Reasons Why your Mobile Phone Battery Drains Quickly

by George Philip
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With the use of our devices daily, the battery is depleted and this also affects its useful life. But it is not the only reason that makes our battery run out sooner and die little by little.

These are the reasons why batteries drain so quickly

There is nothing more desperate than running out of battery at the worst of times when we are far from a charger and need to use the phone. Something that makes us wonder how it could have happened if we just loaded it. This question has a lot of answers and below we will tell you the reasons why the batteries are consumed so quickly. Knowing them and finding a solution will put an end to the extra expense. In addition to ending the feeling of constantly charging the phone. Among the most common reasons why batteries are discharged, the explanation is found in the use of some applications and our own habits. Running these, we get the performance to be higher and we have more hours of autonomy.

Something that consumes a high percentage of our batteries is the applications running in the background, these are constantly running even if we do not have the applications open. Functions such as location, instant messaging applications or email are continually updated in search of new messages and this directly affects the efficiency of the battery.

Settings such as keeping the screen brightness high or being constantly connected either via Wifi or mobile data drain the battery faster. To save some energy, we have the option of setting the brightness to the amount of light in the place where we are, using automatic brightness. In addition to activating the dark mode, this favours energy saving. Above all, on OLED or AMOLED screens in which the black pixels remain off with the consequent savings. Activating airplane mode or do not disturb mode is a way to consume less energy. We can do this while we sleep. Do not disturb mode reduces the number of notifications and therefore the frequency of background tasks. Although we are not totally disconnected since the Wifi continues to work.

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If we add to all this an old battery whose charging capacity has been diminished by the passage of time and use. And not using energy-saving tools is the perfect cocktail so that the performance of our devices is reduced. In short, if you want to maximize the use of the battery of your devices by applying these small adjustments that consist of adjusting the brightness of the screen, using the dark mode, do not disturb and deactivating unnecessary background processes, we will achieve our goal in a way simple. Something that will also increase the useful life of our batteries by spacing more recharges.

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