How to Update Device Drivers on Windows


Typically, drivers come on a CD or DVD together with the component you buy, so by the time you install them, they will be out-of-date and deficient in features included in the most recent drivers.

Device drivers are known to need to be updated in order for computer hardware to function properly. It is better to use specialized automated tools for this. The IObit Driver Booster 9  is one of these tools.

Driver Booster 9 has an over 6 million driver database and even supports offline updates. With a clean and stylish UI like other IObit apps, like  IObit Uninstaller and Advanced SystemCare, Driver Booster 9 competes with other driver updater tools.

How to put Driver Booster 9 in place

Driver Booster 9 is a free driver updater tool that you can use on your Windows computer; you can download it from the IObit official website.

Launch the program after downloading it to start the PC installation process. To begin, click Install. Next, choose whether or not to install the IObit program that has been offered to you (you can safely say “No, thanks” to the offer), and wait for the program to install. When you’re done, you’re prepared to search for new drivers.

How to use Driver Booster 9

As soon as the installation is finished, the software should run a thorough scan of the PC to check for new drivers that need to be installed.

You will receive a report of all outdated or missing drivers discovered on the computer following this check.

You can update each driver separately by selecting Update to the right of it, or you can update all the drivers at once by selecting the large red Update Now button located in the upper right corner.

The program will start by setting a system restore point before downloading and installing the drivers for you. The Updated tab contains the already updated drivers, and the Action Center can be reached if you’re looking for any other IObit products.

The program can notify you when drivers need to be updated, especially those required for a game (video drivers and drivers for gaming peripherals). As a result, you always have access to everything you need to enjoy computer games at their fullest capacity.

If you prefer the program to automatically update drivers, open the Settings menu, click Driver from the menu, and choose whether or not to download drivers (or download and install) in the PC idle time. It’s configured easily.

The additional Driver Booster tools

Three additional menus can be found in the Driver Booster 9 sidebar to provide useful driver and system maintenance tools.

Boost menu that has two tools on board. “Game Boost,” the first option on the left, is used to disable useless programs and services, free up system resources, and enhance game performance. However, to the right of it is the option “System Optimize,” which would direct you to download yet another program called “Advanced Systemcare” in order to remove unnecessary files and other things that slow the system down.

Tools is another useful menu that is included in Driver Booster and includes tools that can be used to solve some of the most typical PC issues.  You can fix the sound, network, and driver error codes. The offline driver update and driver backup and restore can also be found in this menu. Pick a possible solution from the menu to try to solve.

To build a backup copy of your drivers, for instance, use the Rescue Center menu. This will allow you to restore them if necessary in the event of faults or malfunctions.

You can easily create and restore backups of a single driver or all of the drivers on your PC by navigating the menus and using the buttons provided in the bottom right corner.

You can view a list of the parts that make up your computer by selecting the System Information option.

The last positioned menu is called Action Center, which serves as a showcase for other IObit software.


  • Expansion of the driver database (over 6 million drivers)
  • Priority between more experienced or newer drivers
  • The new installation engine is 30% faster.
  • A new scanning engine with improved logic
  • Update offline drivers
  • New driver backup capabilities
  • An improved user interface
  • Fix known bugs of the previous versions

What’s different between the Free and the Premium?

As you may have observed, there are free and premium versions of the IObit Driver Booster 9 software. But how do the two goods differ from one another?

You can automatically update drivers in both versions. However, you will get a considerably larger database ( over 8 million drivers), a quicker download speed, an automated backup of updated drivers, and round-the-clock technical help with the subscription version. You can download the premium trial version from the IObit official website if you’re interested.

You can get a yearly license good for 3 PCs for $22.95. Therefore, Windows allows you to update the drivers on all of your PCs.


  • Update over 6 million Windows drivers
  • Fix most common device errors
  • Enhances the gaming experience
  • compatible with all Windows versions
  • Clean and simple UI design


  • You need pay money to access premium features.
  • The trial version has tight restrictions.
  • Promote other IObit products


With 6 million Windows driver databases, the ability to fix driver issues, and a unique game boost feature, IObit Driver Booster 9 is one of the best free driver update tools available. The program can be customized, and updating your computer’s drivers is simple.


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