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Daily, the need to put a URL in some space on the internet may arise, but this can be a problem due to the size limitation on several sites. At that time, the best option is to go after something to reduce the size. Check out the following list of 5 free URL shorteners.

What is it for?

In many situations, a page’s URL can be long. Because of this, there may be a need to shorten it so that it is possible to place the link on websites or social networks such as Twitter since it has a limitation on the number of characters allowed.

The URL shortener works to solve this problem. The site modifies the original URL, shortening it to a much smaller number of characters. In fact, some of the sites below still allow some type of customization of the links by the user. Discover the most used.

1. Bitly

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Bitly is a site that not only offers a free URL shortener but also helps to verify link performance using metrics and the like. To use, it is necessary to create a registration and choose a form of subscription that goes from free to paid plan. Companies that need a high demand in generating links can opt for a monthly subscription.

2. Tiny URL

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Even allowing for URL customization, TinyURL offers both free and paid plans. As with Bitly, the difference between payments is related to the user’s need. Furthermore, shortening the URL becomes a practical process on the site, as there is no need to register.

3. Rebrandly

rebrandly 1060x596 1

Offering tools such as link monitoring and redirection, Rebrandly is quite complete in terms of URL shortening. On the other hand, the version of this free URL shortener allows you to create only 500 URLs, blocking retries after that number.

4. Tiny CC

tinycc 1060x596 1

With options such as creating the link in QR Code and sharing it on social networks, TinyCC is also aimed at the more casual user. In addition, it allows the creation of customizable link endings, leaving the result the way the user wants. Its paid version brings more tools and elements, but it is not mandatory to use it only as a free URL shortener.

5. Bit.do

bitdo 1060x597 1

After registering on Bit.do, the user is allowed to shorten their URLs for free and directly. There are also customization options, traffic analysis of your link and a QR Code generator.

How often do you usually use URL shorteners? Tell us!

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