enjoy countless hours of additional material: making of, openings and endings, documentaries, interviews and much more. You can enjoy the content on your computer, mobile phone and tablet, and even on your television through Chromecast and AirTV.

17. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Beyond playing series and movies, Amazon Prime Video has an extensive catalog of anime that has received a good reception from the public. Although it maintains classic titles such as Fairy Tail, Naruto and Pokémon Gold and Silver, it has also incorporated new and famous titles such as Vinland Saga, Banana Fish and Inuyashiki Last Hero.

The platform has been dubbed in Spanish and others in VOSE format, as well as subtitles if you want to enjoy the main audio. On the other hand, Prime Video offers the possibility of purchasing full episodes and seasons to download to your mobile or computer. However, with the subscription you will find many popular deliveries.

18. Netflix


Netflix also boasts its catalog of Japanese animated series and films. Among the most requested are very famous instalments, but also original titles that have given a lot to talk about, such as Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Castlevania, Devilman, Attack on Titan, The Seven Deadly Sins, BAKI and classics such as Knights of the Zodiac, among others.

The good thing about this platform is that when an anime is officially released or added, most of the time you get all the chapters at once. Of course, you must consider that it requires a subscription to enjoy the content it offers. If you like anime, check out the Netflix codes for the subgenres:

  • Available in Spain: 7424
  • Action: 2653
  • Comedy: 9302
  • Drama: 452
  • Fantasy: 11146
  • Terror: 10695
  • Science fiction: 2729
  • Series: 6721

Download for Android | Download for iOS

19. Hulu


Hulu, an American subscription video service, focuses on television series and live shows, with more than 50 channels and adaptation for mobile devices. Thanks to alliances with the Japanese television industry, Hulu has incorporated a variety of anime titles that you can watch, very popular in the West.

Their ever-growing catalog includes classics like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragon Ball, along with recent titles such as Bleach, My Hero Academia, Spy x Family, Made in Abyss, Naruto Shippuden, and Attack on Titan. Premiere simulcasts are typically in Japanese or dubbed in English, with some options in your language.

20. HBO Max

hbo max

HBO Max Spain has very few titles of the genre in its catalog, highlighting FLCL as one of the most anticipated novelties of the moment, a series that was born by the creators of Evangelion. You should know that free HBO does not exist, so you will have to subscribe to one of its plans.

However, we added it to the list because through a VPN you can access HBO Max from other countries such as the United States, Mexico or Argentina where you will find anime series and movies available, such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Re: ZERO – Starting Life in Another World, Rurouni Kenshin, Berserk, Hunter x Hunter or Death Note.

21. Filmin


Filmin has established itself as a strong bet in the field of anime, offering a varied selection of Japanese animated series and films. Its catalog includes classics like Kimba, the White Lion, Speed ​​Racer, Marco, Heidi and Maya the Bee, to current anime like the movie Mirai, My Little Sister and series like Detective Conan.

With more than 60 titles in HD and original subtitled versions, Filmin is positioned as one of the best options to enjoy anime on Android or iOS devices.

Best websites to watch anime online with your mobile

As for where to watch anime, many people prefer mobile devices. However, some prefer the computer – which has a greater storage margin – to download videos in HD quality. The most viable option for these people is usually internet pages, whose database is larger and download speeds are higher.

Mobile Anime

It is a community for animation fans, offering a variety of anime updates weekly. If you register, you can interact in the chat and ask questions. Additionally, it provides a download tool to save episodes.

It also includes a search engine to find specific series like One Piece or Soul Eater, showing chapters available in Spanish and details such as genre and synopsis. Among its catalog stands out Prison School, with its 13 episodes available.

AnimeFLV Net

AnimeFLV Net is an ideal page for you if you are looking for anime content from the world that is not broadcast on open television. With an extensive catalog of popular series on the air, it also offers subtitled chapters, maintaining the original audio. The platform makes it easy for you to watch videos hosted on external servers, guaranteeing smooth playback and fast file downloads, so you can enjoy your favourite series with comfort and ease.

