12 Best Dragon Ball Games for Android 2024: fight like Goku!

Best Dragon Ball Games

If you were one of those fans who spent hours in front of the TV waiting for the culmination of the battle between Goku and Boo, you would surely want to have one of the video games from the popular manga franchise on your mobile. Well, did you know that you can download a wide variety of Dragon Ball games for Android?

We have prepared a compilation for you with the best Dragon Ball mobile games of 2024. All the essential titles from the saga of the great Akira Toriyama so you can enjoy the battles of Goku and his friends on your Android device, starting with the original Dragon Ball and going through Z, GT, Z Kai and Super.

Do you want to become the next Super Saiyan? Stay with us and discover the Dragon Ball games of the moment.

Best Dragon Ball Games for Android without emulator

The universe of Goku, Vegeta and Bulma was born in 1984. Since then, hundreds of episodes of TV shows and movies have been produced by the companies Fuji Television and Toei Animation. Without a doubt, Dragon Ball has been a mass phenomenon and its merchandising has been so successful that its products have taken off: cards, dolls, tabletops… and, of course, video games.

Currently, you can have many of these video games on your Android. Dragon Ball Super, GT, Kai, Z games… Below, we are going to show you the most popular ones:

1. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


This adventure is a role-playing game that requires your best skills and strategies to create energy spheres (Ki) and, in this way, launch special attacks at your enemies. You will face the evil Vegeta, Frieza, Cell or Tao Pai Pai, all in a parallel universe to which Trunks has arrived with his time machine.

This app is one of the most popular due to the high resolution of its graphics and the reunion of Goku with old enemies due to the intersection of the timelines of the original plot, where you can train and lead your team of warriors to awaken levels of power never seen before.

2. Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The fervour for this series has also invaded the world of collectable cards. This Dragon Ball mobile application emulates the physical deck game, where the anime characters from all its seasons compete. You have two objectives: remove energy points from your opponent or make them run out of cards.

The deck contains cards from Son Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Goten or Super Saiyan, among many others, so that each character is valued with a ki value, a defence and attack value and a certain colour. From here, you must arrange the cards on the battlefield, either during the previous charge moment or in the final attack. Will you be able to defeat your opponent?

3. Dragon Ball Tap Battle

Dragon Ball Tap Battle

If you are a big fan of the Japanese series and nostalgia invades you when you hear about it, Dragon Ball Tap Battle is one of the Goku games with which you can relive the most spectacular battles in the saga. Its graphics are in 2D and its controls adapt perfectly to the touch interface of your Android. You’ll be making your Kamehameha in no time.

You will be able to control the characters of Vegeta, Goku, Krillin, Gohan or Frieza, as well as 20 other fighters that you will unlock as you win in your duels. Likewise, you can compete with your friends by connecting to their phones via Bluetooth. Of course, Dragon Ball Tap Battle is not available on Google Play, but you will have to download it in APK format from an external website.

4. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends

If you prefer a title with 3D graphics, your alternative should be Dragon Ball Legends, a spectacular game that has excellent graphics and sound effects, which will make each duel a realistic and unique experience. Your mission will be to join Shallot and help her recover his memory to save the world.

The connectivity of Dragon Ball Legends allows you to play with champions from all over the world or your friends in real-time, although if you prefer you can first immerse yourself in its exciting story. What are you waiting for to train your favourite character and make powerful combos with just one finger? The universe awaits the next Saiyan champion.

5. Tourney of Warriors Ultra Anime Fantastic

Tourney of Warriors Ultra Anime Fantastic

Now you can have this Dragon Ball Z app on your Android with incredible training and combat possibilities. Tourney of Warriors Ultra Anime Fantastic has been designed with pixel aesthetics and brings you all the heroes and villains from all the Dragon Ball Z, KAI and GT seasons, with which you will develop the most incredible attacks such as the Dragon Retreat, the Ball of Death or the different attacks with your ki, among others.

Before participating in the Tourney of Warriors Ultra Anime Fantastic tournaments, you can discover the secret combos of each character in one of the 4 modes it includes: training, versus, survival and arcade. Although this Dragon Ball game is not available on Google Play, you can download it in .apk format from an unofficial application store.

6. Dragon Warriors Champions

Dragon Warriors Champions

If you prefer Dragon Ball Z games, don’t forget to try this title programmed with 2D language, in which you can choose between the 23 most powerful warriors in the universe. Dragon Warriors Champions has 3 game modes (challenge, versus and tournament) and includes 10 different maps to advance.

