How to know if your AirPods are up to date

by George Philip
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Apple’s wireless headphones are getting a new update. Although the news about what it includes is unknown at the moment, just like previous updates, it will come with performance improvements. We tell you how to check if your headphones are up to date and if not, what you have to do to update them.

How to Check if you have received the new update from Apple on your AirPods

It is no longer so rare to have to update the firmware of a plug, a light bulb or even a vacuum cleaner. With some frequency and without prior notice, system updates necessary for the operation of our devices arise. Something that is necessary and that we can check in a few minutes. This time the new firmware version reaches all Cupertino headset models. Regardless of whether your headphones are Airpods, Airpods Pro or Airpods Max, they must have received a new version of their system.

The updates of these devices are not announced with fanfare as is the case with the operating system. Soon we will see the arrival of the iOS 16.3 version which will include improvements in the performance of our devices. In the same way, these are important to ensure the proper functioning of these and the improvement of their benefits. So it is important to always keep all our devices up to date. In other cases, they also include security patches and improvements in user privacy, an essential aspect to keep them safe from possible cyberattacks.

Updating Airpods is very simple, a task that we perform without knowing it since it is done automatically when we connect them to either our iPad or iPod. The changes that this new version brings to the system are not far-reaching, but important enough for Apple to release an update. We deduce from the nomenclature of the update that this time is the 5B59, which replaces the 5B58.

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You can check if your AirPods are updated with the latest version, for this we must check the firmware version by following the steps below:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to the general settings;
  • Among the available options, find “ Bluetooth ”;
  • Press the “information” button next to the Airpods;
  • slide the menu until you find the “about” option
  • Now, check the “Firmware Version”

This way, you will know if your devices have received the new update and have been updated correctly.

If not, you can try to force the download of the new firmware, by charging the AirPods case and then using them to listen to any multimedia content. You can verify that they are correctly connected and prepared to receive the update. As we have been checking, firmware updates have become commonplace and include not only improvements to the operating system but also fixes that can be seen in audio quality, battery consumption, and connectivity.

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