Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

by George Philip
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use of tech in teaching

Technology brings a lot of changes all around the world. These changes play a very important role in the development of our society. It brought changes in our social, political, economic, professional, and educational life. In this article, we will discuss the uses of technology to improve teaching and learning. Technology kept an important place in the classroom management system. There are different technology tools used for learning. A computer is an important tool that needs to be used in every classroom. You can even submit your complete assignments using a laptop. Speaking of home tasks, if you need any assistance with academic writing, you can search online and pay people to write essays. These digital learning tools increase students’ interest in their education and motivate them to experience new and creative things.

Technology also brings amorphous changes in teaching methods. It connects the teachers with modern professional skills, useful teaching content, and resources that help them to boost their skills. Teachers are now motivated to use technology tools to increase their learning capacity and improve instruction. If a teacher is self-motivated and has the ability and experience to handle the digital learning tools, it is very beneficial.

In the current situation of COVID-19, technology helps a lot in providing online classes and exams. It increases educational productivity and increases the rate of student’s learning. Students from a long-distance do not need to join hostels and spend a lot of money on residency. Due to digital learning tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Classroom, they can easily take their classes at home. The digital learning process also reduces the cost of education.

The Role of Technology in Teaching and Learning

We know that every teacher works hard to improve the performance of his students. Now technology can help them to improve the performance of their students. The teachers and students may indeed face challenges in arranging and launching digital learning programs in their classrooms. The administration of the institution should come forward at that time and help the teachers and students. They need to take positive steps that develop confidence in both teachers and their students. Technology brings information that a student can get easily. It also provides fun activities that help to learn the lesson easily.

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Technology has explained the concepts of difficult subjects and allowed the students to search the content and understand the important lesson given in the subject. As technology has been evolving continuously, it can bring many modern tools in the future. If the students understand the digital tools of the 21st century, it will be beneficial in the future.

Young kids show a higher rate of learning through technology tools. A report was published by The World Economic Forum that describes the use of technology and its help in children’s learning process. Kids learn fast through activities, and they need teachers for proper guidelines. Technology provides sources to perform learning activities.

We have explained the benefits of technology and its importance in providing the service of education.

1- Increased collaboration and communication

Technology in education has increased collaboration. It provides an opportunity for the students to communicate with their fellows and teachers during class. Online classes enable the students to comment back if the teacher asks a question. They can work with their classmates and solve problems together. If the teacher arranges a collaborative activity-based lesson, the students have the opportunity to share their ideas and views about the lesson. Online classes have also enabled the students to interact with the teacher without hesitation. Students can use a laptop, computer, or smartphone to upload their assignments or homework easily. The teacher also can access easily and check the assignments of students.

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2- Personalized learning opportunity

Teachers can set the class time easy for both students and the teacher. Technology provides 24/7 service of digital educational tools. It has introduced a hybrid learning system. This system combines technology with the classroom. Now, the teacher can plan a lesson for each student. Teachers can also plan their online lessons according to the strength, abilities, and interests of students. Once the teacher on the educational source uploads the lesson’s video, and if he does not delete it after class time, students can take it. Students can watch the videos again and again for a better understanding of the lesson.

3- Curiosity-driven by the engaging content

If the lesson’s content is very interesting and engaging, it can help the teacher grab the attention of his student. Curiosity in the lesson is one of the best things that play a role in students’ success. If a teacher is taking a class with a boring lesson, it is sure that students will not show progress. Curiosity is necessary for understanding complicated subjects like math, physics, and chemistry. AR, podcasts, and videos can also boost the engagement of content.

4- Improved teacher productivity and efficiency

Technology enables teachers to improve their teaching skills and efficiency. There are many useful tools for digital learning that provide the best audio and video services. Teachers can upload instructions about the homework easily. Technology allows teachers to increase their productivity by increasing the student’s engagement and support.


Before the corona pandemic, many institutes and teachers were unfamiliar with the use of technology and its tools to provide quality education. But as now they are exposed to everyone, we should take their advantage. Thus, we can prepare ourselves for a better future. Though all the educational institutes and students suffered a lot due to lockdown, we can easily get the lesson through online classes. Technology provides online education and improves the teaching and learning skills of teachers and students, respectively.

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