I Bet You Never Knew These Mind BLOWING Things Google Could Do

by George Philip
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Since its birth, Google has grown to become a technological giant that covers many fields, from mobile operating systems such as Android to online applications such as Google Docs or Google Maps. Its reach has become so widespread that there are very few things we can’t do with it. Thus, its basic product, the search engine, hides many features that make Google an even richer tool to get more out of, but did you know everything we can do with it?

Google, much more than a search engine

Google, the giant and most famous search engine in the world, was born in 1998, and since then, and more and more, millions of people use it daily to carry out the most disparate searches. Even so, there are many services that you probably did not know that you could use from Google.

The truth is that the possibilities it offers are infinite, and in this search engine you can find anything you need, or you can think of. But, you also have many other additional options, more unknown, that allow you to search more efficiently or take a break while using some of its applications.

Some of these tricks or special features you will already know, others you may not. In any case, what we will see is that they are all very practical for all the interests that we may have. Thus, you will have much more than a search engine like you could be using until now, so you will make access to the information you need even easier.

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what do we have with it?

All in all, both to save time and to make searches more efficient and carry out actions that we only carry out with other services on a daily basis, there are many additional options that Google offers in its search engine.

However, they are as powerful as they are little known, which is why we have seen fit to tell you about some that (probably) you did not know. Therefore, if you search a little within its millions of results, you can find quite curious and surprising functions.

Tune your guitar with Google

Guitar tuning tools are not new to digital ecosystems. For a long time there have been alternatives for our smartphones in the iOS and Android stores that are really reliable and, in some cases, require payments for premium versions.

But with Google that will no longer be necessary, you no longer need an external application so that each string of your guitar emits the note it should. All you have to do is put Google tuner in the search engine in order for a tuner to show up. If you want to use it, you must allow access to the microphone of your computer or mobile device.

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Play Game offline

On more than one occasion it may turn out that the WiFi has failed us, and of course, you don’t know what to do. The first tip of every computer scientist is to restart the router. And second, don’t walk away from the computer because you can still use it to play games offline.

Yes, because we can hit the space bar waiting for the dinosaur to jump. At that moment the game will be activated and you will have to jump all the cacti to get as many points as possible. This will make waiting for you more enjoyable until the internet returns.

Tip calculator

When someone pays the bill after dinner or a meal, the same question always arises: !” how much tip should I leave? If I put in less than one euro, they will think I’m crappy… but I don’t know if they deserve more either.”

All this is over. Google has a tip calculator, which asks you for three basic pieces of information: What you paid in total, what percentage of what you paid would seem fair to tip, and the people you ate. With all this data, calculate what each person should tip. To find it you just have to google ‘tip calculator’.

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What Song is Playing?

Yes, surely sometimes you try to remember the name of a song, but you can’t remember it. But luckily Google is there to lend you a hand. Thus, since some updates ago, users can hum, whistle or sing a melody to find an answer. Just open Google on your device, click on the microphone and say, “What song is this?” We can hum for 10 or 15 seconds and we will be able to know what song we have in our head.

Also, if you remember parts of the lyrics, write them in the search engine and in the parts where you have doubts, add an asterisk (*). As if by magic, Google will take care of filling the empty spaces for you.

Check the IP address

Thanks to the public DNS servers that Google offers, we can connect to these DNS for free and be able to separate ourselves from the DNS servers of our Internet access provider (ISP).

Therefore, and also as another practical function, with it, we can check the IP address with which we are browsing at that moment. The only thing is that this utility only works if Google is configured in English, so you have to write “my IP” in the search field and Google will immediately display it above the rest of the results.

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Discover the most popular words

Would you like to know in which period of history the word was most popular? Or if the word Nazism or Fascism was used more in the 30s? Now we can do it with an application from Google itself.

This is from Ngram Viewer, a graph that shows us the popularity of words over a period of 20 years. For this, it uses more than five million books, based on the number of times the words appear in those publications.

Find and download fonts for your computer or phone

On the other hand, and even if the fonts on your computer and on the network have been the same for years, we can do to have a place to choose a new one, where there is variety.

This is what we have with Google Fonts, it is a portal that has different types of fonts, which you can download completely free and use on your computer. You can even have them as default in your browser.

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