How to delete music downloaded from Spotify on Apple Watch

by George Philip
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Spotify allows you to download music to Apple Watch storage. The option is handy for those who want to connect Bluetooth headphones directly to the watch to listen to music without having their cell phone nearby, even if they don’t have an internet connection. But how to remove an album or playlist stored in the device’s memory? Find out how to erase downloaded music on Apple smartwatch below.

The procedure helps to organize the streaming app on the watch. Through the configuration, users can delete compilations that they no longer listen to free up more space on the Apple Watch, for example. Find out how below:

How to delete music downloaded from Spotify on Apple Watch

  • Open the Spotify app on your Apple Watch: First of all, access the Spotify app from your watch and go to the home screen;
  • Go to the “Downloads” option: Tap the “Downloads” button to access media that can be played offline;
  • Tap “Edit Downloads”: Access the downloads edition to manage the albums, playlists and podcasts saved on your watch;
  • Select the album, playlist or podcast you want to remove: Tap the desired collection to remove it from your Apple Watch;
  • Confirm on “Remove”: After confirming the “Remove” button, just tap “Done” to finish the procedure.

Okay, the songs have already been removed!

How to delete music on Apple Watch from mobile

In addition to the Apple Watch, you can delete media directly from your phone. Know how:

  • Open the playlist or album you want to remove;
  • Tap on the three dots button below the cover;
  • Press the “Remove from Apple Watch” button.

The songs will be removed from the watch’s storage shortly thereafter.

Why delete Spotify songs on Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch does not have extensive storage like the iPhone. The Apple Watch Series 3 ( GPS ) only has 8GB of space while the Apple Watch Series 7 has 32GB on both models, for example. That is, from time to time, it is good to clean the list of downloaded songs on Spotify to free up more memory on the watch.

Who can download Spotify music on Apple Watch?

Downloading Spotify music on Apple Watch is exclusive to Premium members. Also, you need an iPhone with iOS 12 or higher and an Apple Watch with watchOS 7.0 or higher. The feature is available for Apple Watch Series 3 and newer models.

What can be downloaded from the Spotify app for Apple Watch?

You can download Spotify albums, podcast episodes, and playlists to your Apple Watch. According to the streaming platform, “you can download around 10 hours of downloads on the smartwatch depending on the storage of your model”. Also, there is a limit of 50 tracks per playlist.

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