As a combat master, prepare your fingers to teleport, move on the field, block attacks and accumulate power. You will be able to perform a large number of combos and you will have different special abilities at your disposal. Your goal? Become the next champion and be the strongest warrior in the entire universe.

7. DBZ Trivia

DBZ Trivia

Do you want to test your Dragon Ball knowledge? If you are a true Saiyan, DBZ Trivia will be very easy for you. And how it works? You will have less than 30 seconds to answer each question about the most famous Japanese anime on earth, so your score will be added to the dragon radar, which you can beat little by little with the help of your knowledge, your memories or even your friends.

The game includes a wide variety of questions of different difficulty levels and if you fail to choose the answer, DBZ will give you the correct option followed by a detailed explanation. Without a doubt, with this trivia, you will work on your memory and have a better knowledge of the history of Goku and his friends. Show who knows the most about Dragon Ball!

8. Z Stick: Battle Dragon Warrior

Z Stick: Battle Dragon Warrior

Z Stick: Battle Dragon Warrior is one of the most interesting dragon ball games, whose originality lies in the fact that the characters, despite being stickman, are perfectly recognizable. You will have the option to choose from more than 40 characters from 12 different universes and launch such mythical attacks as the Kamehameha or the Big Bang, among others.

As you complete your training and gain victories, you will be able to transform into the different levels of Super Saiyan (1, 2, 3 and 4) and reach the God level, which you will achieve by defeating the 51 most powerful opponents in the universe. Of course, keep in mind that your enemies will also be stronger with each level, so it won’t be easy for you.

9. Dragon Ball Super Piano Play

Dragon Ball Super Piano Play

Who said that the universe of Son Goku, Krillin and Vegeta is only sweat and duels to the death? From AppStudioSg they have designed this unofficial app to play piano melodies from the recognizable soundtracks of this series.

The dynamics are very easy: you simply have to touch the black tiles and not the white ones so that the music continues playing. A different and very entertaining app!

10. Creepy Ball Super

Creepy Ball Super

The naive aesthetic of this game is one of the main attractions of Creepy Ball Super, one of the best games in the series for Android. In it, you can fight intense and fun battles with the main Dragon Ball characters, from Goku to such mythical villains as Frieza or Monster Buu.

To do this, as you defeat your opponents, you will collect coins that will give you the option to unlock each of the available fighters. One of the strong points of the game is that it barely takes up space in the mobile memory, so its operation is very fluid. You will be the master of combos!

11. DBZ Super Goku Battle

DBZ Super Goku Battle

Is the Dragon Ball Z series your favourite of the entire saga? In this case, DBZ Super Goku Battle is the game you were looking for. With its 2D graphics and its recognizable retro aesthetic, you will relive the best fights of the series that swept the world in the first half of the 90s, but also enjoy some characters from Kai and GT.

In total, you can choose up to 11 different characters, so you can transform into Super Saiyan during combat and perform attacks such as the Super Kamehameha or the Dragon Recall, among many others. The game is free to download and, as you collect coins, you can unlock more attacks and abilities.

12. Legendary Fighter: Battle of God

Legendary Fighter: Battle of God

If you liked the previous option, then Legendary Fighter: Battle of God will not disappoint you either. To do this, this Dragon Ball game comes with 3 very addictive game modes: versus, for one-on-one combat; tournament, where you will fight against the strongest warriors in the entire universe; and story, in which you will transform into Warrior Z.

In total, you will have the option to choose 10 different maps and a total of 29 characters, including Goku, Cell, Piccolo, Monster Buu or Frieza, among others. Your mission will be to transform into Warrior Z, defeat the powerful dragon bosses and, finally, accept the wish of the Dragon God.

Dragon Ball games for Android with emulator

Can’t get enough of the Dragon Ball games from the previous section? In this case, we have left you a little surprise for the end. These are the best Goku games from some of the most legendary video game consoles of all time, such as the SNES, the PS1, the Game Boy Advance or the Mega Drive, among others.

