What is the Clubhouse app?

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What is the Clubhouse app

The beginning of 2021 was marked by the emergence of a new social network. Driven by artists and celebrities, clubhouse is an audio platform that lets you connect multiple people into a group. With its popularity, the network has already attracted 2 million users, the company itself revealed in January 2021. After all, what is the Clubhouse? And how does it work? That’s what we’re going to find out now.

What is the Clubhouse?

Clubhouse (Alpha Exploration Co.) is a social network created by Paul Davison (ex-Pinterest) and Rohan Seth (ex-Google), friends since 2011. The platform was launched in March 2020 in the United States with the aim of bringing people together to talk about various topics such as technology, marketing, behavior, culture, travel, art, among others.

In short, it reminds podcast, only totally live and without any editing, just like the radio. The host opens a room and shares whatever he wants with the guests present there. In addition, you can create a bio, follow friends and suggest rooms for them.

The app boom occurred after Tesla CEO Elon Musk entered a room to talk about Mars, COVID-19, vaccination and talk to Vlad Tenev, CEO of Robinhood, gathering thousands of people. The participation of other famous attracted new users to the Clubhouse. Anitta, Boninho (director of Big Brother Brazil), Oprah and Drake are some names that have already entered public theaters.

How to get invitation to the Clubhouse?

How to get invitation to the Clubhouse?

Not everyone had access to the Clubhouse during the heyday of the social network due to some limitations. First, because the app is only available in the App Store, ie for users of iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS). Also, during the beta phase, you need an invitation from someone who’s already in the Clubhouse. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Install Clubhouse: Drop-in audio cha t (developer: Alpha Exploration Co.) on your smartphone;
  2. enter your mobile phone number and enter the four-digit code that will arrive by SMS;
  3. set your nick (user);
  4. your account will be pending until an acquaintance who has your phone number authorizes you to send an invitation.

After that, a text message will arrive on your mobile phone and automatically your access to the Clubhouse will be released. If you’re already on the social network and want to send an invitation, just click the letter icon in the top area of the app; select the contact and forward the permission by SMS.

How to download Clubhouse on Android?

Android owners will find another app with the same name, but the version that appears on Google Play is a task manager and has no relation to the social network. On the Clubhouse blog, the founders say the service is “for everyone” and complete: “we’re excited to start working on our Android app soon.”

How to open room and participate in conversations?

How to open room and participate in conversations?

Anyone who has created a Clubhouse profile can join groups to listen to and participate in a discussion (speaking) as long as the host releases their microphone. You can also create an open room (for any user to access); open a room with people you follow; or start a private group with selected friends.

The host can schedule conversations in the calendar icon at the top of the app. You can create a name for the event, enter description, add co-host, date and time to happen. In this same area, the member checks for other scheduled “lectures” and can enable the notification so as not to miss them.

Is the Clubhouse safe?

Like any other social network, Clubhouse has access to the data you put on the platform when you create the account. The company explains that it can collect personal information (name, phone, email, photo), messages sent, rooms that opened and analyze how the user interacted with the service. The basis may be useful for recommending content; study the interaction; develop new products; among others.

On sharing, Clubhouse says this: “the company does not sell your personal data. In certain circumstances, we may share the categories of Personal Data described above without notice, unless required by law.” The app also has access to your calendar on mobile to extend the connection between members. This is a controversial point around the Clubhouse, given that they can check the contact list at all times.

Privacy: Can Clubhouse record audio?

Yes! According to the Privacy Policy, the app temporarily records conversations in each room. If the participant reports a violation, clubhouse may use this material for investigation. However, this only happens if the person reports during live chat. “If no incidents are reported in a room, we delete the temporary audio recording when the room ends,” they explain.

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