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How to Leave a room at the Clubhouse

Leaving the rooms at the Clubhouse is simple. The Leave Quietly feature allows this to happen without much fuss; learn how to use it

Clubhouse users can join rooms of various subjects, but what to do if one of them doesn’t matter anymore? The social network allows you to leave discreetly with the Leave Quietlyfunction, without notifying anyone. Follow in this tutorial how to leave a room in the Clubhouse — it’s very simple.

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How to get out of rooms at the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is designed for people to leave the room without much fanfare. Warning that you’re leaving can disrupt the flow of the conversation —even if you’re a moderator—and that’s why leave quietly exists. With it, users can easily leave conversations without constraints or notifications.

  • If you are inside a room, click “Leave Quietly“;
  • If you’re exploring the Clubhouse, but keep listening to what’s being said in the room, just tap ” ” to get out for good.

How Clubhouse works

The app, so far only available on iOS (iPhone and iPad), has the basic premise of creating different rooms. All content is done within these rooms, which can range from subjects such as travel to finance. To register, you need to receive an invitation from someone who is already part of the network.

The conversations inside these rooms are not recorded, an attraction for those looking for something more spontaneous than a podcast, for example.

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There are three positions within the Clubhouse:

  • Moderator: you are in charge of the room. This person selects who will talk, can remove users from the room, sees who raised their hand to speak and can also set new moderators;
  • Speaker: people who are allowed to speak in the room;
  • Listener: Are the listeners. When you enter a random room, it’s automatically a listener, and that’s only going to change if the moderator give you permission to speak. Being a listener also means that by default, you enter with the muted microphone—you don’t have to be afraid to leak the sound of some conversation.

Anyone can raise their hand to speak in the room, but it is up to the moderator to decide whether or not to give permission.

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