You simply have to use an emulator for Android and remember the best stories of the franchise from your mobile. These are the 57 titles you can’t miss:

ConsoleROMRecommended emulator
PSX-PS1Nintendo dsePSXe
Game Boy AdvanceDragon Ball Z – Supersonic WarriorsRetroArch
Game Boy AdvanceDragon Ball – Advanced AdventureRetroArch
Game Boy AdvanceDragon Ball Z – Buu’s FuryRetroArch
Game Boy AdvanceDragon Ball Z – The Legacy of GokuRetroArch
Game Boy AdvanceDragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II (International / Eurasia / EU)RetroArch
Game Boy AdvanceDragon Ball GT – TransformationRetroArch
Game Boy AdvanceDragonball Z – TaiketsuRetroArch
Game Boy AdvanceDragon Ball Z – Bukuu Tougeki (Eurasia)RetroArch
nintendo dsDragon Ball Kai – Ultimate ButoudenSuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball Z – Supersonic Warriors 2SuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball Z – Attack of the Saiyans (EU / US)SuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball Z: Bukuu Ressen (EU/J)SuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball Z – Goku Densetsu (EU)SuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball – Origins (Venom / EU) and Origins 2 (EU)SuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball Z – Harukanaru DensetsuSuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball Kai – Saiyan Raishuu (JP)(NRP)SuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball DS (CoolPoint)SuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball DS (High Road)SuperNDS Emulator
Nintendo dsDragon Ball DS 2 – Totsugeki! Red Ribbon GunSuperNDS Emulator
Game Boy ColorDragon Ball Z – Legendary Super WarriorsJohn GBC Lite
Game Boy ColorDragon Ball Z – Warriors of LegendJohn GBC Lite
Game Boy ColorDragon Ball Z – Densetsu No Chou Senshitachi (J)John GBC Lite
MAME (Arcade)Dragon Ball Z 2 – Super BattleMAME4droid
MAME (Arcade)Super Dragon Ball ZMAME4droid
MAME (Arcade)Dragon Ball Z VRVSMAME4droid
MegaDriveDragon Ball Z (EU)RetroArch
game boyDragon Ball Z – Goku Hishouden (Japan)John GBC Lite
game boyDragon Ball Z – Gokuu Gekitouden (J)John GBC Lite
TurboduoIdainaru Son Gokuu DensetsuRetroArch
PSPDragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai 1 and 2PPSSPP
PSPDragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Tag TeamPPSSPP
PSPDragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai Another RoadPPSSPP
SNESDragon Ball Z – Ultime Menace (F)Snes9x EX+
SNESDragon Ball Z – Super Butoden 1, 2 and 3 (F / J)Snes9x EX+
SNESDragon Ball Z – Hyper Dimension (J/F)Snes9x EX+
SNESDragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu (V1.1) (J)Snes9x EX+
SNESDragon Ball Z – Super Gokuu Den Kakusei Hen (J)Snes9x EX+
SNESDragon Ball Z – Super Gokuu Den Totsugeki Hen (J)Snes9x EX+
NESDragon Ball Z 4-in-1Nostalgia.NES
NESDragon Ball Z – Kyoushuu! Saiyan JinNostalgia.NES
NESDragon Ball – Dragon Mystery (Hack)Nostalgia.NES
NESDragon Ball Z 2 – Gekishin Freeza!!Nostalgia.NES
NESDragon Ball – Dai Maou FukkattuNostalgia.NES
NESDragon Ball Z 3 – Ressen Jinzou NingenNostalgia.NES
PS2Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3AetherSX2
PS2Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 3AetherSX2
PS2Super Dragon Ball ZAetherSX2
PS2Dragon Ball Z – Budokai Tenkaichi 2AetherSX2
PS2Dragon Ball Z – Infinite WorldAetherSX2
PS2Dragon Ball – Shen Long No NazoAetherSX2
Game CubeDragon Ball Z Budokai 1 and 2Dolphin Emulator
Game CubeDragon Ball Z SagasDolphin Emulator
sega saturnDragon Ball Z The Legend (FRA)RetroArch
WiiDragon Ball Z – Budokai Tenkaichi 2Dolphin Emulator
WiiDragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3Dolphin Emulator

If you are wondering how to download one of these emulators for Android, in the Google Play Store you have options for each of the consoles included in the table, most of them free. And although you can find other options, we recommend that you only install emulators from the official app store. Some of the ones you can download are:

All games in this series, official and unofficial, are available to download for free on your Android. Get ready to collect the dragon balls again and save the world from the most powerful villains. If you are a true fan, you will also be interested in knowing how to put Vegeta’s voice on WhatsApp.


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