How to install Unofficial Applications on iPhone: APK or IPA?

How to install Unofficial Applications on iPhone: APK or IPA?

Do you know how to download and install APK on iPhone? Android Application Package, better known as APK, is the package installer that allows you to run apps on Android phones. But, in the same way that you can open APK on Android, is it possible on iOS?

Installing tools from third-party sources is more complicated on Apple devices. Additionally, they use a completely different format called IPA.

Here we will tell you how to install applications outside of the App Store, what dangers exist and how to reduce the chances of them appearing.

Is it possible to install APK on iPhone?

Installing APK on iOS is not possible since installation packages in this format are not compatible with the operating system. Basically, because the files are written in a language that Apple computers do not read. They are developed in the Dalvik java bytes variant; iOS, for its part, uses Obj-C.

Each operating system uses its own format to install and process programs. Similarly, Apple installation packages do not work on Android devices.

Even when you have the file in the internal memory of your iPhone or iPad, it will be of no use to you. You will not be able to open, install or run it.

How to Download Apps on iPhone that are not in the App Store

You may be wondering how to install an APK on an iPhone to get applications outside of the official Apple store. You can’t use the APK packages trick on iOS, but you can install apps from third-party sources.

There are many ways to do it; the best is through AltStore. AltStore is an application manager with which to install tools that are not in the App Store. It is free to download and does not require you to be a jailbreak user.

It also does not violate Apple’s content distribution policies. But how does Altstore work? As simple as following these steps:

  1. Download AltStore from its official website.
  2. Run the installation file on your computer (it is compatible with Windows and macOS).
  3. Connect your iOS, run the program and activate Wi-Fi synchronization from iTunes (make sure it is updated to the latest version).
  4. Click on the “ Install AltStore” tab. Enter your Apple ID email and password and wait for the installation to finish.
  5. Open it on your device and go to the “ My Applications” section.
  6. Click on the + icon and load the installation package (IPA) of the app you want.
  7. When finished, it will be ready to use.

How to install an Android app on iOS

As we have already explained, you cannot install an Android app on iOS, since they work under different formats. In general, the most popular tools have their respective version for iPhone or iPad in the official store.

Others offer the same functions under a different distribution. Even so, you cannot get a Google Play app in its APK format on these phones. The only option you have left is BlueStacks, an emulator of Google’s operating system for PC and Mac.

Once installed you can download any application from Google or parallel stores.

Install APK on iPhone: all your doubts resolved

So that you understand the entire process of installing parallel apps on your iPhone and iPad, below we answer any possible questions you may have:

What is the APK for iPhone?

iOS App Store Package (IPA) are the equivalent files to APKs on Apple devices. All applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod have this format, including those distributed in the official store.

APK and IPA are basically the same thing: app installation packages for Android and iOS, respectively. Therefore, if you want to install an app on your terminal, you must look for its corresponding IPA version.

How to download third-party apps on iOS?

We have already explained how to install third-party apps on iOS using AltStore, a free tool that is very easy to configure. But there are other methods, among which we highlight the TutuApp Store.

It is a parallel store to the official Apple store, just like AltStore. From it, you can download hundreds of third-party tools and some modifications of original apps. This is the procedure to obtain it:

  1. Download the tutuApp Store on your iOS device.
  2. When the pop-up appears on the screen, click Allow.
  3. Click Install in the top box.
  4. Enter your device password, if the system prompts you.
  5. Follow the path Settings > General > Profiles. Confirm permissions to use the app.
  6. You can now use it as an alternative to the App Store.

Due to Apple’s restrictions, the store may be revoked in a couple of weeks. In that case, you just have to install it again by repeating the previous process.

Does Aptoide work on iOS?

No. Only Android-compatible tools are distributed on Aptoide. Additionally, there is no official version for iOS. In this way, the tutorials you find on the Internet are based on third-party versions not related to the official developer. We advise you to avoid them at all costs because they could have some malware.

Is it possible to convert APK to IPA to run on iOS?

No, it can not be done. As we have already mentioned, they are packages written in different codes that are not convertible in any way. Avoid websites that promise to convert APK files to IPA for a little money. They are nothing more than scams or malicious content download platforms.

There are applications with which you can achieve something, but they are mainly aimed at developers. For example, Thunkable allows you to reconstruct the format of the packages, whether IPA or APK.

How to install IPA on iPhone without jailbreak?

Well, looking for an IPA from a reliable distributor on the Internet. On platforms like GitHub, many developers distribute the IPA of their programs for free. It is not difficult to find places to download them, but the problem is that many are not safe.

How to install apps from unknown sources in iOS 17?

To install applications from unknown sources on your iPhone you must Jailbreak it or go to alternative stores to the App Store, such as tutuApp or AltStore.

What is an app installer?

An application installer is software developed to facilitate the installation of apps (as its name indicates) on a specific operating system. On iOS we can find the iOS Installer as an example, while for Android we have some such as the UpToDown APK Installer.

Tips and warnings

Here are some tips to guarantee your safety at all times:

  • Download content from trusted sites: Check the reputation of the page and the experience of other users to know if the content available in IPA format is safe.
  • The use of the IPA is always at your own risk: the distribution of a pirated app is illegal. Using an unauthorized IPA is at your own risk.
  • Don’t trust sites that offer free paid apps, like Spotify Premium. Always be suspicious of these sites: either they are pirated apps or they contain malware.

Remember that you cannot convert an APK file to IPA (or vice versa). Many sites claim they can do this, as long as you pay a small fee. Discard these pages immediately. They are nothing more than a scam to keep your money.

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