11 Best Apps to Download Music on Android for Free 2024


Are you looking for a way to enjoy your favourite songs on Android without spending a penny? I understand you perfectly. The good news is that there are several applications to download free music on Android that adapt to your needs.

Over the years, I have discovered some options that stand out for their ease of use and the quality of their content. I want to share with you these hidden gems that I have found.

In this article, I present a careful selection of applications to download music on Android completely free. Keep reading!

Best Applications to Download Music on Android for free

Exploring the best applications to download music on Android for free is key to listening to music offline.

1. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a free app that offers more than 150 million songs. It has the option to download free music for Android, from contemporary songs or Latin music to other more classic songs. In addition, it has additional functions that make it a more complete tool.

Of course, keep in mind that you will not be able to download just any song since each artist decides if it is possible or not, but the catalog is quite extensive. In addition, it personalizes the suggestions according to your tastes or mood and shows you music recently added to the platform.

2. NewPipe


NewPipe is an open-source tool that can even work as a decent alternative to YouTube. It is one of the most interesting applications to download music on Android thanks to its wide variety of additional functions. From background playback to the possibility of opening your music player, it is one of the best applications for listening to free music.

What makes NewPipe a very distinctive music download app is that it supports the services of other platforms such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp and PeerTube. Likewise, you can download any YouTube video in the format you want. Free, easy and fast. Of course, it is an APK file on Android and you will have to know how to install unknown applications, so use it at your own risk.

3. Fildo


If you want to download your favourite music to your mobile phone completely free, Fildo is worth taking a look at. This tool moves away from the concept of YouTube and takes a lot of inspiration from NetEase, known as the “Chinese Spotify.” Although its interface can be adjusted to work with different search engines. That is the main feature of this application.

Fildo does not have a musical catalog. Instead, it is responsible for locating audio files from different sources in the same place for your enjoyment. This app is not available in the Google Store, but you can get it from the official website completely free of charge. Of course, remember that it is an APK, so take precautions.

4. YMusic


YMusic is another alternative tool to YouTube that is powered by the enormous audiovisual library of the Google video platform. However, the main focus of this app is free music and songs. It provides you with a glimpse of playlists and selections of musical content to help you discover new titles.

Likewise, this application to download free music allows you to download content in audio or video format. You can even choose the quality you prefer. Likewise, this tool significantly reduces data consumption and has background playback and other typical YouTube Premium functions.

5. My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes

My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes

My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes is your ideal solution if you are looking for an app to download free music, especially in the world of hip-hop and rap. This app offers you a wide range of mixtapes and individual songs, perfect for discovering new artists and sounds.

In addition, downloading songs with this app is intuitive and fast, making it easy to have your favourite music with you anywhere. With My Mixtapez, you will always be up to date and know the highlights of hip-hop, enjoying a unique and personalized musical experience.

6. uTorrent


uTorrent, known for its efficiency on PC, also offers an experience adapted and optimized for mobile devices. In uTorrent Android, you can search and download any type of torrent file easily, maintaining an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that is ideal. You can have all the music you want and much more.

Although uTorrent on iOS has certain restrictions due to App Store policies, it still provides a convenient way to manage your files on Apple devices. With uTorrent on your mobile, you have the power to access a vast world of content, from music to movies, all at your fingertips. The application is available on Google Play.

Snaptube: one of the most popular

Snaptube is an ideal app for downloading YouTube music on Android, offering a simple and fast way to get your favourite songs directly from the largest video platform. With Snaptube, you can choose the audio quality, adapting it to your needs and available space on your device.

In addition to YouTube, Snaptube also supports downloading music and videos from multiple online platforms. The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to search for content, making it an essential tool to enjoy music and videos anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

8. Telegram


Telegram has become an unexpected tool to download free music to your mobile thanks to its innovative use of bots. These bots allow you to have your favourite songs efficiently and directly within the application.

The ease of use is impressive: you just need to send a message to the bot with the name of the artist or song, and you will quickly receive a link. This functionality makes Telegram a good app for downloading music that also allows you to download free videos to your mobile. Of course, keep an eye on your phone’s memory so that it doesn’t saturate your device.

