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Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama

Applications to watch Korean dramas might be an interesting option to accompany you during your leisure time.

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Especially now that there are also many new Korean drama titles on Netflix that offer interesting stories that you can watch on your laptop.

Well, aside from watching on a laptop, you can also watch Korean dramas via a smartphone device with a free application.

In fact, you can also enjoy the Korean drama download feature to watch offline complete with Indonesian subtitles and English subtitles.

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Come on, let’s look at the explanation about the complete best free application to watch Korean drama below!

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Best Free Apps to Watch Korean dramas

The best applications to watch Korean dramas below provide a variety of content to watch various Korean entertainment shows, anytime and anywhere on your smartphone.

In addition to dramas, these applications also provide other options such as cute Korean variety shows to the latest Korean music shows that are currently hits.

1. Viu – Latest Korean & Asian Drama with Indo Sub

Viu - Latest Korean & Asian Drama with Indo Sub

First, there is Viu – The Latest Korean & Asian Drama with Indo Sub, which is one of the most popular Drakor applications among Indonesian users.

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Apart from English subtitles, you will also get Indonesian subtitles provided. There is also an offline feature on the app to watch without an internet connection.

The image quality provided is no less interesting, and you are free to choose as needed.

You can enjoy this Korean film application for free with advertisements in it. However, for an ad-free display, you can subscribe to the Viu Premium feature.

If you are in search of the best Korean movie applications on iPhone and Android to watch kdrama, Viu is one of them and it is worth a try.

2. Viki: Korean Drama App

Viki: Korean Dramas, Chinese Movies & Dramas

Viki is a Korean Dramas, Chinese Movies & Dramas streaming application that provides various Asian dramas and films.

Not only Korean dramas, but you can also find dramas, series, and animations from various other countries like Japan, China and Thailand.

Viki provides several popular Korean romantic dramas, such as My Love From the StarMy Secret Romance, 1% of Something, and others.

3. Watch K-Drama on Netflix


Several years ago, Netflix was officially presented with several exclusive contents such as films and series available only on this streaming platform.

Now, Not only are original Netflix films and series content, but this streaming platform also presents a number of popular Korean drama titles. For example, It’s Okay Not to be Okay, and many more.

If you want the application to watch Drakor Vagabond, Netflix also provides shows complete with Indonesian subtitles.

For those of you who are curious, you better hurry now and download the Korean Indonesian subtitles drama application on this one. But before that, make sure you have subscribed to a Netflix account to access it!

4. Iflix – Korean Drama App

drama korea

Furthermore, there is also iflix – Movies, TV Series & News which is a very good application to watch Korean films, it is also quite popular and has received a lot of positive responses from Google Play users.

Through a special tab on the app called K-flix, you can find several recommendations for Korean dramas and films that can be watched for free without the need for registration and subscription.

You can watch dramas like The World of the Married or Diary of A Prosecutor for free, both for Android and iPhone users.

Oh yes, you can also watch Drakor on a laptop through this application if you want a more spacious display. You just have to visit the official iflix website and watch it streaming.

5. MAXstream


Telecommunication provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel also provides a video streaming service called MAXstream which also provides Korean Dramas in its application.

In the section called Saranghaeyo, you can find the latest and most popular Korean drama titles, most of which you can watch for free.

Others such as dramas that are ongoing or recently expired could only be watched when you have paid for a subscription or bought a special package.

But don’t worry, here you can still watch free dramas such as Welcome to WaikikiWhat’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, to SKY Castle.

6. iQIYI – Korean Drama App

iQIYI - Movies Dramas & Shows

Furthermore, there is the iQIYI – Movies, Drama & Shows which is an application originating from China.

So don’t be surprised if most of the recommendations are dramas, films, to series from the Bamboo Curtain Country.

But take it easy, for those of you who want to watch dramas for free, the application also provides a tab called K-Drama Selection.

There is the drama You’re All Surrounded, starring Lee Seung-gi as well as other popular Korean dramas, such as Reply 1988Healer, Inheritors, and many more.

7. Dailymotion – The Home for Videos

Dailymotion - The Home for Videos

Maybe some of you know that Dailymotion is more effectively used as an application to watch Korean dramas on a laptop.

But now, you can enjoy the mobile version through an application called Dailymotion – The Home for Videos which is a free download for Android and iPhone users.

Just like YouTube, Dailymotion allows anyone to upload videos of dramas that have been subtitled in them.

So, here you are obliged to rely on the search feature to search for Korean dramas or movies most updates in the app.

8. Drakor.id + Korean Drama App

Drakor.id +

Drakor.id + a recommended application sub-Indonesian watching Korean dramas next to where you can find hundreds of titles drama series, variety shows, and most Korean film updates.

With a simple display and an accurate search feature, you can easily search for dramas or variety shows based on the episode you want.

However, when using Drakor.id + you have to register or log in first using your Facebook account.

Oh yes, Drakor.id + also has a subscription feature at an affordable price if you want to watch an ongoing drama alias that is still running.

Instead of relying on sites to watch Korean dramas that are not necessarily legal, you better try downloading one of the best applications to watch Korean dramas.

9. Korean Drama Sub Indonesia

Korean Drama Sub Indonesia

There is Korean Drama Sub Indonesia, which you can use if you are looking for romantic Korean dramas, Korean action dramas, and other complete things that are available here.

The appearance tends to be ordinary, but don’t underestimate the Korean drama database that has been completed and is still ongoing. The application is really complete.

This application for watching dramas offline with Indo sub is filled with pop-up ads that quite disturb your comfort when browsing it.

10. SBS – On Air, Free VOD

SBS - On Air, Free VOD

The next Korean film application that you can enjoy is SBS – On Air. This one application is perfect for k-drama fans who want to feel the feelings of watching kdrama like the original.

Through this drakor TV application, you can access various Korean films and Korean dramas for free, directly from the broadcast platform.

This application has also been downloaded by more than 5 million users, and still maintains its rating above 4.

11. KBS World

KBS World

Not only SBS, but other Korean drama and film channels have also penetrated the digital world to make it easier for fans to access the entertainment they offer.

KBS World is another original Korean movie application that you can enjoy directly from the smartphone you are using.

Even though it offers many variants of quality entertainment, this application is one of the lightest and the size is only around 2MB.

12. Kdrama Sub Indo

Kdrama Sub Indo

For Korean Drama lovers, this one application can be a breath of fresh air as well as a friend who will always entertain you with a variety of selected dramas.

This free Korean movie application is specially designed to watch as well as download Korean dramas and movies.

The most interesting thing about this application is, that you don’t need to pay or do any registration to be able to enjoy the services it provides.


Well, that’s the recommendation for the best and most free application to watch Korean dramas.

You can enjoy most of the recommended Korean film applications for free, without having to spend a penny.

Now I’m curious, what latest Korean drama are you watching now? Come on, write down your recommendations in the comments section below!

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