GoGo Anime

GoGo is a complete platform to enjoy the genre, ranging from traditional mangas to recent animated films. It offers a list of currently broadcast series such as Youkai Watch, Boku no Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Super, including recent episodes of Yuri on Ice.

In addition, it has titles such as Cowboy Bebop and the Little Witch Academia short film series. A standout feature of GoGo Anime+ is its manga section, which includes works like Fullmetal Alchemist and Bungou Stray Dogs.

Anime Haven

Anime Haven stands out for its high-definition content. It is ideal if you have missed the official cartoon broadcast on television or are in a country without access to a free-to-air signal. Although the content is mainly produced in Japan, it offers anime in Spanish or with subtitles, facilitating access to chapters and released movies, which are increasingly popular internationally.


AnimeID is a platform well-known to any anime fan, offering a wide selection of free content in high definition. In addition to old movies in digitized OVA format, it features an updated list of episodes and popular series such as One Piece, Naruto, and Attack on Titan.

Its search engine allows access to completed series, feature films and adaptations of novels to manga. The page also keeps its users informed through its Facebook page, where they publish trends and news about Japanese animation.

Anime Season

It stands out for its friendly and orderly design, free of pop-up advertising, which makes it simple and comfortable to use. Although it lacks an advanced search tool, the platform constantly updates with new episodes of ongoing series and allows access to previous chapters.

In addition, it offers editorial recommendations for the most recent ones based on reviews received. Its effectiveness lies in a simple interface and a catalog well organized by categories, genres, recent series and the most valued ones.


9animetv is a platform that offers a wide variety of anime movies and series. It is characterized by being intuitive and easy to use, making it easier for users to search and view their favourite titles. The website is regularly updated with the latest anime releases and episodes, making it an attractive option for fans of the genre looking for new and diverse content in one place.

How to Watch Anime for free on Android and iOS: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you already know where to enjoy your favourite animes? Do you have any doubts left? Here I solve them all for you:

Where to watch anime legally?

If you want to access content legally, the best option is to use the apps from the main streaming video platforms. In this sense, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Filmin have an extensive catalog of movies and series of the genre, whether dubbed into Spanish or in the original version with subtitles.
Others like HBO and Movistar+ do not have as much variety of titles, but they are a good alternative for exclusive titles.

Is there an app to watch Dragon Ball?

Despite constant rumours of the arrival of Dragon Ball to the Netflix catalog, the famous martial arts series is still not available on any of the main streaming companies.

On Filmin you can enjoy three films from the saga: The Resurrection of F, The Battle of the Gods and Dragon Ball Super Broly. If you want to watch Dragon Ball, it has to be from Crunchyroll. And if you are a fan of the series, you can’t miss the best Dragon Ball games for Android.

What is the best app to watch anime on PC?

Most of the anime apps mentioned have web versions for PC or Mac, with Crunchyroll and AnimeFLV standing out for their clean interfaces and varied catalogues. In addition, streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and Filmin offer optimal experiences on large screens, enriching the experience.

Where to watch anime in HD?

Although it may seem difficult to find, most websites and applications have anime in high definition, but it is a plus that is usually paid for. In fact, many services increase prices in exchange for higher playback quality, such as Netflix, which offers UltraHD in its Premium plan, Crunchyroll —content in 1080p— and Funimation.

Where to watch Korean anime?

Although anime is a genre from Japan, productions based on the style are made in other countries such as South Korea. Obviously, the Korean variety is much more limited, but on sites like Crunchyroll, you have many titles, for example, Mari Iyagi and Wonderful Days. Here you have the complete list of apps to watch dramas.

In which app can I watch Naruto?

Naruto is available in practically all the apps on our list, although I recommend Crunchyroll. And if you are a fan of the series, don’t miss the best Naruto games for Android.

With this list of the best apps to watch anime on Android and iOS, you have everything ready to immerse yourself in a universe of exciting stories and unforgettable characters. If you have recommendations or experiences to share about these applications, your comments are welcome. And if this article has been useful to you, don’t hesitate to share it with other anime lovers.


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