How to Identify the Owner of a Phone Number

by George Philip
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Finding out the owner of a phone number is not a very simple task, since there is usually no public listing of these contacts, but it can help you to put an end to those incessant calls – which can be from a person calling by mistake to stubborn companies of sales and collections – or even help you find the owner of a cell phone that you found (and already found out the device number ) to return it correctly. Whatever the situation, it is possible to identify such links by following a few steps.

How to find the owner of a known number

Often, incessant calls are usually identified by your cell phone, with area code and all. If that’s the case, finding out who’s on the other end of the line is a lot easier. These are the most common ways; try any of them.

Call back

It may seem silly, but calling back is still the simplest method to avoid the hassle of constant calls from the same number. If the person answers the call and identifies himself/herself, the good old game of waist comes in: talk in a friendly way and explain why you no longer wish to receive calls. This goes for both individuals and companies if you don’t want to buy anything or are incurring charges.

Call from a different number than the one receiving the calls, to avoid being identified by the other side and the call not being answered. However, there are business numbers programmed to not receive calls, and calling back may not work.

So, it’s time for an extra effort.

Looking up the number on a search engine

Look for the number on Google, Bing and other search services. Users and businesses often disclose their contact numbers for a variety of reasons, and it is possible that they end up being indexed. If this is the case, the search can return very accurate data, from names/business names to even physical addresses.

Alternatively, it is possible to use search services linked to the Deep Web, as they are more specialized and carry out deeper research. However, you need to take certain precautions before accessing the darkest corners of the internet.

Searching the number on social networks

This method is complementary to the previous one. If the search on Google and co. does not bear fruit, it is possible that a search on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks will have more luck. This course of action is most successful when the caller is an individual, as many people tend to link their numbers to their profile via the app.

If the person has made their number public, Facebook will associate a profile with that number and show that person in the search result. Alternatively, search as follows: “my number #phone number#”. It is normal to see people exchanging numbers this way in public posts or for friends (when they change their cell phone), but less common when it comes to companies. Still, it might work.

Searching the number in public directories

If the mobile number is linked to a company, it is possible that it has been included on commercial public directory sites. It doesn’t hurt to try your luck on such services, with area code included.

Contrary to what happens when searching on social networks, this method will only work if the number has been linked to a legal entity, that is, a company, and even then, the chances are higher when the number is fixed. In any case, such sites do not maintain lists of cell phone numbers of natural persons, or individuals.

Add number on WhatsApp

The messaging app can also help you find out the owner of a certain mobile number. To do this, just add the number as a contact on your smartphone and update the list on WhatsApp. That way, you can see the name and photo of whoever appears.

Although practical, for this action to work, in addition to using the app, the person has to leave the view of this information as “All” in the privacy settings.

How to find the owner of an unknown number

The cell phone number that is calling cannot always be identified. Sometimes the device that is receiving the call is only able to display messages like “restricted call”, “private number”, “00000” or similar and thus knowing who is on the other end gets a little more complicated. But, it is still possible to find out who is annoying, with some measures a little more radical.

Using apps

There are some apps capable of overcoming the barrier that smart people use to hide their numbers and make private calls; such solutions feed on databases with numbers identified as spam by users, thus being excellent for identifying annoying telemarketing services.

Among the most popular, Truecaller and Whoscall stand out, available for iOS (iPhone), Android and with web consultation (if you don’t want to download). Both operate in a similar way, identifying calls and private SMS messages, have options to block calls from unwanted numbers and are able to stop billing contact attempts, prank calls, scams and calls from telemarketing agencies.

They can also identify the carriers the numbers belong to, helping to save a few bucks.

What to do after finding out who owns the cell phone

The procedure varies according to the content of the calls or their purpose.

If the individual on the other end is a company that wants to sell products or is billing the wrong person, it is possible to request that their number be removed from telemarketing lists.

If the person on the other end of the line is an individual, and the conversation is embarrassing, or even harassment, slander and threat, the best thing to do is open a police report, even if the contact has not been identified.

With the number and a record of the call, it is possible to request the BO and with it, open a lawsuit requesting the breach of telephone secrecy with the operator.

As it is a legal process, it is advisable to contact a lawyer or the Public Defender’s Office, so that adequate guidance is given in the most extreme cases, which can end up in lawsuits against those who like to annoy others over the phone.

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