How to know if your JBL headphone is genuine

How to know if your JBL headphone is genuine

JBL is an established brand in the market with over 70 years of experience, with such notoriety, counterfeiters try to take advantage of consumers. See below, for how to know if your JBL headphone is original, do not be deceived by counterfeiters and pirates on duty. Most of the time, it’s worth saving a little more money to invest in quality.

This is the first step in identifying an original JBL headphone from a cheap fake. It may seem strange, but even in the 21st century there are still forgers so amateur that they can “carve” a different name into the device – trying to evade the accusation of piracy – but who use the same font for the official letters, size, symbol, etc.

product weight

Not necessarily because a product is original, it must weigh to the point of being uncomfortable, but due to the parts that make it up, it has some relative weight, which indicates that the original components are present and the manufacturing material is durable as the brand is willing to offer.

This tip is more for physical purchases. Although the weight difference is not as noticeable as in JBL speakers, it is still an analysis factor for the “physical” quality of the product’s finish.

model name

Before purchasing any product that claims to be JBL, it is worth entering the company’s official website and checking the models that are marketed by the brand. If the product with the same name does not exist on the site, be suspicious and avoid buying.

sound quality

Tip also focused on physical purchases, asking the seller to test the product and check the sound quality, counterfeit products have noise and hiss, in addition to the low definition in the reproduction of instruments and voices.

packaging data

Just as the correct logo must be verified on both the packaging and the device, there is additional information in the original box of JBL headphones. The lower part brings information in texts and barcodes that do not exist in fakes.

If the purchase is made over the internet, ask the seller for a photo, and in addition to the information and codes present on the box, be aware of the colours, boxes of counterfeit products, usually, have a weak colour, due to the cut in printing and inkjet costs. ink.

Buy from trusted stores

It works for both physical and online purchases. The best option is to look for JBL products in official stores or “renowned” resellers with a strong CNPJ. In the event of any problem, resellers may be notified to resolve the issue or even be sued.


We have no way of getting away from it. The JBL company invests in technology to offer the best product to the consumer and this comes at a cost. A good buying tip is to use the 2/3 rule. When you see a headphone that in the official store has a value of, for example, $ 400, be suspicious of any other place that sells for less than $300.

A dealer of original products has their profit margin in the range of 1/3 and because they buy on a large scale, they buy from the factory at a price below the value of the official website. Nobody does charity in commerce, everybody wants their profit.

Are there “mini” versions of JBL products?

The answer is no. On JBL’s official website there is the information: “There are no “mini” products in our portfolio, such as Boombox mini, Charge mini, Xtreme mini, among others. These “mini” products are often found for sale on websites.”Is there a health hazard when buying fake headphones?

In addition to paying for an inferior product, they do not have quality and safety standards established by JBL. Consumers who purchase counterfeit products are exposed to potential security risks even when the products are not in use.

Are there JBL headphones with additional functions?

JBL does not produce headphones with additional functions such as memory cards or radio.


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