The best websites to download subtitles in Spanish and English

by George Philip
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Downloading subtitles in Spanish, in English or in other languages ​​is essential for a lot of content that we find in Spanish, including movies or series that we see in the original version.

There are many advantages of watching movies with subtitles: with subtitles we can watch movies or series before they are released in Spain and even some that are not even dubbed in our country, being able to see the original interpretation and not the one made by a voice actor. Therefore, we are going to see which are the best websites to download subtitles.

Some of the websites stand out, especially for being specifically aimed at the public in Spanish. However, there are other international websites that also create and compile subtitles in Spanish and other languages.

Therefore, we are going to start by compiling those that are dedicated almost exclusively to Spanish, and later we will go with those that are also offered in other languages.

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Popular websites with subtitles in Spanish

So that you can have the subtitles of your favourite content, including series, movies and others, we will tell you about some of the most well-known trusted websites where you can find them in your language, in English and several more, as well as how they work so that you have clear how to do it in each of them. is probably the best known Spanish subtitle download portal in the world. It has been operating for more than a decade and every day it has the latest subtitles for movies and series updated. The search engine is still just as bad, but at least it clearly specifies whether the subtitle corresponds to Spanish from Spain or from Latin America.

Just as the design is typical of a website from the late 90s, it more than fulfils the task. If you look at the latest subtitles uploaded to the web, more specifically on their date, you will appreciate the activity of this portal.

Around 20 new subtitle files have been received on the web in a single day which is not over yet. Also, if you click on the Upload menu on the top menu, you can upload the subtitles you have available yourself. To do this, the access screen will appear beforehand, so you will have to be registered with a username and password.

Trade Gift Card With Chinese Gift Card Vendor on WhatsApp Now!!! is also dedicated to translating and subtitling content in Spanish. It has some episodes of a very recent series. Some are only available on streaming platforms, from which subtitles are often obtained, but most are community translations. Here they are divided into both Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Latin America to download the one that suits us best.

It is a very active portal where we can access subtitles and also their reissues. First mention the series search engine, an index that we can access by clicking on the top right. If we go to the footer of the web, under the main search engine, we will have access to the most recent subtitle uploads, but also to the latest editions, latest translations and latest resynchronization.

Tusubtitulo has a community dedicated to translating, above all, episodes of series. We can provide translations and corrections, as well as distinguish between subtitles from Spain or Latin America so as not to have scares when downloading them. Its interface may not be the most current, modern or attractive, but the web fulfils its mission if it is what you are looking for.

It is interesting to mention the new assistance section which we can access from the top menu, there a form will open where we can contact the platform to solve our doubts or problems. In the central part, all the content is divided into categories. Starting with Uploads, here we will access the latest added subtitles where the name, season and episode are indicated.

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When a new language or a new subtitle of an existing chapter is uploaded, we can see it in Versions, Edited or Translations depending on the type of upload. The section In progress is very interesting, it marks the chapters that are being carried out with the percentage of the work already done.

With OpenSubtitles we are already entering the field of international websites that have subtitles in both English and Spanish. It is one of those that can never be missing and that you should have on hand if you use this type of way to watch series or movies.

This website is one of the most used on the international scene thanks to its extensive database. It is, in fact, the subtitle provider that many players use by default, and it has very up-to-date subtitles. They also specify whether they are from Spain or Latin America.

One of the main drawbacks of this website is that quantity is rewarded more than quality. Many subtitles are uploaded, but they contain errors. In addition, the website uses various techniques to encourage you to download its extension in Chrome, so in this case, we are going to go to the next website, which is much better in everything.

Trade Gift Card With Chinese Gift Card Vendor on WhatsApp Now!!! offers one of the best user experiences on the international scene. Upon entering we find the most popular subtitles for the content that is in fashion, and we also find the official tracks of the subtitles obtained from the streaming platforms or the official Blu-ray in case there are any.

Normally it is specified if we are dealing with Spanish from Spain or Latin America, although when it says “Official subtitle”, it is likely that we are dealing with the Latin subtitles included in international Blu-rays or obtained from streaming platforms in the United States.

If you are from Spain, put Castilian Spanish. Therefore, if you are looking for official subtitles for content in English or Spanish with the highest quality, this is the best website to use.

Addic7ed is one of the largest in the world when it comes to the original translation of subtitles. The team is responsible for putting subtitles on movies and series of all kinds, whether they don’t have them by default, whatever language they are or regardless of their source (for example, if they are only available at the cinema). Spanish subtitles are not usually the fastest to update, but they do have a huge database.

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As a website specialized in subtitle translations, you can see it in different languages ​​such as English and Spanish, but also Basque, Catalan and Galician. In addition to the main search engine, you will have on the screen the recently uploaded sections, latest versions, latest chapters, latest translations, latest movies uploaded, latest translations started, translations that are being finished and the most downloaded today.


If what we are looking for is subtitles in Spanish, one of the reference sites is Subswiki. This site is in charge of collecting subtitles from different sites and, in addition, you accumulate your own. Although these are in Spanish, the site itself differentiates between Spanish from Spain and Latin, so that we don’t get that surprise after downloading it.

The interface is far from being the most comfortable that we are going to use, but we can see everything that is recent at a glance. The title of the series and episode, the data of the language itself (as we say, choosing Spanish from Spain or Latin America ) and how long ago it was uploaded. In addition, it also allows us to find other users who upload their subtitles and we can see the ones that upload the most. The greater the number of subtitles generated, we can infer that it is a question of greater reliability or more experience in this work.

