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Apple, a manufacturer of electronics worldwide known for its Mac computers and iPhone phones, as well as devices such as iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch, was created in April 1976 and today is one of the largest and most valuable companies in the world.

Founded by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne (originally under the name Apple Computers Inc), Apple’s first home was the home of Steve Jobs’ parents in Los Altos, California (United States).

The first release was the Apple I computer, but the most successful in the market was the Apple II, launched in 1977. At the time, the company logo was like a rainbow to highlight that the Apple II had “colorful” display.

The Macintosh computer – a name that is still used on the most recent Macs – only arrived in 1984, with the differential that it had a graphical interface – not programming code – to interact with the system, which was revolutionary for the time.

In 2007, Apple Computer Inc removed the term “Computer” from its corporate name and in the same year released the first iPhone, with touch screen instead of keyboard or other physical components and GSM technology for data transfer on 2G networks.

Apple has consolidated itself with a broad portfolio of products and services and is one of the most valuable companies in the world – in 2018, the company reached $1 trillion in market value, the first U.S. company to reach this level.

Its best-selling products include iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, as well as electronics such as Apple TV and AirPods headphones. In addition, the company stands out for systems such as iOS and macOS, services like iCloud, and stores like the Apple Store.