How to Speed Up and Clean Up Your PC?

by George Philip
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Junk files, caches, dangerous software, and leftovers can cause PCs to slow down over time. As a result, if you are not a skilled user, you will often get trouble getting the problems fixed.

There isn’t a single PC or laptop user who isn’t aware of their machine’s slowing over time. Things become considerably more challenging if the requirements are mid-range. There are a number of techniques to speed up old or new PCs, but they are not always evident, and not everyone is encouraged to get their hands on log files or the like because they may render the computer inoperable.  

To avoid this, you should use a PC cleaner designed for the job, and Advanced SystemCare 15 is ideal for anyone looking to optimize, secure, and speed up their PC or notebook. 

What is Advanced SystemCare 15?

Advanced SystemCare 15 is a piece of software that optimizes Windows 11/10/8/7 PCs, making them more responsive and enhancing privacy and security. It optimises multiple conditions to help your Windows PC run faster. `

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Everything you need for optimization is included in the free version. The Pro edition adds several more functions, many of which must be downloaded after installation and only if they are deemed necessary. 

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How to use Advanced SystemCare to boost PC performance? 

Advanced SystemCare 15 includes a user-friendly interface that comes in two colours: dark blue and white. The user interface makes it easy to move through the software’s numerous capabilities in a logical and orderly manner. 

You’ll find all of the features you’ll need for that particular selection. Care, for example, can scan and fix your computer for unwanted files, startup difficulties, registry cleaning and defragmentation, and much more. It’s AI-powered in the latest Advanced SystemCare version to scan the necessary computer items intelligently. You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the computer knowledge and deciding what items should be cleaned up or optimized, which is very helpful for tech beginners to clean up the PC.

Privacy Protection, System, Browser Protection, and more options are available under the Protect tab. You’ll also find options like Turbo boost, Hardware accelerator, Startup optimization, App cleanup/tool area, and more under the speed up section. 

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  • Care: The most basic feature, which also gives the first benefit in terms of optimization, is a complete scan of your computer’s data. 
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Advanced SystemCare 15 finds and deletes trash files quickly. This function must then be combined with the one that improves the computer’s starting performance, as well as the ones that enhance Internet speed, fix vulnerabilities, defragment the disk, clear the registry, removes spyware and adware, and cleans the RAM, and other functions. 

  • Speed up: This is where you’ll find the options for accelerating the system. A few utilities will be installed automatically, while others will need to be downloaded only if they are required, for example, you can download Driver Booster and IObit Uninstaller as solutions to fix driver errors and uninstall apps for system optimization. 
  • Turbo Boost: This feature allows you to disable unwanted services and free up RAM in the real-time. It’s already in the user interface. And all you have to do is enable the functionality to boost power by switching to gaming mode while lowering consumption and performance in economic mode, which is especially handy for laptops. 
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  • Real-time optimization: It intervenes in the operating system, performs automatic RAM cleaning, and cleans up the system to help applications and services run faster. You can tweak it to get the greatest possible performance. 

It’s used to remove dangerous toolbars from your web browser with Erase App / Toolbar. This capability is added by IObit Uninstaller, which is a limited free software version. 

Each function is unique from the details item, which allows you to see which files the IObit software has modified. 

  • Protect: There are three main features under the Protect tab. System Protection, Privacy Protection, and Browser Protection. System Protection can prevent the computer from online threats and viruses, Privacy Protection can prevent untrusted programs to access your sensitive information, protect your digital fingerprint, and auto clean up the browser history traces.

In addition, ASC 15 can provide additional precautions while accessing the Internet, such as Browser Anti-Tracking, Ads Removal, and Privacy Shield, to ensure that you enjoy a secure browsing experience. 

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The fourth option, Software Update and Action Center, allows you to automatically update your PC’s software and apps so you don’t have to worry about it. 


Advanced SystemCare 15 is one of the most popular junk cleaning software and PC optimization software on the market. The efficiency program’s bundle of services competes with paid counter parties as well. With only one click, you can do a system analysis. Gamers will like the unique Turbo Boost mode, which maximizes game performance by optimizing resources.

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