9. Jamendo Music


Jamendo is a unique platform for music lovers looking for something different. This app not only allows you to download music for free but also gives you access to a world of independent artists and tracks under Creative Commons licenses.

What makes Jamendo special is its commitment to independent music. Explore and discover new talents and genres that you won’t find on regular commercial platforms. Its friendly interface and the option to download songs to listen to music offline make Jamendo an excellent choice.

10. Audiomack


Audiomack is presented as an app to download free music, focused on genres such as hip-hop, reggae or electronic music. This application allows you to discover a wide variety of new songs and albums.

The application is not only ideal for finding emerging and trending music but also offers the possibility of listening to your tracks offline, without the need for an Internet connection. With its intuitive interface and constant updates, Audiomack is positioned as an essential tool in your daily life.

11. 4Shared


4Shared is one of the most famous websites for downloading and sharing all types of files. This application is its official version for use on Android, from where you can get the content hosted on the site. This includes the possibility of downloading stored songs unlimitedly.

Unlike other apps to download free music, this one has detailed information about each song. Such as, for example, the format and Bitrate, which can be very variable. Each song within 4Shared is unique and can be of any format and quality.

Recommendations to download free music on Android

The main disadvantage of using free services to download songs on Android is that they could have some malware or adware that is harmful to your device. Likewise, there is also the issue of those applications that distribute artists’ songs illegally by violating copyright. Therefore, here are some recommendations to consider.

Make sure apps are trustworthy

In many cases, these applications are not in the Google Play Store for security or legal reasons. You can always find them on their portals or third-party platforms, but you must verify their reliability. Will they leave you with some potentially dangerous malware or will your phone live to tell the tale? If you have any doubts, you can always opt for the paid version of Spotify or YouTube to download free music.

Some applications make use of songs whose artists have not authorized their distribution by said means. For this reason, I consider it important to highlight the need to support your favorite artists by obtaining music legally, through licensed streaming music services that are allowed to offer the option of downloading music completely free on an Android mobile.

Check the audio quality

If possible, make sure the service you use offers music content with decent audio quality. Although the MP3 format is the most used, most apps accept MP4, FLAC or WAV. However, many others also allow you to choose the file size and bit rate. Keep this in mind when getting free music for study or work projects.

Organize your music library

Downloading music to your mobile can fill your device with corrupt, duplicate files, and some may even be lost. For that reason, if you prefer to manage your music this way instead of relying on the cloud, take some time to organize your music library. Create tags, albums or playlists so that all your content is in its place.

Apps to download free music on Android: Frequently Asked Questions

Has something been left in the pipeline? I solve all your doubts about programs and apps to download and listen to free music on your smartphone. You can have your favourite songs and listen to them at any time.

What is the best application to download free music?

There are several factors to take into account, such as sound quality, frequency of advertisements, variety of music library, copyrights, and additional features. Of course, no one wants to download music with poor quality or for the tool in question to cause more problems than solutions.

Taking all of the above into account, I consider Audiomack to be the best application to download free music on Android. After all, it offers access to millions of songs, its audio files have decent sound quality, and you can even create unlimited playlists. Although of course, the decision is up to your personal preferences.

Where can I download free MP3 music?

There are many options available online with which it is possible to download free MP3 music on Android devices without having to resort to paid apps such as Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music. If you are looking for apps that offer licensed songs, you can always opt for tools like Jamendo or SoundCloud. These platforms work with Creative Commons licenses and whose content is adapted for a wide variety of uses.

If, on the other hand, you want popular songs from your favourite artists, you can always opt for tools like Telegram or even Audiomack, to enjoy a large musical catalog. Everything will depend on what you need and are looking for. Of course, forget about already obsolete options like Frostwire or the typical “mp3 music” that we find on Google Play.

How to download free music on Android without applications?

To have free music on Android if you don’t want to use applications, you can visit pages to download
music, such as Bandcamp or the audio section of Archive.org. Make sure you have permission and that it is legal to do so.

I hope that this selection of applications to download free music on Android opens the doors to an unlimited musical universe. If you have any suggestions or experiences to share, your comments are welcome. And if you think this information can help others, don’t hesitate to share it.


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