Where to Sell my Google Play Gift Cards for Highest Amount in Nigeria?

by George Philip
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Google Play is an online media store that creates a platform to purchase various Applications. These apps come in various categories. Such as; productivity, business, lifestyle, finance, etc. Google Play is the official store for all devices running on the Android operating system.

Their gift cards were created to purchase all paid products on the Google Play store. These digital assets can be used as an alternative method of payment, asides from your regular debit or credit card.

There are various reasons why owning a Google play gift card would be advantageous to you. And this is why it is one of the most popular and sought gift cards across the world.

Benefits of the Google Play Gift Card

  1. They do not expire: once purchased, The Google Play gift card can last you till eternity. There’s no rush whatsoever to max out the balance because of an upcoming expiration date.
  2. Google Play Cards are Efficient: There are over 2.5 million applications available on the Google Play Store. Saying you’re presented with enough options to choose from when redeeming your gift card would be an understatement.
  3. Easily Accessible: Google play store is available in various continents and countries. And due to this, they have created gift cards to cater to various regions. Unlike some gift cards which are only present in the United States, you can purchase and redeem Google play cards Gift cards in Canada, America, Across Europe, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

When it comes to the resale of the google play gift card, there are a couple of things that determine the amount you’d get for your gift card. Some of which include: the Demand for the card, its currency, and also the amount.

Trade Gift Card With Chinese Gift Card Vendor on WhatsApp Now!!!

All these are important, but the truth is there is a certain factor that compliments all three. Without it, you would be at a disadvantage. This is the platform you sell your Google Play gift card.

Selling your card on a good platform gives you the upper hand. The gift card market is not stable. There is no fixed rate for any gift card, trading on a platform that would still offer you customer-friendly gift card rates even when rates drop in the market is key.

What Is The Best Platform to Resell my Google Play Gift Card for Naira?

The answer is simple and short, Cardtonic. Although there are other legitimate gift card exchange platforms out there, if you’re looking for the one that offers the complete package, you should look no other than Cardtonic. It is a Nigerian-based gift card exchange platform that not only gives high rates for Google play and other gift cards, but it is legitimate, has an efficient customer support team that works 24/7, and also provides payouts in minutes.

How To Get Started on Cardtonic

The first thing you need to do is decide on how you want to access the platform. Because it is available both on mobile devices and on PC.

Trade Gift Card With Chinese Gift Card Vendor on WhatsApp Now!!!

Mobile Device

You can download the Cardtonic application either on IOS or Google Play Store.


The Cardtonic website can be accessed from your PC, Smart TV, and any other device that connects to the internet and has a screen.

Next, you have to register on the platform, which does not take long. After registration, you can proceed to trade and finally, withdraw.

What is the Highest Selling Google Play Gift Card on Cardtonic Today?

The physical UK Google Play gift card has the highest resale rate on our platform currently. You can sell this gift card at 390/ £1. Meaning 78,000 Naira would be coming into your pocket if you sell a £200 Physical Google play gift card on Cardtonic today.

Trade Gift Card With Chinese Gift Card Vendor on WhatsApp Now!!!

Now that you are equipped with all this knowledge, what are you waiting for? Head to the platform right away.

Trade Gift Card With Chinese Gift Card Vendor on WhatsApp Now!!!

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