4 free sites to transcribe YouTube video


There are several free tools that allow you to transcribe a YouTube video. Thus, in a matter of minutes, the speech present in the file is converted into text, which can be inserted into personal or academic works. Below, I will show you four sites to save time on YouTube video transcription.

4. YouTube Scribe

Although simple, YouTube Scribe transcribes YouTube videos free of charge. After entering the site, just paste the video link, request the transcript and wait. Once the process is complete, the lines can be copied or downloaded into a TXT file.

However, the transcript is not 100% accurate. Therefore, if you are going to insert it in personal or academic work, you will have to make some manual corrections.

Link: ytscribe.com

3. Google Docs

The Google tool can also transcribe YouTube videos. Speech detection is done using a plugin for Windows called VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device, which is free and works as a virtual male-to-male P2 cable for sound capture and transcription.

2. Sonix

Sonix supports over 35 languages ​​and offers an intuitive interface (even in English). In the user panel, you can enter the video link, choose the language and start transcription. The speech file will be available for download in some formats, such as DOCX, TEX, SRT and VTT.

The free plan only delivers 30 minutes of transcription. If you want to use the tool for longer, you need to pay $10 to get access for one hour.

Link: sonix.ai

1. Happy Scribe

Supporting over 120 languages, Happy Scribe manages to be a good transcription tool. The platform has an automatic system that transcribes videos with 85% accuracy. After the process, you can download the word file in TXT, DOCX, PDF, HTML and more formats.

The free plan only offers 10 minutes of transcription, but when you enter credits on the website, you can use them to access the features of the professional plan, such as a manual transcript made by native speakers of the language and delivered with 99% accuracy within 12 hours.

Link: happyscribe.com.


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