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How to WhatsApp someone without adding to contacts

Texting someone on WhatsApp without saving their contacts is as simple as just saving the person’s number and that’s all.

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There are times you want to chat with a person for just a couple of hours and never again but then you have to save the number before you can message the person, this could be somewhat annoying as you would have to go back and delete the number from your contact list after the conversation.

To resolve this issue, there is a WhatsApp API that allows you to send messages through WhatsApp without having to add the contact to your address book. 

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to download any third-party application or root your phone or any other kind of tweaks and it works for both Android and iOS.  

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How to start a WhatsApp chat without saving a number

To send a message to anybody on WhatsApp without having to save the contact is very easy and simple. Just follow the steps below;

  1. Open your web browser;
  2. Go to “https://wa.me/phonenumber“; type in the number with the country code and without the plus sign;
  3. WhatsApp will direct you to a website with a green message button;
  4. Click the button to start chatting with the number you entered.
Send message on WhatsApp without saving number

That’s all folks. So you need not always save a number before you chat with anybody on WhatsApp.

Anybody can make use of these steps to message a registered WhatsApp number on both Android and iOS devices without the need to save the contact in your list.

A variety of apps are available that provide the same functionality. You can achieve this using an app like WhatsDirect. Using the app, users can enter the phone number of the person with whom they wish to initiate a conversation, as well as an optional chat message. Once the user taps on send, they will be redirected to the main app.

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