Everything You Need to Know About Ships in Starfield


In the highly anticipated action RPG Starfield, ships play a crucial role in space travel. They serve as your home among the stars, your primary mode of transportation, and even your weapon. With customization options, ship upgrades, and the ability to recruit a crew, your ship becomes a central element in your galactic adventures. In this article, we will delve into everything we currently know about Starfield Ships.

Buying and Repairing Ships

Buying a Ship

In Starfield, every Space Port has a Ship technician who offers a variety of ships for sale. These ships can be browsed and purchased using Credits, the currency in the game. Whether you prefer a speedy fighter ship for bounty hunting or a space freighter for cargo transportation, there are options to suit your playstyle.

Repairing your Ship

Ship maintenance is also an essential aspect of Starfield. If your ship sustains damage, you can quickly repair it by speaking to a Technician in a Space Port. They will provide the repair cost, allowing you to keep your ship in optimal condition for your interstellar journeys.

Customising and Upgrading Ships

In Starfield, you have the freedom to customize and upgrade various parts of your ship. Let’s explore the different components that can be modified according to your preferences.


You can add or modify the cowling of your ship, which changes its overall silhouette and appearance. Whether you prefer a sleek, streamlined design or a more robust and rugged look, the choice is yours.

Shield Generator

Upgrading the shield generator enhances your ship’s defensive capabilities. A more powerful shield allows you to withstand enemy attacks and increases your chances of survival during intense battles.

Fuel Tanks

The fuel tanks determine the range and endurance of your ship. Upgrading them will enable you to travel longer distances without the need for refuelling, expanding your exploration opportunities in the vast galaxy.

Grav Drive

The Grav Drive affects how far your ship can travel during space jumps. By upgrading this component, you can increase the distance covered in a single jump, granting you access to new and uncharted star systems.


Enhancing your ship’s weapons is essential for combat encounters in space. By upgrading your weaponry, you can deal more damage to enemy ships, increasing your chances of victory and survival.


Upgrading your ship’s engines improves its speed, manoeuvrability, and overall performance. Faster engines allow you to outmanoeuvre enemies and navigate through space more efficiently.


The cockpit is the heart of your ship, where you control its functions and navigate through the cosmos. Customizing the cockpit can enhance your piloting experience and create a personalized interface.


The hab, short for habitation module, determines the living quarters and amenities available on your ship. By adding or upgrading the hab, you can accommodate more crew members and provide better facilities for their well-being.


The reactor powers your ship’s systems and determines its energy output. Upgrading the reactor improves the overall efficiency and performance of your ship, allowing for more advanced capabilities.

Cargo Hold

The cargo hold is essential for transporting goods, resources, and contraband. Upgrading your ship’s cargo hold increases its capacity, enabling you to carry more valuable cargo or expand your smuggling operations.


The bay refers to additional storage or docking areas on your ship. Upgrading the bay can provide space for additional ships, vehicles, or equipment, allowing for more versatility in your interstellar adventures.

Landing Gears

Landing gears are crucial for planetary landings and docking manoeuvres. Customizing and upgrading your ship’s landing gears ensures smooth and safe landings on various terrains and docking with space stations.

Landing Gears
Image credit: Bethesda

Ship Combat

Ship-to-Ship Combat

Ship-to-ship combat is a significant aspect of Starfield. Engaging in battles with hostile factions and pirates requires not only piloting skills but also strategic use of your ship’s systems.

Adjusting your ship’s individual systems can give you an edge in combat situations. For example, allocating more power to engines enables faster manoeuvring, while diverting power to the Grav Drive shortens the time required for space jumps.

If you have the “Targeting Control Systems” skill, you can target specific parts of enemy ships, disabling their weapons, damaging their grav drive, or removing their shielding. This tactical advantage can turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Boarding Combat

In addition to ship-to-ship combat, Starfield introduces the option to board enemy ships. By docking your ship onto an enemy vessel, you can engage in face-to-face combat with the crew. Successfully defeating the enemy crew grants you ownership of their ship, which can be added to your fleet.

Ship Encounters

Exploring the galaxy in Starfield brings encounters with various ships and individuals. These encounters can range from friendly interactions to tense negotiations or even hostile encounters.

Friendly Encounters

Not all ship encounters result in combat. Some encounters offer opportunities for trade, information exchange, or even unexpected friendships. You might come across a ship where a friendly Grandma invites you over for a meal, or encounter celebrities aboard luxury cruise ships.

Hostile Encounters

On the other hand, hostile encounters are inevitable in the vastness of space. Pirates and hostile factions may attack your ship, leading to ship-to-ship combat. If you choose to embrace a life of piracy, be prepared for frequent battles and confrontations with other ships.

Docking at Battleships

Massive battleships can serve as docking points where you can meet the crew and explore the benefits they offer. These encounters provide opportunities to gather information, acquire new resources, or participate in special missions.

Docking at Battleships
Image credit: Bethesda


With the release of Starfield approaching, the excitement for the game continues to grow. Ships in Starfield offer players the chance to explore the galaxy, engage in combat, and customize their own unique vessels. The ability to buy, repair, and upgrade ships opens up a world of possibilities for players to shape their interstellar adventures. Whether you choose to be a peaceful explorer, a daring pirate, or a renowned ship captain, the ships in Starfield will be your gateway to the stars.

Remember, the information provided in this article is based on the latest available details from the June 2023 Starfield Direct. As the game’s release approaches, more information may become available, further enriching the ship-related features and mechanics in Starfield. So, prepare to embark on an epic journey through the cosmos and discover the wonders that await you in the vastness of space at Meta Game Guides.


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