How to Know if your Apple AirPods is genuine

How to tell if your Apple AirPods is genuine

When Apple (or another big company) launches a very popular product, counterfeits hit the market to deceive consumers. The AirPods, for example, already have several copies scattered in physical stores and online. Fortunately, there are ways to identify whether the headphones are genuine or not. Below, I will show you some important tips to avoid buying a fake product.

How to Know if your Apple AirPods is genuine

1. Packaging

Apple’s product packaging is of great quality — and with AirPods, it would be no different. The original version delivers a snug fit box, borderless logo, bold San Francisco font with less space between the letters, product image that “glows” depending on the angle, and perfect placement of stickers.

On the other hand, the counterfeit versions don’t offer good quality packaging, with many showing fluctuations in the colour of the images, spelling errors and numbers incompatible with the technical specifications of the headphones. So if you notice any changes in the product box, there is a good chance it is fake.

2. Finishing

AirPods have a premium finish, both on the charging case and on the headphones themselves. In the original version, you can clearly see the shape of the speakers through the grille, while in the fake models, they barely appear. In addition, they fit in the ears is better, being more comfortable and with greater “fixation” to prevent falls.

The case can also help with identification, as copies tend to have a looser hinge, something that doesn’t happen with original headphones. Another detail is that, on the original case, the small pairing button, positioned on the back, is completely level — the fake version has a slightly popped button.

3. Audio quality and connection

A counterfeit model does not provide good audio quality. So, if you notice that the sound has unpleasant noises, blasted bass or volume fluctuations, be wary of the product. After all, one of the most praised points of Apple headphones is the sound quality. If the model is an AirPods Pro, make sure the “Spatial Audio” and “Active Noise Canceling” functions are available and working.

Bluetooth connection is also important. If you notice a lot of instability, to the point where the iPhone is disconnected several times, it could indicate that the product is fake. The original AirPods support Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures high stability.

Another method of identification is to check if the headphones “speak” something at the time of the wedding — “Bluetooth connected”, for example. If this happens, it is extremely likely that the product is fake, as AirPods does not produce this type of sound.

4. Price

It’s also worth keeping an eye on the price. Currently, 2nd generation AirPods can be found on Apple’s official website for US$129.00, but in some online stores, you can buy them for a little less.

Therefore, if you find models with prices much lower than that, there is a good possibility that they are fake.

5. Serial number

Perhaps this is the most foolproof tip when identifying a fake model. Through, you can check the warranty status of any Apple product just by entering a serial number. If the page displays the information corresponding to AirPods, it is genuine.

These numbers can be found on the inside of the charging case cover or on the paired iPhone. The process is simple: tap “Set”, then “Bluetooth” and finally the “I” next to AirPods.

Okay, now you know some tips that will help you know if your AirPods are original or if the model you want to buy was actually manufactured by Apple.

Update your iPhone to the latest IOS version

Now with IOS 16, iPhones can immediately detect fake AirPods when you try connecting them to your phone.

The way it works is that when you open the AirPods to connect to your iPhone and you click on connect, it shows a pop-up message that reads “Cannot verify AirPods” Then it further shows more as to why it cannot be connected “These headphones could not be verified as genuine Airpods and may not behave as expected”.

Immediately you see this message, it means the Airpods are fake.



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