Another aspect to highlight about Subswiki is that it offers information about the date of the last translation or improvement, if it is finished or not, etc. In addition, it has a search engine so that we can quickly search by title.

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Other subtitle download websites

If you are looking for subtitles in English, in other languages ​​or even pages that have some in Spanish, although not as many, we will tell you about some references that you should know and may be interesting for you, as well as how they work. They are simple and free and have many options that can help you find what you want.

Easy Subtitles, as its name suggests, is an easy and ideal website if what you want is not to have to search for the subtitle on the web. All you have to do is drag the video file, and the corresponding subtitles will automatically appear. There is content with which it does not work, but for example for movies, we will not have a major problem, and in those that do appear as a result, we will be sure that it will work perfectly.

You can drag up to 20 files at a time the same time. It is a free service with immediate results that you can use as an alternative to the previous ones. In the upper right part, you can make certain adjustments from the gear icon. Spanish does not appear among these languages, but Portuguese, French, Italian, English and several others do.

Podnapisi is an international website that also has many subtitles in English, but we also find many in Spanish. Unfortunately, subtitles are added quite late, though if the subtitles you’re looking for belong to older content, you might be in luck.

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Likewise, the main search engine offers two search options, either by text exclusively or by clicking on the reel we can enter the year, season and episode to carry out a filtered search. We also have a dropdown to choose the type of content: any, movie, series or mini series. Next to the search engine, we have a content index where you can access the new or latest subtitles added combined with the type of content (movies, series or mini series). We can also register in the web forum to comment on what we need or try to solve our doubts.

Finally, we find, an ideal website to search for series subtitles, but very limited to English subtitles. Many Spanish premiere subtitles are also missing, but you might be lucky to find some old ones.

Operation is easy and intuitive. At the top, we find a menu with categories: series, new, top, and movies. On the main page, we find the latest subtitles added or which are the most downloaded subtitles. In addition, we also find a series top or we can choose the flag of the country that we want to search for the subtitles in that specific language and not waste time on the others.

It is another of the classic sites for downloading movie subtitles, with a name and approach very similar to that of, mentioned above.’s interface is very simple and clean, and it doesn’t have much advertising. It has one of the most comfortable designs when it comes to browsing through it and it is also easy to find what we want thanks to the fact that at the top we can choose if we want to go to the most popular, a complete list of series, new subtitles added, etc.

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On this site, we can find more than 200,000 subtitles, of which about 3,000 are in Spanish. Although they are not a few, the truth is that there are many more subtitles in English, so it is a great reference, especially for those who are looking for subtitles in the Anglo-Saxon language. Among all of them, we can find subtitles for thousands of series of all kinds. To find what we are looking for, offer numerous categories and ways to organize all the content, in this way, we can find what we are looking for as quickly as possible.

On this occasion, it is a site focused on subtitles for movies that we can find in English, Spanish, and a host of other languages. The interface or design of YifySubtitles is much more careful and modern than that of most of this type of site and, in addition, it makes it much easier to search for subtitles by genre, category, title, etc.

When selecting any movie, the site will show us quite interesting information, such as the year of production, the rating or rating, etc. This will help us choose thanks to the fact that we can see, at a single glance, all the details: year, duration, description and notes from specialized websites such as IMDb.

The experience on this site is really good, both visually and in terms of navigation, the information it offers us, the number of subtitle languages ​​and the download speed. In addition, the number of available languages ​​is interesting since you will not only see Spanish or English but also many others such as Ukrainian, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Esperanto, Swahili, Bulgarian…

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Although the name of may indicate that it only has subtitles oriented to the Argentine public, in reality, we have contributions from Spanish-speaking people from all over the world. We may find the subtitles we are looking for even in Spanish from Spain. The website also offers magnet links to the content of the subtitles to download torrents directly, being able to download both from the same website.

UPDATE: Temporarily Closed.

Subtitle Apps

Despite all the options that we have shown you, you also have the possibility of doing this entire process through an application that does everything. Searching for the subtitles on web pages may be more expensive and you may not feel like doing it, so you can use different applications to do it directly from your computer.


Caption is a small open source project that, after the first version for Mac, decided to rewrite the app almost from scratch and meet the biggest request from users, the versions for Windows and Linux. In fact, the new version is much faster, has a new, more sophisticated search algorithm, and offers notifications when subtitles are downloaded. Also, added support for multiple sources and support for searching subtitles for large amounts of videos at once.

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On the other hand, you should know that using the app is extremely easy, its interface is very minimalist and direct. The only thing you have to do is drag any video to the Caption window and the program automatically finds the subtitle. When it finds a compatible subtitle, it downloads it immediately and saves it in the same folder with exactly the same video name, so all you have to do is press play on your series or movie. Also, you can drag one or more videos, the app works very, very fast. You can choose between multiple languages, including Spanish, although the best results are with English subtitles.

How to add subtitles to movies and series

Logically, we do not need to download any of the above if the movies or series we watch are on streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Prime Video because they have their own database with subtitles and we only have to choose the languages ​​in the information of the video in question. But if you are going to add them by downloading the previous ones, the process is not much more complicated. You can easily do it in a very short time, so the most complicated process is actually downloading them, which means having to find them on a trusted site and that they are of quality.

Once we have downloaded the subtitle file (normally in .srt format) from one of the previous pages, all we have to do is change the name of the file that we have downloaded and give it the same name as the video. When both coincide, we will be able to play them with any player. You can also add subtitles to a movie or series if it is in .mkv.

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