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How to Export Nintendo Switch Images to phone or Computer

One of the most interesting features of modern consoles is the possibility of taking a screenshot of the game screen with a simple press of a button. Big N’s hybrid system also has this tool, but did you know that it’s possible to export Nintendo Switch images to mobile or computer? Find out how in the next few lines.

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This walkthrough refers to exporting images from the Switch directly to the cell phone.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Select the image

Open the screen of captures made in your console and choose the image you want to export;

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Choose option

Click on the image with the “A” button to open it. Then choose the “Send to smartphone” option. You can select just one or multiple images to export from Switch;


As soon as the QR Code appears on the screen, use your cell phone camera to scan it;

Plug it in

A question will appear on your smartphone to allow or not to connect to the Switch’s Wi-Fi network, give permission for this connection;


As soon as the smartphone connects to the console’s network, a second QR Code will appear on the screen. Do your reading to export the images from the Switch to your device;


The images will appear on your smartphone. Now just save each one and that’s it! 
You can share them however you like and even upload them to your computer.

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Export images with Switch Buddy

In case you find the official method too slow, there is a second option that can make your life a lot easier. It’s true that you still need to scan a QR Code with the Switch Buddy app, but the big difference is that your console’s entire library of images and videos will be available at once.

Follow this step by step to export images with Switch Buddy:

  • Download the app which is available for iOS and Android;
  • Open the images menu on Nintendo Switch;
  • Select an image or video you want to export from Switch and press the “A” button;
  • Choose the option “Send to smartphone”;
  • Scan the QR Code that appears;
  • Select the network that appears to connect with Wi-Fi;
  • Choose the images and videos you want to export from Nintendo Switch;
  • Now you can enjoy the screenshots and videos on your mobile phone or upload them to your computer.

It is worth remembering that after saving the images on your mobile device, you can send them to your computer through the cloud or using any type of connection, whether by cable or other alternatives.

You can share it with your friends on social media too, so it might be interesting to show everyone the best moments of your games on Nintendo Switch.

Ready! Now no print or video will be left out of your library on cell phones or computers. Which of these two methods for exporting images from the Switch do you prefer?

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